Packers-Vikings Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach Mike McCarthy

Q: Do you think the noise played a factor in Aaron Rodgers play today?

A: Well noise is a challenge. It's a challenge every time you come up here. We had some instances where our communications could have been better but I guess that's a case where I'm going to have to ask him.

Q: Do you give credit to the Vikings defensive line too because it seemed like Aaron was on the run a lot?

A: I thought their d-line played very well today. Pass protection for us was an issue for four quarters. They hit the quarterback a bunch; there was lot of pressure.

Q: What was your interpretation of the penalty they called in the end zone that led to the first safety?

A: The interpretation I was given was that it was an unnatural throwing motion, so with that the decision was it was a safety.

Q: Was the protection change due to the noise at the end? Did it prevent you from getting a little closer for the final field goal attempt?

A: No, every game we go out there and we have a mark where we need to kick the field goal from. The two runs that we had, the first one was obviously a negative one and the second one was a good play call and the 3rd and 6 call was one we had in the plans so we expected pressure. They went empty pressure and we couldn't get the first down. I was fine with the distance that we kicked it from. We were being smart there with our play selection but still we were attempting to get the first down.

Q: Your defense had an up and down day, what was your analysis of their play?

A: Our defense clearly kept us in the game with the turnovers. They generated the big plays that we didn't establish on the offensive side of the ball. I just felt that this football team fought like crazy like they always do. They gave a great effort and they fought to give us a chance to win the game. In the end we had that chance but we didn't get it done.

Q: Can you talk about this team's inability to close out games in critical situations this season?

A: We're going to need to overcome them. This is the National Football League and you can break it down to explosive gains, negative plays, there are different things that go on and when you factor it in it hasn't fallen on our side. We have to continue to fight to make those critical plays at critical times and we haven't done that.

Q: What were you trying to get on the challenge on the touchdown run by Peterson ad the end?

A: Two things, where his knee went down and if the ball came out and went out of the back of the end zone. In hindsight I probably wouldn't have challenged it. I would have rather had the second time out.

Q: Is the division still wide open?

A: We're in our ninth game. We came up here and it's a tough place to play; it always is. We're taking a road that's a little tougher than the one we thought we'd be on and you know something that's okay. We have another chance again at home against Chicago and it's important for us to get ready for that game and get back to 5-5. There's a lot of football left to be played.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Q: Was their pressure just unreal today Aaron?

A: I took some shots today. They did a nice job and had a good game plan. You have to give them credit. We just did not execute the way that we know how to on offense, which put ourselves in a tough spot. Defense and special teams did a great job giving us a chance to win. We moved the ball late and wanted to finish off the drive and hopefully put seven on the board. This is one of the most disappointing games of my career.

Q: Can you talk us through the first safety and what you saw?

A: We had a good call on. I was looking left and the ball was knocked out of my hands, and I tried to find the ball as quick as I could, while realizing I was in the end zone, I tried to pick it up and get it towards Tory (Humphrey). I was outside the pocket and the ball was in the vicinity so I just did not want to give up the touchdown. It was a disappointing play.

Q: Do you give credit to the Vikings defensive line?

A: Yeah, you have to give them credit. The first week we did a good job of protecting them up and keeping them off of me. Today was a combination of not doing our fundamentals the way we know how to, and me probably holding the ball too long. They did a great job, and you have to give them credit.

*Q: Did you have to run the ball either better or more to keep the rush off you more? *

A: We just need to execute. The third down stats I am sure were terrible. We did not execute well at all on third down. When you do that you are going to be in a tough situation. Ryan (Grant) did a great job of running the ball. We had too many penalties and did not convert any third downs.

Q: Having a 4-5 record right now, how do you see your chances?

A: There are seven games left. There is still a lot of time left. We still have to play Chicago twice and play Detroit one more time. We just need to do the things that we are capable of doing. I have a lot of confidence in the guys in charge, this team, and the kind of players we have. We are resilient, but I am disappointed as heck about this game, a game that I feel we should have won, despite the way we played on offense. The fan support here in Minnesota was incredible. I hope the fans come out again next week for us in a big one at home.

*Q: Were you satisfied with the way you guys had a 52-yard field goal attempt? *

A: No, I was not satisfied. The ball is on the 40-yard line with two minutes left. I feel for Mason (Crosby) because he is an amazing kicker. This one is not on him at all. He made two field goals earlier in the game and it should not have come down to that. With two minutes left in the game, you have to be able to give him a better opportunity and execute better than we did.

Cornerback Will Blackmon

Q: Can you talk about your return. Do you think it was a game changer at that point?

A: Definitely it was. I mean if we were up, down, or winning by a lot or a little bit. It was a chance to help us win.

Q: With field position how key were the Packers today?

A: In a game like this. I mean any advantage you can get. It's that critical.

*Q: Talk about your day and how you didn't get off to a good start. *

A: Basically, I was backing up slow. So I didn't realize how much ground I was covering. I mean he booted it. It was a good ball and I had plenty of room. Usually, the signs are if it's a good punt, you have plenty of room. Giving I got tackled it wasn't a smart decision. But If I broke it, it would have been a good one.

