Packers Send Invoices For Playoff Tickets This Week


The Green Bay Packers are mailing playoff ticket invoices to season ticket holders this week in preparation for a possible home playoff game (or games) at Lambeau Field.

Ticket prices have been set by the NFL for the playoffs and apply to every regular seat in the seating bowl. Each seat is $98 for the Wild Card game, $107 for the Divisional Playoff game and $148 for the NFC Championship. 'Green' package ticket holders, per regular custom, have been invoiced for the same seats they hold during the regular season.

Any seats not claimed by 'Green' package ticket holders will be randomly allocated to 'Gold' package ticket holders, who have been invoiced for the same number of seats they hold during the regular season, up to four.

Invoices sent reflected the best possible playoff scenario: a Divisional Playoff and NFC Championship game. In the event one or both games are not played at Lambeau Field, or a Wild Card game is played instead of the Divisional Playoff, a refund check will be mailed.

Club seat and suite holders have been invoiced as well, with pricing also set by the NFL.

Full details of the playoff ticket information are included in the mailings. Deadline for payment is Dec. 3. Playoff tickets will be mailed to ticket holders in late December.

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