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Packers vs. Lions: Five key matchups


1. Josh Sitton vs. Ndamukong Suh—Sitton draws the game's premier assignment: Block one of the the most disruptive and feared defensive tackles in the game. Sitton will no doubt have help; nonetheless, Suh will be Sitton's responsibility and that goes directly toward the health and well-being of the most valuable player on the field, Aaron Rodgers.

2. Aaron Rodgers vs. Matthew Stafford—The battle of passer ratings still decidedly favors the Packers, but Stafford is a quarterback on the rise. His 93.4 passer rating is stunningly high for a guy that's thrown 10 interceptions, and the reason it's so high is because Stafford has thrown 25 touchdown passes, just six shy of Rodgers' 31. This isn't the usual mismatch the Packers have enjoyed at the quarterback position. Rodgers will have to play at his usual high level for the Packers to win the ratings battle.

3. Clay Matthews vs. Gosder Cherilus—They're each first-round picks at similar stages of their careers. This matchup could turn out to be every bit as important as Sitton-Suh.

4. Packers secondary vs. Calvin Johnson—He's caught 59 passes for 974 yards and 11 touchdowns. If the season ended today, Johnson would have had a great season. He's big, fast, soft-handed and too much for just one guy to handle. The Packers secondary must restrict Johnson's impact.

5. Packers receivers vs. Lions secondary— This is a classic matchup of two premier units. The Lions are fifth in the league in pass-defense, but have they seen a receiving corps as deep and talented as the one they're going to face on Thursday? No. Additional coverage - Nov. 23

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