*Q: Maybe what Mike McCarthy told you give you the impotence for the punt return and for the good kickoff return at the end of the game. *

A: He said just be smart. He trusts me back there and so far this year I have made good decisions. He said not to be safe but play smart.

Q: You guys fought tooth and nail out there. How tough is it to not come out with a win?

A: It's real tough. Especially with the situation we are in. Bottom line even if we were undefeated and playing against the Minnesota Vikings you don't want to lose.

Kicker Mason Crosby

Q: The kick looked suspicious from the start that it may not make it?

A: Well, I hit it. I thought it felt good. Then I was surprised when it went right and stayed over there. It started to come back at the end. I hit all right down the middle the whole game. Then that one just got away from me.

Q: Could you tell that there was anything different on the kick?

A: No, it seemed great; the snap, hold, and protection was all there. I thought I hit it well and it just didn't go through for me.

Q: It looked like you had plenty of distance that missed by a little bit, did you think you had it?

A: Yes, when I hit it, it felt good coming off my foot. It felt like all of the other ones I hit earlier. Obviously, I felt I was hitting the ball well and it just kind of went right. It is unfortunate that it had to happen in that situation. We will go watch film and have to revaluate and go back at it starting this week.

Q: The way things were going today, did you know it would come down to your kick to win the game?

A: It is one of those that I hit the one to get us by six. They answered with a touchdown. I knew we would get a opportunity to go down and I was ready for it. It is just unfortunate that I couldn't get it done there at the end.

Running Back Ryan Grant

*Q: They were stacked up pretty well and you cracked a couple 14 or 15-yard runs, was there any holes opening up? *

A: Yes, the line did a good job. We did some things. But, like I said, it doesn't make a difference because we didn't do enough.

Q: Can you talk about the avenues and openings you had today on the ground?

A: The line did a good job. We were able to get some push. But, we didn't do enough though. There is no point getting involved in it. We didn't get enough yards. We kind of shot ourselves in the foot a few times.

Q: How frustrating is it knowing you didn't play your best offensive football but still in position to win it?

A: It was frustrating in general. To lose, of course, is frustrating when you come out and don't perform the way you know you can and the way you expect to. Like I said we still had a opportunity to win the game. But we shouldn't be in those types of situations.

Q: Was it more of a combination of their defense or the things you could of controlled today as well?

A: Of course, you have to give respect to your opponents because they got it done. They played well when they needed to and we didn't play well.

Defensive End Aaron Kampman

Q: Adrian (Peterson) really got going there in the second half. What were they doing? Did they wear you down? How was he able to get 100 against you?

A: Well, obviously he is a talented running back. That last play really put him over the top. He's a talented guy. I think one of his best qualities is from Darren Sharper. He runs very hard and he's going to do it for a long time.

Q: Did the team try to contain him from that quick pitch break out play?

A: Yeah obviously for as talented as he is, he is going to get a few yards. But you want to continue to restrict all running lanes. They executed their play and we had a miss hit. You can't have a miss hit. He's like water; he'll find the hole.

Q: Did you do anything different today or did it just work today?

A: No, I think obviously their running game as a whole is probably better than the first time we saw them. They got a little momentum and I give them credit.

Q: We're you proud of the defense's effort up until that last play?

A: Proud, yeah, but disappointed in the loss obviously. We had the opportunity in all three phases-defense, offense, special teams to get that win. We weren't able to do it by playing parts. We lost as a team and we got to get a win.

Cornerback Charles Woodson

Q: How did you guys play overall as a defense?

A: Obviously, we didn't do enough. We were a play away. We were making plays to keep us in the game but we fell one play short.

Q: Did you feel you had momentum in the 3rd quarter?

A: There was plenty of momentum. In any game if you are the team that is up like they were you have to be able to withstand other teams' runs. They did and they made a play when they needed to late in the game and we didn't. We were a play short today.

*Q: Four and five in the Division, how do you explain? *

A: We have got work to do. It's not going to be easy. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. It's back to work tomorrow. Try to correct what we can correct and move forward.

Q: What did you think of Adrian Peterson?

A: He's wants the contact. That's the way he plays the game. He did his job today.

*Q: How frustrating is it today? The defense and special teams put points on the board today. *

A: Every game and every loss is frustrating. No more than the other one. It's a loss. Division loss so everybody knows the importance. We got to try and put it behind us. Come to work tomorrow, watch the film, grade ourselves, kick ourselves and see what we can do to get better. And get back in the win column.

Q: Is it hard losing close games?

A: We just not making enough plays. It's as simple as that. They made one more play than we did today to win the game. Whoever makes the most plays is going to win the game.

Q: Not enough play makers?

A: We got play makers. We were just a play short. We got ourselves in a position to win. Got the ball back and drove it down to score. They made one more play than we did to win the game.

Q: Do you think the time of possession played a part in fatigue?

A: No, we just didn't make enough plays. They executed when they needed to late in the game. They got themselves in the position to score. Adrian (Peterson), you know if you give him a crack he can take it the distance. He made a play for his team and they got the win.

Q: How does it feel to have 3 picks and get the loss?

