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Packers vs Seahawks Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Seahawks game. See his take on the first half.

OK, great first half there by Packers. Let's get to it.

Comment From Ashley O.

Which interception was bigger in your opinion?

Burnett's set up points. Wilson was trying fora hero play there on that last one, throwing deep across his body. Both great plays, but Burnett's swung the game GB's way so far.

Comment From Jay

What happened to ty?

Looked like he was trying to shake out his shoulder on the sideline. Maybe a stinger? I don't know.

Comment From Vincent

Can Dom put a Spy on Wilson please?

Packers have to be careful how they rush. Sometimes there hasn't been much of a lane, but he's found it to get out. Other times, Packers haven't had the discipline and made it easier for him. The pressure has led to some inaccurate throws, though.

Comment From Brian in Texas

Who is the Mike McCarthy look-alike standing around?

QB coach Alex Van Pelt

Comment From Morgan

Mike--need help from detroit and minnesota's opponents, but I like this team's chances

Have to finish this one first.

Comment From Evan

Good. Now don't let them back up. Adams can't be covered.

Rodgers is picking on CB Shead. Adams beat him twice off the line there, and he tried Cook against him, too, on the play that could have been flagged. Packers like their matchups when Shead is 1-on-1.

Comment From Matt

Nice drive-killer at the end of the half, there

Giving up points at the end of the first half has been a killer for this defense all year. Two weeks in a row now they got the stop.

Comment From Guest

Turnovers come in bunches :)

Funny how that works.

Comment From LUKE

will we see chris mike back in the second half after that mental mistake?

Probably depends on Montgomery's health.

Comment From Lee

Packers Defense is coming together.

Wilson missed some open receivers early, then I think the pressure up front started getting to him. He's normally not a fast starter in games. He had a chance for two huge plays early to Baldwin and Graham and overthrew them. Packers have taken advantage.

Comment From Jacob

Perfect passer rating. I thought he was broken...

I'm sure he'd be the first to say he should have hit Davante on that last one. Would have really capped off that half.

Comment From Matt 

I really hope Rawls doesn't start wearing down our D

Score some more and you take him out of the game.

Comment From Justin 

Can't Chicago ever do anything right?

That was close, wasn't it? Leave it to a Triplette crew to decide a game. Barkley's last pass was pretty good. Bellamy should have had it.

Comment From Alex 

What do you think the Packers need to do to avoid getting to passive in the Second Half?

Just keep mixing it up, keep Rodgers in rhythm.

Comment From KD 

How about that cheap shot by Sherman on Adams??

Did anybody expect anything different?

Comment From TR 

Russell Wilson is off! Good D or just a bad day so far?

Hit and miss in the secondary. The two picks were both excellent plays, but Wilson has plays out there to be made. He didn't make enough in the first half, but he's in the locker room knowing they're out there.

Comment From Aaron Rodgers 

Can you tell McCarthy to keep the foot on the gas and to keep attacking Shead in the second half?

I expect Shead to get some help, and the matchups will be elsewhere.

Comment From Kevin 

We have the team to run the table. It's looking like it. Rollins and Randall healthy helps a ton. No coincidence we started winning with those guys healthy.

I agree. Asking a No. 4 corner to be a No. 1 for multiple weeks was not ideal.

Comment From Josh 

Our O-line is showing upstronger than I've seen anyone play against the Seahawks. Does Aaron Rodgers injury give them more fire or is there a scheme component? I ask because everytime Aaron is inured the O-line seems to become impregnable

The guys up front are doing a great job, as they have much of the season. I've been saying it for a while. The O-line has been this team's strongest position group all year.

Comment From SamBo Billy Bob Hicks

How's the filed condition?

It's in perfect shape. All the snow was done before kickoff. This is nothing like last week's conditions. Here comes the kickoff. Gotta go.

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