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Packers To Raise Ticket Prices For 2005 Season


The Green Bay Packers Tuesday, citing the need to remain in the middle of the pack among fellow NFL franchises, announced plans for a ticket-price increase for the 2005 season.

The increase in all sections of the stadium bowl will be $4 per ticket.

"Each year we examine our prices in relation to the NFL and make adjustments accordingly," said Mark Wagner, the Packers' director of ticket operations. "This increase will take us to the middle range of pricing, where we always try to be.

"We take into account our league ranking in average ticket price and how that relates to our contribution to the shared revenues among visiting teams. We want to make sure we're making our fair contribution to the other teams. We're mindful of our fans, too. They love the value of the game day experience here. We're proud of Lambeau Field and what it offers."

Game day at Lambeau Field, long hailed as one of the best experiences in professional sports, has seen a major enhancement since the redevelopment of the venerable venue, completed for the 2003 campaign.

That experience gained further such recognition this year in ESPN The Magazine's Fan Satisfaction Rankings when Lambeau Field ranked No. 1 in stadium experience among 92 professional franchises in a survey of 40,000 sports fans. Always among top-ranked professional sports events, game day at Lambeau ranked No. 4 in both 2003 and 2004 in the magazine's first two such surveys.

Season tickets between the 20-yard lines (sections 115-124 and 322-330) will now be priced at $67, other sideline seats (sections 109-114, 125-230, 314-320 and 332-338) will be $59 and end zone seats (sections 100-108, 131-138, 303-312 and 340-354) will cost $54. The average ticket price: $58.39.

Comparatively speaking around the NFC North, the best sideline seat for the Vikings is $105, the Bears, between $75 and $80, and the Lions, $70. Elsewhere in the NFL, the New England Patriots raised the price of their top sideline seat to $125.

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