A: It was a rough day. We got a lot of picks but offensively we struggled. A lot of penalties, not able to punch it in when we needed to, it was a tough day. We tried to keep us in the game as a defense. Like I said earlier, the defense didn't make enough plays. We made some good plays but just not enough. The objective of the game is you are not going to be able to perform the way you would like to.

*Q: Chicago lost today and you play the next week. *

A: It's still wide open but we got to do out part. If we continue to lose, it's not going to matter.

Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress

Obviously, Chuck Gordon got nicked-up there. He should be back here in a little bit. Status-wise, they got it reduced and he'll probably have to have a pin inserted there some time in the next week or two. Tough loss. He's a great player in the nickel and great in our special teams. I'm sorry to see him go and go like that. (I have a) full expectation that somebody else will go and take that spot. That's the downside of a victory like that.

We just talked about every man doing his job. It was confident, wide-open, physical NFC North football. And we had it as a fistfight. It was going to be a fistfight. You don't ease into a fistfight. We knew it from square one. I'm so happy for our players, number one, because they put in the sweat equity. I'm happy for our fans because of all the people who cross the border to work here and live in Wisconsin, for them to have bragging rights in the second game of the season until the next time we play the Packers. I'm tickled to death for our fans and obviously for our coaches and our owners. Great to beat those people. (It's) a tight divisional race. We're going to enjoy this thing for 24 hours and then regroup and make corrections. We got corrections to make. Some of those in the special teams area and summon our focus to Tampa Bay, who is coming off a bye, in another big NFC game. With every one you win, the next one is bigger.

Q: Was giving the ball to Adrian Peterson on the final drive by design or did it just happen?

A: It was by design because that's the way it happened. But yeah, he had a hot hand. You try to feed it to the guy who has the hot hand. While your run game may go for some ones and twos and threes, I think the long term of run attempts, as I talk about, he's going to bust out on you somewhere. I thought our offensive line did a great job of exerting their will on that defensive front.

Q: Is that the key, to stick with the run game if you want to be successful?

A: I think you have to stick with it. It doesn't just happen. It's the run attempts. You'd like for them all to crease every time, but you still have to stick with it and not get impatient with it.

Q: What was the process leading up to determining if Jared Allen was going to play or not?

A: I think it's a couple things. He was limited on Friday, obviously. As a no-contact practice, he can step through all the things he needs to do. We just kind of kept in a constant dialogue through yesterday for the mock game and as he came over here this morning, where he was at. He wanted to move around and see how it felt. He had a good look in his eye. The medical people cleared him. You can't make a grade three any worse. Tough guy. Once again, he wasn't going to be denied.

Q: Was he wearing a harness on that shoulder?

A: He did have something in that fashion. I don't know what you'd call it. Neoprene something-or-other. I don't know what that was, just to keep it bound a little bit.

Q: Did you see something in Green Bay's defense on the last drive that led to Adrian Peterson's touchdown?

A: We had a pair of tight ends over there and I think they did a nice job of changing the line of scrimmage, along with the right tackle, and basically they surged it up to the corner, up to number 21. They just did a nice job of covering people up. We're not too bad a football team if we cover people up and let (Peterson) do his thing.

Q: Beyond Adrian Peterson having a hot hand, did Gus Frerotte's interceptions and some of the balls bouncing off the turf play into feeding the ball to Adrian and not relying on Gus so much?

A: We didn't talk about that. We just thought we needed to be aggressive all the way through. No different than our first drive of the game and our first drive of the second half. I know Gus wishes he had a few of those back. That's rare for him to do some of those things that he did against some of the matchups that we had. But he'll make the corrections and be that much better the next time we go out.

Q: Because he's such a veteran quarterback, is that one of the things you like about him, that he doesn't let these things wear on him like some younger quarterbacks would? He seems to. Is that the case?

A: Yeah. He's able to do that. You don't see any pause or any hesitancy. You've got to keep shooting at that position. You've got to be kind of cold-blooded there and make sure you don't get tentative with it because that's when it does go back the other way. You don't see any of that from him.

Q: The challenge on the spot in the fourth quarter, was that as much to buy some extra time and see something on film?

A: The challenge on third down was wrong. Wanted to see it, wanted to get another look at it. Wanted to think about it a little bit. (I was) real close to challenging that fourth down as well, because when you fumble the ball on fourth down it goes back to the spot that you fumbled at and I actually thought it got fumbled backwards. I wasn't so sure that Adrian didn't have the line to make there. We just couldn't get another look at that thing. I mean, I think he's going to run for a first down. I don't know why (the ball) came out.

*Q: It seemed that when Adrian came off the field after that fumble, it seemed that he was addressing you in a very loud manner. Did something happen there? *

A: He wasn't yelling at me, or I didn't hear him yelling at me. He might have been yelling in general. He'll do that every now and then, kind of a Tourette's Syndrome kind of deal. Just a wide open scream. I'm thinking it was that because I have no recollection of that.

*Q: It looked like he was yelling at you. *

A: There is a lot of stuff. It's like being in traffic on that sideline.

Q: Did you watch the last field goal attempt by Green Bay?

A: I did, but I'm so bad with my judgment looking sideways at those things. I can't tell. The ones I think they didn't make, they make. I just keep my eye on the fans behind it and the referees at the bottom of the pole.

