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Packers vs. Chiefs: Five key matchups


1. Packers tackles vs. Tamba Hali—This is the feature attraction of the game, as the Packers' wing men try to protect Aaron Rodgers from one of the best all-around pass-rushers in the game. Hali has nine sacks, despite being the focus of multiple blockers. The emergence of linebacker Justin Houston as a pass-rusher has taken some of the attention from Hali and if that holds true on Sunday, Bryan Bulaga and Marshall Newhouse will have to hold forth against Hali, who blends power, speed and relentlessness into every rush.

2. Packers receivers vs. Chiefs secondary—The Packers will be without Greg Jennings, which means the group as a whole will have to make up for Jennings' absence against a 10th-ranked secondary that's underrated.

3. Clay Matthews vs. Barry Richardson—Richardson is an emerging right tackle who'll be getting the test of his young career in Matthews. Do the Chiefs give Richardson help in blocking Matthews, or do they dare let him go it alone?

4. Packers linebackers vs. Dexter McCluster—McCluster is a speedy specialty back with whom the Chiefs stretch the field laterally. McCluster will force the Packers linebackers to run sideline to sideline, with the idea of opening up the middle run.

5. Sam Shields vs. Jonathan Baldwin—Baldwin is a rookie wide receiver with Jermichael Finley size and speed. The Chiefs like to isolate Baldwin on smallish defensive backs for the purpose of creating a go-up-and-get-it type of catch. Additional coverage - Dec. 16

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