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Packers Seek Input To Improve Gameday Experience


With results from a recent survey in hand, the Green Bay Packers invited several season ticket holders to the club level at Lambeau Field last week to discuss ways to improve the overall gameday experience.

As a thank you for their input, the Packers provided the ticket holders with a tour of the Packers' facilities, including a walk through the tunnel to the hallowed grounds of Lambeau Field.

"It's a tradition that hasn't taken place here for several years," executive vice president/COO John Jones said. "Our fans are our owners, so it's very important to not only get their input, but it gives us a chance to say directly to them, 'thank you,' not only for what they give us, but what they do to enable us to have this great franchise. You get to meet with your owner at the same time you get to meet with your friends and your fans and that's a great day for us all."

From piping the public address system into the restrooms, to deploying more ushers around the stadium, many topics were discussed by the ticket holders and the Packers' ticketing staff, including director of ticket operations Mark Wagner, ticket office supervisor Carol Edwin and staff development consultant Betsy Mitchell.

"I thought the people really seemed to enjoy it," Wagner said. "We've gotten a lot of nice comments about how the meeting was run and I think when Betsy conducted the meeting, she got a lot of valuable information for us to work with. I think we'll be able to make some changes to accommodate some of the requests that we had."

Among those were requests for more security personnel and ushers to help fans less familiar with Lambeau Field find their way to the correct section and seats. In addition, more food preparation areas were also high on the priority list.

"The food area was one area that kind of surprised us from the surveys and from what they said today," Wagner said. "From what we understand, they would like to have more places to eat, not necessarily tables and chairs, but just some rails or counter space to stand next to and prepare their hot dogs, brats, etc.

"They're all really good ideas and we're going to look into them and see what changes we can come up with to make the Lambeau Field experience an even better one. Packers fans are the greatest fans in the world and we want them to have the best experience possible when they come to Lambeau Field."

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