Packers will study the film on Browns WR Josh Gordon

Cleveland playmaker was focal point in his return to action last week


GREEN BAY -- Head Coach Mike McCarthy emphasized the Browns have a high volume of scheme the Packers will have to prepare for this week, with Cleveland very much a week-to-week, game-plan type of team.

The Browns also have a key new player they've thrown into the mix in WR Josh Gordon.

Coming off a multi-year absence due to off-field suspensions, Gordon played his first NFL game since 2014 last Sunday and had 11 passes thrown his way. He caught four for 85 yards. Cleveland QB DeShone Kizer clearly will be focused on getting Gordon, a former 1,500-yard receiver, the ball.

"You trust the video from last week," McCarthy said of preparing for a new focal point like Gordon. "You stay in tune with their concepts. They do a lot, and it's important for us to not try to get carried away and just totally focus on everything they're doing. At the end of the day, we have to make sure we have clean calls and be ready for the adjustments needed, like any game."

Cleveland's scheme volume, combined with corrections the Packers want to go over from the Tampa Bay game, has prompted McCarthy to hold Wednesday's practice inside the Don Hutson Center, for more teaching time and walk-through segments. The goal will be to practice outside on Thursday and Saturday, as the Cleveland forecast for 30-degree temps and some wind indicates the Packers could be in for their first real "winter football" game of the season.

Defensively, McCarthy said the Browns under coordinator Gregg Williams bring a lot of pressure in certain situations on top of having a stout run defense, which is best in the league in yards per carry, allowing opponents just a 3.3-yard average.

It will help the Packers that they should be lining up with the same offensive line for the third straight week for the first time this year. While knocking on the wooden podium in front of him, McCarthy said the continuity the line is starting to develop with new right tackle Jason Spriggs will benefit the offense.

"We have to keep it going," McCarthy said, fully aware of all the injuries the Packers have sorted through up front in 2017. "It gives you more clarity in your game-planning and what you want to do as far as protection.

"To have Jason in there, I thought he's been consistent. Tampa Bay was his best game. We took a big step towards having some continuity on the offensive line." will have more following practice and locker room interviews.

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