Q: You talk a lot about flat line (emotion), but after that last field goal miss your sideline was anything but. Was that one of those occasions where you're not going to have that?

A: It's okay to show emotion. This is an emotional football game. We're not like the Stepford Wives, or anything like that. It's okay to let it go. You've got to be excitable. You put so much equity into this thing, you need to let it go. I'm just happy for those guys. Like I said, players, coaches, owners, fans, just that they're able to do that.

Q: How do you feel yourself after your first win against Green Bay?

A: I'm happy to have that game ball. I will paint it up and put it in a prominent spot.

Q: Were you surprised when it seemed like the Packers were playing for a 50-yard field goal at the end?

A: I guess I was a little surprised maybe that they were in a U-personnel. But their guy had been pretty good from out and around where he was throwing it from. I like my chances with my run defense when people get into two tight ends and want to pound the ball for positioning. I think Pat Williams tackled a guy from minus-two (yards) and I think Ryan Grant moved it ahead a little bit. But yeah, I'd rather see that.

Q: Did Napoleon Harris get hurt in the second quarter?

A: Our head trainer didn't come up to me and tell me he was out. I don't believe so.

Q: Did you do anything special in covering Greg Jennings, similar to the approach taken against Andre Johnson last week?

A: Really not. They've got good receivers across the board. Obviously they trotted out five, you know, their big five personnel grouping. You can't double everybody.

Q: Was the coverage against Bernard Berrian that good, or was Gus Frerotte just a bit off today?

A: I think (Frerotte) tried to go (Berrian's) direction a couple times. I know (Berrian) was deep behind everybody on the one (Frerotte) put out there out of bounds. But if you would have told me (Berrian) was going to go into this game and not have a catch, and we would be coming out on the front end of it, I would have probably said, "Not so."

But here's the thing; there are a lot of different ways to win football games. A lot of different ways. Defense. Offense. Special teams. Turnovers. Running the football. Passing the football. It's just great when you play and you give 10 points off of two picks and seven points off of one and have a punt return for another one, and on the other side you're holding one-of-11 on third downs. It's great to be able to win a game like that and move on.

*Q: Special teams had looked like it was in better shape the last few weeks but how tough is it when you give up big plays like that on special teams? *

A: Well, you don't like to see it, period. I couldn't tell you until I look at it, who got out of a lane and exactly what I happened. I had no reason to believe that any of those were going to come back up the field. I thought that we were in a pretty good coverage mode throughout the day, going down there and tackling that thing. I'm not sure exactly what happened. I didn't like the fact that the ball traveled down and came down at the 12-yard line. I'd rather have a touchback or a kick to the end zone. That gives your coverage group a chance to get down there. You've got to make those corrections and keep moving.

Q: On Adrian Peterson developing as a running back between year one and year two, and putting the team on his back on the last drive of the game.

A: He's always got the eye of the tiger. It doesn't make any difference. That's what you love about him. You talk about corners having short term memory and we grind on him. Eric Bieniemy coaches his tail off and he takes coaching. But he's just so hyper-competitive. It kills him. (He) drops the ball on the ground but you just know you're going to get it from him every time you hand it to him. And he wants to win, badly. He doesn't care how. Whether it's 190 yards or 80 yards. I know he values that.

Q: Can you talk about the offensive line and the holes it opened for Adrian?

A: I just think they're getting better, better and better as they play. It hasn't been a group of five that's been able to play throughout the whole year. I just think they'll continue to improve. They're playing off each other. You need the five to play as one on the offensive line and if one guy doesn't do his job, including the tight end and fullback, things look like a mess. You have to stick with it. You have to be able to beat on people and exert your will on people. Typically, it doesn't happen the first play of the game. It's a process.

Q: Is Charles Gordon's ankle fractured?

A: I don't know enough yet. I think you've got a couple things going on there.

Q: What was the feeling after the third quarter when you allowed only nine yards but gave up 14 points?

A: I've got to tell you something, I stop to take a look at the quickie stats after the third quarter. I'm just in the mix in game mode. I wasn't looking at yards or points.

Q: Did you feel like the team was starting to fall apart at that point?

A: I don't ever feel like that. Nope. I got a group of fighting fools on that football team. They don't judge quarters. They don't judge plays. They just play the next one. I think that's the important thing. You want your football team not to judge and to keep playing.

Vikings Defensive End Jared Allen

Q: How did your shoulder feel out there today?

A: It held up alright. Like I said, Eric Sugarman, the training staff, all of the doctors here and the good Lord, they just made it work out. They worked on it this morning and they worked on trying to get all of the swelling out all week. That was the biggest thing, trying to get the swelling out so I could try and get some mobility back. I went in this morning and the pain was minimal, the swelling was minimal, so I came in and asked coach to give me a shot and he did. The doctors put the harness on and got me ready to go. It was painful there for a couple of drives but after the game got going the adrenaline picked up.

Q: It seemed like they really did not have an answer for you?

A: I studied a lot of film and it was game planned. I just try to work my game plan every game. I kind of wanted a little payback from the first game. He (Chad Clifton) kind of got me out of my rhythm in that first game, so I was trying to do the opposite. It was able to work and we got some good hits on the quarterback. Our defensive line played great. Our whole defense played great, and the offense came up huge at the end. It was just one of those wins where it gets the momentum swinging.

