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Packers secondary has look-out potential

Why do so many people think it’s OK to cheat?


Joseph from El Paso, TX

Vic, who is really more important, Ted Thompson and the draft picks he makes, or Mike McCarthy and his ability to develop talent?

They're each of equal importance because one's success depends on the other's.

Ryan from Sycamore, IL

What was Favre's legacy at Southern Mississippi? How highly touted was he coming out of college? I have his rookie card from when he was on the Falcons and I'm very glad he ended up a Packer. The Super Bowl victory over the Pats was what got me interested in professional football. Thanks in part to Brett, I've developed a lifelong passion for an amazing sport.

His fame at Southern Miss is for having upset Florida State. He was highly touted enough to be a second-round draft pick.

Ron from Carey, OH

The ironic twist within Spygate and Deflategate is they were absolutely unnecessary. Wouldn't you agree?

How many times were they necessary and decisive?

Adam from Palmyra, WI

Vic, why has the fullback position fallen out of favor in recent years?

The extra blocker has been moved to the point of attack.

Del from Sterling, IL

What question would you send to "Ask Vic"?

Why do so many people think it's OK to cheat?

Michael from Watertown, WI

Vic, is the use of PEDs cheating? Yes. Does every roster in the NFL have players on it who are using PEDs? Yes. Could we catch the players who are cheating with regular and surprise testing? Yes. Until that happens, I don't see the point in debating the psi in the football when there are much bigger issues involving cheating in the league.

So, since you assume others are cheating, it's OK for you to cheat? I get it.

Pat from Edinburg, VA

Vic, I'm going to put you on the spot. Who do you want as your quarterback if both are at their prime, Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

I don't know which one I'd want because I'd take either one and run. You're not going to put me on the spot, Pat, because I won't allow it. I don't like manufacturing controversy for the sake of entertainment. I respect those two quarterbacks too much to attempt to lessen the regard for one of them.

Cody from Kutztown, PA

Vic, the second installment on the NFL 100 was released and Golden Tate was ranked higher than Randall Cobb. Who makes these lists? Do you agree with them saying Tate is better than Cobb?

Cobb would be higher on my list if I had a list, which I never will.

Vincent from Seattle, WA

Vic, I know you like our roster, however, what do you think about kicking the tires on free-agent DL Adam Carriker? If he recovered fully from his knee injury, he might be a bargain pick-up like Letroy Guion was last year. Another big guy up front to battle for a spot on the roster.

I probably wouldn't kick his tires. I like my tires. I like young tires with lots of tread on them.

Jesse from Papillion, NE

Vic, with the NFLPA planning on having Goodell as a witness so he can't be the arbiter, is there a way for the NFL to get subpoena power for Brady to hand over the context of his messages from the locker room attendant?

I don't know but, as I expected, this issue is going to dominate the news all the way up to training camp.

Mike from Algoma, WI

Just watched the "Video Ask Vic" on gamesmanship or cheating. My question to you is: tongue in cheek or serious?

It's mostly an attempt at subtle humor on a serious subject. I thought I would share some gamesmanship issues I've experienced in my career. Imagine the uproar today if a heating coils malfunction caused the field to freeze solid in the NFC title game.

Mark from Indianapolis, IN

Vic, you nailed it with your comment about someone from the outside tampering with the ball. What if someone tampered with the ball in order to help shave points? Maybe it takes looking at this from different angles in order for some people to see how serious this really is.

If convicted, that person would likely go to jail.

Adam from New Haven, CT

Are you ever going to publish the "Ask Vic" Hall of Fame?

I don't have that list in front of me, Adam. I'm gonna miss that guy.

John from Westland, MI

It seems the league could eliminate any tampering with footballs very easily. The officials verify the inflation of the balls before the game and then maintain control of them during the game. Why do they allow teams to have access to the balls during the game?

Dean Blandino has said the process will undergo change. This is how you grow government. We find a way to defeat the rules, which forces us to create a department to enforce those rules. The NFL now needs a department of balls.

Stephen from Cedar Falls, IA

Vic, who is the best 3-4 inside linebacker you have ever covered?

Levon Kirkland.

Jake from Orland Park, IL

Vic, the reason I'll always love Brett Favre is he brings out that inner-child love of football I have. I'm just as big a fan today but don't always get that feeling. Is there anyone who makes your inner child come out when you think of them as a football player? Someone that makes the game seem magical?

A lot of players have had that effect on me. Joe Greene and Fred Taylor immediately come to mind.

Elision from Zephyrhills, FL

Vic, how good do we look in the secondary this upcoming season?

If the Packers can get a contribution from their first two draft picks, this secondary could become the strength of the defense. There is emerging young talent in that secondary. It's a secondary of players on the rise.

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