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Packers vs. Lions: Five key matchups


1. Matt Flynn vs. Lions secondary—He's likely to be the Packers' quarterback at crunch time, which means the outcome will be riding on his shoulders against a formidable Lions pass-defense.

2. Ndamukong Suh vs. Evan Dietrich-Smith—It's not known if or for how long these two linemen might square off against each other, but the events of Thanksgiving Day make it a must-watch attraction.

3. Calvin Johnson vs. Packers cornerbacks—The Packers secondary made Johnson a nonfactor in the Thanksgiving meeting between the two teams, which is something other teams haven't done. Johnson has caught 85 passes for 1,437 yards and 15 touchdowns. He'll be seeking revenge.

4. Vic So'oto vs. Jeff Backus—If So'oto is going to be that extra pass-rusher for the postseason, this is the game in which he'll have to flash his talent to earn playing time in the playoffs. This is a good one to watch. It goes to the Packers' desperate need for a blindside pass-rusher.

5. Packers safeties vs. Brandon Pettigrew—Pettigrew is a true, move-the-sticks tight end. He's caught 76 passes and he's the guy to whom Matt Stafford turns when Johnson is covered. Additional coverage - Dec. 30

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