Q: It seemed like you were able to get (Aaron) Rodgers rattled?

A: Yeah, we were able to get him out of a rhythm and out of his game. We didn't want them to get back to throwing short passes and getting us out of our game when we got up on them by a couple of scores. That forced him to drop back. We were able to get pressure on him and hit him early. After Kevin (Williams) got that sack on him and he threw the ball out of the end zone for a safety, he (Rodgers) wasn't the same. Anytime you rattle a guy like that and get them out of their rhythm, you're going to have a good day.

Q: What is it like on the sideline when the momentum is flying back and forth?

A: It's stressful. It takes a lot out of you. It was one of those things that defensively we were playing well. It was just one of those things where they get 14 points without you being on the field you want to go out there and get the ball back. You want to go out there and take that momentum back. The offense really wasn't doing anything and we wanted to go out there and keep playing our game and unfortunately it came down to a missed field goal. We would have liked to keep them out of that situation but what can you do when you bat a ball and it ends up in their hands.

Q: When you got that safety did you feel that you were going to be able to run him down there?

A: Yeah, I came off the edge and I was yelling at Brian (Robison), trying to get his attention and see if he wanted to run a jam, but he didn't answer me so I was like, "Alright," and I was able to get off the ball.

Q: Personally you seem like you are in a really good grove right now. Is that the case?

A: I take each week as it is. I try to study my opponents and go from there; take what they give me. I know that if the defense focuses on me that there are ten other guys that are going to make plays. Right now we have a really good rhythm going and whenever you have a good rhythm going with your defensive tackles and corners, they have to cover for us to make it happen. When you get in that kind of rhythm they come. I take each week as it is and study my opponent.

Q: Can you talk about the hit on Aaron Rodgers?

A: I don't know; I will have to watch film. Aaron (Rodgers) said we went helmet to helmet. If that is the case then that's what it was. I don't ever try and go out and try and hurt anyone, I just play football hard and if I get penalized for playing football hard then that is what it's going to be. But I am not going to apologize for the way I play. If they want to throw on a target then I'll be a target. I'm just going to go out there and play.

Vikings Center Matt Birk

A: Same story every week, we certainly had our hands full. Our defense was playing great; even we had our bad runs, our defense kept us in it.

Q: Looks like the past few games you guys have been wearing teams out and the running game is getting stronger towards the end.

A: Well we have two very good backs; we have to with two running backs like that. We are going to try and stick with the run every time, make people play the run the whole time. The running game is nice because it's man-on-man and you see if your best is better than their best.

Q: How big is this win?

A: It's big; it's a division game but at the same time it's just one game. If you win or lose it's just one game. This will make for a fun night tonight; tomorrow come back and get ready to work for a big test next week.

Q: What does this momentum do for you going into next week against Tampa Bay on the road?

A: Momentum is a goofy thing. We did some things today that we can hopefully build on for next week. Whether you win or lose that is the story every week, don't get too high on yourself, and don't get too down on yourself.

Vikings Quarterback Gus Frerotte

Q: Was it a frustrating game for you personally?

A: Yeah. Thank goodness we had (Adrian Peterson). It was a tough day to throw three interceptions and put our team behind the eight ball like I did. I just know that we are a better team and it could have been a lot better game for us. The score doesn't really indicate how well we played. Taking myself out of it, everybody else did their jobs; did what they were supposed to do and they had a great day. Our offensive line played tremendous. You can't say enough about the two running backs we have (and) our receivers blocking down field. I just have to do my part. I do my part and the score is a lot different. In the end it is a victory - still a sweet victory. I am going to take this one and run with it.

Q: What happened on the interception that they returned for a touchdown?

A: Well they bring a blitz and it is not one of those plays that you can just hang in the pocket; they are bringing some people. So what we have is (Shiancoe) just running across the field and we have two guys running deep. The safety is pretty much just seeing that we are trying to get the ball to the crosser and he just jumped it. Otherwise I have to watch the film to see exactly what happened, but I'm throwing it to the spot that I think I need to go with that ball. They make some plays. You have to give them credit. You have to give their defense credit, they made some picks and they made some plays. We got to go back to the drawing board and watch the game and see what happened. But the thing you can say is there is never going to be any quit on our team, on our offense and it showed in the end.

Q: Can recall as tough a game for yourself?

A: Yeah stuff happens. Not every game is going to be perfect. Like I said before, football is not a perfect game. We threw some - we just wanted to get rid of the ball sometimes - obviously you want to complete every pass; that is your goal every game, but it doesn't necessarily always happen. You have got to give a lot of credit to our defense they played extremely well. They came out and did the job they are supposed to do. We weren't always efficient on third downs and things like that, but in the end we came through. I don't even know how to explain the game because it was a weird one for me. To know that physically we could put a lot more points on the board and I could have played a lot better and we should have done some different things. But it didn't happen that way. Vikings-Packers games seem to always be close no matter what. I am just glad that we came out on the winning side.

Q: What happened on the third and one completion to Bobby Wade when it seemed like you guys were having trouble getting up to the line of scrimmage in time?

