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Packers will do what they've done a 'million' times

My wish for you is that you will achieve perspective


Harold from Chippewa Falls, WI

Vic, are you allowed to recline that seat on the plane?

Nobody reclines a seat on me. No way, baby. My laptop is on the tray table in the full and upright position. If the seat so much as moves a fraction of an inch, I go Dick Butkus on the person in front of me. "Hey, you're gonna break my laptop. I got a job to do, huh? Plus, you nearly knocked over my fruit cup." It's a tough game for tough media.

Josh from Colorado Springs, CO

What has Vic taught me? I went to a high school football game this last week. Two kids got into a fight on the field. It was to the point that both teams had to pull these players apart. Everyone wanted to persecute the kid that started the fight. "Kick him off the team," they said. Vic taught me how important football is to young men. I now believe that kid probably needs football more than any of the other kids on that team.

Yeah, and these things happen. So, how good of a player was the kid that started the fight? Nice size?

Darrin from Plymouth, MN

What kind of watch are you wearing for travel?

The kind my friend gave me because he didn't want it anymore. It's a good quality item. I just put a battery in it.

Dustin from Riverside, CA

Vic, did you ever attend any NFL or college games before you got into the media?

I attended several of each. My first pro game was at Forbes Field between the Giants and Steelers. Dick "Little Mo" Modzelewski is from my hometown. He played in the game and my dad and I went to the game to see "Little Mo" play. Charlie Conerly, Frank Gifford, Kyle Rote, Sam Huff and the gang played for the Giants. Lombardi and Landry would've been the Giants' coordinators. My first college game was at Pitt Stadium between Michigan State and Pitt. George Saimes was Michigan State's star; Mike Ditka was Pitt's. The game ended in a tie.

Dan from Rothschild, WI

Vic, I miss the games starting on Labor Day weekend.

It was wildly unpopular among season ticket holders, for the obvious reason that it interfered with holiday plans. Labor Day is a time to say goodbye to summer. Today, we say hello to fall.

Ryan from Highland, IN

Vic, you mentioned Aqua Velva. My wife is severely allergic to many artificial fragrances. They cause her to have very serious immune reactions and she has to wear a mask whenever we go out in public. I just wanted people to know this exists.

I guess your wife would agree there's something about an Aqua Velva man.

Nolan from La Crosse, WI

Vic, being that you're an edge guy, you had to love Bruce Irvin's comments about praying for Corey Linsley. How do you think his playing days at Ohio State prepared him for this game?

I have no doubt Coach Meyer prepared Linsley for this moment. Youngstown guys don't need prayers.

Tom from Riverside, CA

Packers 34, Seahawks 17.

That's bold.

Robert from Albany, NY

Vic, what is your Super Bowl? What great thing could happen in your career that would make you say, "That's it, I have done it all, time to pack up the typewriter"?

Robert, do you understand I cover these games so I can buy food?

Chuck from Charlottesville, VA

I sure hope Daniels and his friends back up their big talk; it's making me nervous. Your thoughts?

The talk stops tonight.

Chad from Madison, WI

Vic, Seattle shut down Peyton Manning and the high-powered Denver offense in the Super Bowl. What can/will the Packers do differently to be successful on offense tonight?

They can start by not snapping the ball over the quarterback's head on the first play of the game. The Packers aren't going to do much on offense we haven't seen a "million" times. They're going to run the stretch play with Eddie Lacy, throw the ball to Randall Cobb in places where he can run after the catch, and hit Jordy Nelson along the boundary. We've seen all of that and we're going to see a lot of it again tonight, with Aaron Rodgers running what might be the most efficient no-huddle offense in the league this year. Richard Rodgers is the wild card. He's the new guy, the weapon we haven't seen used a "million" times. I'm thinking he might be a big factor in tonight's game.

Andrew from Youngsville, NC

Vic, you mentioned Mark Harmon. After a quick search I found Mark Harmon played QB for two years at UCLA. I feel like my worlds are colliding! That being said, do you watch NCIS? Any memories from Harmon in college?

I saw him play at Pitt Stadium. He was a decent college quarterback. I remember him as a sprint-offense type of quarterback. It was a popular offense when he played. It favored one side of the field, which forced the defense to commit to that side, and that created some counter vulnerability. The sprint draw is one of my all-time favorite plays. Most of all, the sprint offense favored quarterbacks that didn't have the arm strength to throw across the field.

Mark from Lake Mills, WI

Vic, ketchup, mustard or both on a stadium hotdog?

I saw Mike Spofford putting ketchup on a brat in the press box a few weeks ago. Alarmed, I said, "Mike, you're putting ketchup on your brat." He didn't say anything; he just looked at me. "What are you doing?" I said. The thing looked like it was bleeding. Again, he said nothing, so I let it go. That's where I draw the line on the cultural exchange. If it's long and it fits in a bun, it gets mustard.

Will from Nags Head, NC

As a recovering alcoholic, football season is the toughest time of the year for me. I loved to watch my Packers and Badgers while drinking a beer. Now, when game time rolls around, I'm extra on edge without a beverage in hand. Any suggestions for non-alcoholic drinks?

I don't think you should watch this game, Will.

Travis from Minneapolis, MN

"A statistical comparison of Rodgers and Wilson will no doubt be critical in analyzing Thursday's result." I couldn't stop laughing! I love the humor. Just win, baby!

It wasn't intended to be funny.

Pete from Richmond, VA

Vic, I not only can confirm the no holding penalties, but if you check "Stat of Week 1" in MMQB, you will see the first-string had no penalties called on them at all.

You're right. Peter King confirms that none of the Seahawks' starting defensive backs were penalized in the preseason. I predict that'll change tonight.

Peter from Cairo, Egypt

Which will be the more important battle to win, time of possession or passer rating?

I think the Seahawks will win time of possession and the Packers will win the passer rating. I don't think it's a matter of which is more important to win, I think it's a matter of the degree of victory in those two statistical categories that would be telling. If the Seahawks dominate time of possession, that'll mean they're running the ball with ease and that'll feed their play-action game and that's a deadly combination. Plus, a decided advantage in time of possession could mean the Packers' no-huddle wasn't effective. As for passer rating, if Aaron Rodgers scores a decided win over Russell Wilson, that'll likely mean the Packers defense also played well, and that's a tough combination to beat.

Mike from Algoma, WI

What have I learned from "Ask Vic?" Don't get so worked up and enjoy the season. Last December was one of the more enjoyable months of football I've watched, in part because of your advice. Thank you.

It's all ahead of us. Tonight's game is just one game, the first game, and though I am absolutely sure the reaction to tonight's outcome will be over the top, in either victory or defeat, the bottom line is by the time we turn into December, this game will be but a distant memory. I understand everybody is on edge about this game, and that's a good thing because it lets us know we're alive and football is back, but you'll do yourself a big favor if you find a way to achieve perspective. That is my fondest wish for Packers fans. I like it when you're happy. I'll have some final words for you this afternoon in "Ask Vic Extra!" and then it'll be time to put the ball on the tee. That's when the you know what stops.

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