Packers To Pick 30th In 2008 NFL Draft


A coin flip at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis Friday has set the final order for the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

The Atlanta Falcons won the coin flip with the Oakland Raiders. They will select third in the first round, Oakland fourth and the Kansas City Chiefs fifth.

The three clubs had the same strength of schedule at the end of the season, thus necessitating today's coin toss. Kansas City finished third in the AFC West Division and the Raiders fourth (based on record in common games), so Oakland will choose ahead of Kansas City. Atlanta won today's coin flip with Oakland, thus producing the final third-through-fifth overall choices. If Oakland had won, they would have drafted third, and Atlanta and Kansas City would have flipped to determine the fourth and fifth positions.

The NFL Draft will be held on April 26-27 in New York City.

#ClubWinLossTiePercentStrength ofScheduleOpponents'Record

1.Miami Dolphins1150.063.539138-118-0

2.St. Louis Rams3130.188.512131-125-0

3.Atlanta Falcons4120.250.516132-124-0

4.Oakland Raiders4120.250.516132-124-0

5.Kansas City Chiefs4120.250.516132-124-0

6.New York Jets4120.250.523134-122-0

7.New England Patriots
(from San Francisco 49ers)5110.313.465119-137-0

8.Baltimore Ravens5110.313.516132-124-0

9.Cincinnati Bengals790.438.461118-138-0

10.New Orleans Saints790.438.480123-133-0

11.Buffalo Bills790.438.516132-124-0

12.Denver Broncos790.438.516132-124-0

13.Carolina Panthers790.438.523134-122-0

14.Chicago Bears790.438.543139-117-0

15.Detroit Lions790.438.543139-117-0

16.Arizona Cardinals880.500.434111-145-0

17.Kansas City Chiefs
(from Minnesota Vikings)880.500.504129-127-0

18.Houston Texans880.500.516132-124-0

19.Philadelphia Eagles880.500.563144-112-0

20.Tampa Bay Buccaneers970.563.469120-136-0

21.Washington Redskins970.563.555142-114-0

22.Dallas Cowboys
(from Cleveland Browns)1060.625.430110-146-0

23.Pittsburgh Steelers1060.625.453116-140-0

24.Tennessee Titans1060.625.500128-128-0

25.Seattle Seahawks1060.625.414106-150-0

26.Jacksonville Jaguars1150.688516132-124-0

27.San Diego Chargers1155.688.500128-128-0

28.Dallas Cowboys1330.813.496127-129-0

29.San Francisco 49ers
(from Indianapolis Colts)1330.813.516132-124-0

30.Green Bay Packers1330.813.469120-136-0

31.New York Giants1060.625.516132-124-0

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