A: We had no communication with the coach. So the headset went down. Usually I stand in the huddle and wait for the play to come in and we have great communication, but I had nothing coming into me. So I am looking and I just get one signal - actually John David Booty gave me the signal on the sideline - I just called the first sign, "Let's go lineup." They gave us a coverage that Bobby Wade was able to get open on the sideline. We ran a little out-route and he made a great catch and we were able to keep the ball on the drive and continue the drive

Q: Was the headset out the whole drive?

A: No just that one play. You never know when those critical situations are going to come up and you have to be prepared at all times because at that point in the game you don't want to use a time out. We don't want to call a timeout there. It's funny because we all know the clock is running down, the line is screaming, everybody is screaming. They are going, "Just sneak it! Just sneak it!" And I'm like, "No, we are going to throw the ball and we are going to get a first down." So, you just stay calm and cool and keep your poise because that is how football goes. You never know when you are going to be - you need to stay on an even keel. On that play we needed to be like that and we got a crucial third down for us.

Q: How often does the communication go out on you?

A: It seems like once or twice a game that it just for some reason - nobody knows why - but it just goes out. So you got to get a quick signal. It seems to always happen in a critical situation, it's crazy.

Q: Do they relay a new play or the play that you were going to call?

A: No it was the play that we were going to call. It was a different formation they wanted but I knew with our personnel, what formations we had with that personnel, so I just called it and we went up and ran it

Q: Who would you compare Adrian Peterson to?

A: I can't compare him to anybody. I mean the guy is just incredible. He runs hard, he plays hard. He wants to win more than anybody out there. The last drive, you look at it and we put it all on his back. Moving in the pocket one time to get him the ball, he is making guys miss, he is cutting back, he is doing everything he has got to do. The guy is a great player and we sure were on his back today. Him and the line, they just did a tremendous job today. I couldn't be more proud of the team.

Q: Did the Packers do anything different than anything else in their defense that limited your passing but left holes for running the football?

A: No obviously the Packers played their type of football and what they do. They didn't do anything that really shocked us or surprised us. It's just the interceptions were on one-on-one throws. The safety steps up and makes the play on one. We knew what we were going to get. Our line did an outstanding job of picking up stunts and twists, all that stuff and letting Adrian run wild back there. He made a lot of guys miss, one guy is not going to bring him down. So he had a great day.

Q: Does he say anything in the huddle or on the sidelines?

A: he talks more on the sidelines than anything. He is always (talking). Obviously after the second interception he was like, "Come on!" I am like, "I'm alright." He knows that we are going to be there and it was just his way of trying to get me fired up, but I don't get that fired up. I was more upset. I was like, "Look I'm fine. I'm fine. Believe me I'm fine. I'm just upset at myself right now and we are just going to be ready to go next series." But the guy wants to win. He is an incredible player, an incredible athlete and we are lucky to have him on our team.

Q: Did there corners' physical play come into effect during the game?

A: Well yeah. Al Harris and (Charles) Woodson, they are going to be manned-up. The first pick I see Bobby running away from Charles and he just made a great play. He just reached out his hands and snagged one. I'll look back, watch the film and probably say I should have thrown it out a little more in front of him. With the protection that we had all day and the way that our line played it was just one of things you see at halftime - I don't know what our yards were passing, it was probably pretty bad - but it just felt like we were dominating, but we weren't dominating. I don't know. It was a weird feeling for me. Definitely a bittersweet victory.

Q: What were emotions like at the beginning of that last drive?

A: I just kept telling myself, "Hang with it. Hang with it." For some odd reason they were up three points, I don't know. After that game it was incredible. They get an interception returned for a touchdown. They return a punt for a touchdown. It's just like, man we keep giving these teams points. We keep giving these teams points that we are playing against and we just can't do that." In that last drive we came out, we were running the ball, guys were making plays. I think the coaches saw that. The line was blocking well and we made some big plays when we needed to. We just put it on (Adrian Peterson's) back and he came through.

Q: Was there any reason why it was tougher to find Bernard Berrian today?

A: It was just one of those things were a lot of times the reads never took us there. The couple times that we tried to go to him, obviously one was the interception on the slant. The other one I thought we had a great chance, I thought they were offside, but they called Adrian for a false start too when I tried to throw it down to him. That is their game. They are going to put there guys man-to-man on our receivers and they are going to take some of things away. we were trying to work other people against them and it ended up being that our running game was the best part of our offense today.

{sportsad300}Vikings Linebacker Chad Greenway

Q: Do you think he was hearing footsteps there at the end?

A: That is what you hope. That is your goal as a defense, to put a little fear in the quarterback and the receivers going across the middle. I don't know if he was or not, but that was our goal.

Q: You chopped at him on the blitz?

A: We were doing some things; you can call them a blitz if you want. We were just running and trying to make plays. We were trying to play within the scheme of the defense. We had guys playing their positions today, and that's what it's all about.

Q: If it is not a blitz, then what do you call it?

A: It's an add, you call it an add.

Q: You had a sack last week, and a sack this week. You seem to be having fun out there?

A: Yeah, I had no sacks last year so I am trying to make up for it this year. No, I am just trying to do my job and that's if it's clear to go hit him then that is my job as a linebacker so it's pretty easy to go do that.

Q: You were trying to tell everyone to calm down?

A: Its fun when the defense is making plays and the defense is flying around and good things are happening. Our goal is to go in there and get the ball back for our offense or put points on the board and we did both of those things well today. It probably was a difference that we were able to get off the field in big situations and those two safeties, if you look at the scoreboard made a pretty big difference.

Q: How frustrating was it for you guys when you were up 21-10 and the next time you're out on the field you are down by three?

A: That is part of playing in this division and part of playing in the NFL. It's the first time it's happened this year and you just have to go be resilient. Resiliency is one of the things we want to be known for. Turnovers, a tough spot today for the offense. It's not like they were trying to do it but it put us in some tough situations and as a defense we had to go pick them up. It is just part of being a team. Special teams, they put us back out on the field and we just have to stop them and get the ball back to our offense. We are not doing anything different than we are supposed to be doing, just trying to get the ball back to our offense.

Vikings Linebacker Ben Leber

Q: Can you talk about the momentum swing in the second half?

A: We just knew we had to hold on and weather the storm. We knew the momentum was going to come back to us, and our offense did a great job of driving down the field.

Q: Were you surprised with how conservative the Packers were on their last drive?

A: I was. I thought they were going to try and get the ball closer. That's what I think most teams would do in that situation. Maybe they thought they were going to catch us off guard. They had a couple of big runs on us and maybe they thought they were going to get a couple more. We did a good job of stepping up when we had to.

*Q: This is the first time Coach Childress has beat the Packers. Did he say anything in the post-game? *

A: He just said it was a great win all the way around. Just like last week, we're 1-0 (this week). We have a victory Monday and we have to enjoy it. Then we're going to come back and get ready for Tampa Bay.

Q: How does it feel to be in first place?

A: It feels great. This is where we envisioned ourselves at the beginning of the season. We didn't start off looking like we were going to get there, but with the way this division is, it's up for grabs. I'm just glad we're taking advantage and hopefully we can hold onto it.

*Q: Can you talk about the play of your front four? *

A: Those guys have done a great job for us all year long. They understand each other and they understand the situations. They're just letting all of those guys go out and hunt. That's what they do best, and it's great for us. Our drops don't have to be as deep and sometimes you get tipped balls and interceptions because of it.

*Q: It seemed like you guys were in control of this game, then they came back. What were you feeling? *

A: A little shocking, a little frustrating and a little irritating, just how it all happened. Defensively we didn't feel like they could do anything to hurt us. It's unfortunate that they got on top on the scoreboard like that. As a team, we collectively bore down and got it done.

Vikings Running back Adrian Peterson

Q: Is this one of the most emotional games you've been a part of?

A: Yes it was. It's the whole atmosphere of the game. The rivalry and just how the game was a rollercoaster. But that's what it's all about, we came in and we knew it was going to be a dog fight.

Q: On that last drive did you ask for the ball a lot, or did you have an idea you were going to be getting the ball a lot?

A: I had an idea. We knew we needed a big drive and it could possibly be our last chance. We just came out focused and taking it one play at a time. We were just making sure to execute plays with fine details each time. The offensive line did a great job of blocking as well as the receivers. We made big plays when we needed too that's what it came down too.

Q: How hard was it to come back from that fourth quarter fumble?

A: It was tough. First of all talking coach into going for it, and actually having the first down, then fumbling. I was sick for the moment, thinking that we had recovered it past the mark. Unfortunately it didn't go our way. But the defense came out the next drive and held them to three and gave us the opportunity. So we took advantage of that, we came down and got the seven points and it turned out good for us.

Q: In your second year are you more comfortable expressing your opinion on those sort of things? Whether it's scheme or just emotion of the game, being able to tell them that it's time to put the ball in your hands?

A: Oh yeah, especially the group of guys that are in front of me. I have a lot of comfort in those guys, being able to go out and get a yard if we need it. When it comes down to a big game like this and the game is on the line then I want to be able to make the play or the key block. I want to be able to do if they call my number.

Q: When you were talking during the game were you saying you wish you got the ball on third down or that you guys should go for it on fourth down?

A: No, I was saying we needed to go for it on fourth down. Green Bay did a good job on third down and stopping us short. All the fuss was all about how we needed to go for it on fourth down and get the first.

Q: Your touchdown run, did you know that was there when you got the ball? How did that work?

A: The whole game the guys were telling me, "Be patient." They told me to keep it front side and it will open. Those guys did a great job up front opening the hole for me. Cook, and Anthony Herrera did a great job of pinning their guys in and then there was just one guy to beat after that.

*Q: The block that Jim Kleinsasser had, talk about that a little bit. *

A: Oh yeah, that doesn't surprise me. Jimmy, that's what he does. He's a great tight end. He makes big plays. That's one thing I know about him, when he gets his hands on a guy nine times out of 10 they aren't coming off. So, I just kept it front side and he made a great block along with Herrera and Cook. Then, with one man to beat, I reached it out for the touchdown.

Q: Unlike earlier this year where you kept just pounding the ball into one hole today it seemed like you were being more patient and reading back side a little more.

A: That's one thing that we stress going through the week. Be more patient, not really forcing anything. Get your two, three yards then eventually it will hit. We noticed through the game that they were really flowing over top. So, I was trying to get those guys to commit over and I would take whatever I could on the back side. It worked out pretty good.

Q: When you knelt down in the end zone after the touchdown what was going through your mind?

A: Just to have faith. After the turnover guys were keeping me up. Going through my mind I was saying, "Just have faith, have faith." That we'll have the opportunity to get back out there and make a big play. Thank God we had the opportunity to get the ball again for that last drive. I just knew I would work as hard as I could in my power to get to the end zone.

Q: You've had other really big games in the past, maybe is it more satisfying beating Green Bay?

A: It's my first win against Green Bay. It's the first win for Coach Childress and it's a big win for our team, because it's a big divisional game. So right now I don't know, I'm just so excited right now, I'm ready to go home and start celebrating with my family.

Q: You like the fact that the ball gets thrown to you little more and more each game?

A: Oh yeah. It's gives Chester and I the chance to get to make some plays on the perimeter. That's one thing with Chester, too. I knew he was going to take it to the end zone. I've seen him make that little jab stop so many times.

Q: What was going through your mind on the sideline while they line up for the field goal at the end?

A: Miss. You know, really I was sitting there just praying that the guys get a block, or he just missed. I was just praying that things were going to go our way, and thankfully they did.

Q: What was your mindset after the fumble?

A: For the moment, I was sick. But, like I said, before you got to overcome situations. I looked up at the clock and we had time. Then our defense gave us the opportunity that we needed. So, while I was on the sideline I was taking time to refocus my mind. Telling myself, "Take it one play at a time, don't force and thing, and be patient." And that's what we did and it turned out well for us.

Vikings Running Back Chester Taylor

Q: The touchdown you had, it seems like you just had to give the one linebacker a little side step?

A: Yeah, I knew he had me man-on-man and Gus passed it outside. I just beat him, made him miss and was off to the races with him.

*Q: Nick Barnett went out shortly before that; was there any thought of trying to take advantage of that match up? *

A: Yeah, but we were doing the same thing when Barnett was in there. We try going in there man-to-man because we knew all week they would be man-to-man and that's what we did.

*Q: Since they brought Bernard in here did you ever think you would be the leading yardage man? *

A: I just go out there and try to play. I'm just trying to execute and stay consistent.

Q: When you slammed on the brakes there and the guy buzzed by, were you thinking you got open?

A: Yeah, I was thinking the safety was somewhere around. I'm glad I beat him and just ran for the touchdown.

*Q: What about what you saw from Adrian on that last drive? *

A: We knew we needed a touchdown and I think Adrian got the ball almost every time on that drive. We had to get the ball in the hands of our play makers and that is what we did.

Q: Talk about your day, getting back in there and making a big impact today?

A: I feel like I did the best I can to help my team out. When the ball came to me I tried to catch it every time and beat man coverage. We knew they would be playing man-to-man and I know the linebackers couldn't match up with me and Adrian. We just beat them and Gus came to us and it worked out for us.

*Q: Is there significance with trying to break this 0-5 streak that Brad has had with the Packers? *

A: Yeah, I have been here since the beginning of the 0-5 streak, so it feels good to finally beat them. We knew it would be a tough game; it came down to the end like we expected. We made it tougher towards the end with the turnovers and critical mistakes that could have been bad. We need to stop doing that, and we know we can't do that in the rest of the season.

Vikings Wide Receiver Bobby Wade

Q: What does this game mean for next week?

A: It's a win and a win within our division. It's not necessarily a breeze because it's still going to be a fight until the end. Tampa is a strong team that we don't see very much. We really have to do a lot in the film study, be focused on the looks they give us and try to win the game.

Vikings Defensive Tackle Pat Williams

Q: How does it feel to win a close game?

A: Good. Our defense has to definitely play better and so does our offense. We got the win, though. That's all that matters in the end. We turned the ball over and we gave them chances to score, but at the end of the day we won.

Q: Can you talk about being in first place?

A: It's a blessing, but I just take it one game at a time. We would like to be in first place forthe division, but we have to take it one game at a time.

Q: How come you guys were so effective getting to the quarterback?

A: It was all our game plan. We had to get sacks and get pressure. That was our game plan. Thankfully, it worked out for us.

*Q: Did it feel like everyone was getting involved? *

A: Everybody was getting sacks today. The linebackers, defensive tackles and linemen. Everybody was getting involved. It was good. It made it a lot of fun.

*Q: Does anything surprise you when it comes to this rivalry? *

A: No, it's always a dogfight. Everybody may have thought it was going to be easy when we were up early, but I said, "Everybody just calm down. This is going to be a dogfight." Something always happens, and something did happen. They had an interception and ran it back, and they ran a punt back. There's always something happening.

*Q: What were you feeling when they scored touchdowns on the interception and punt return? *

A: I said, "Everybody just calm down. We have to win this, so just calm down."

*Q: What was the feeling when seeing the kick go wide at the end of the game? *

A: I said, "It's about time we won." We were 0-5 against them, but now we got this one out of the way. Everything is good.

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