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Pettine: Wentz is 'a tough tackle'

Key comments from the Packers' coordinators

Eagles QB Carson Wentz
Eagles QB Carson Wentz

GREEN BAY -- The Packers' three coordinators met with the media on Wednesday in advance of the Week 4 matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here's a summary of their key comments.

Special teams coordinator Shawn Mennenga

On the breakdown that allowed the Broncos a 60-yard return:

It was a well-designed play, one they hadn't shown. We prepared our guys for some different returns. It was well-blocked number one, and we missed a couple tackles number two. We have to get that fixed. We've looked at it and talked about it. I have to do a better job preparing them.

On Crosby's missed FG:

He just missed it. He felt good about the way he hit it, but it just leaked a little on him. The operation has been good on everything, the operation was good there, it just leaked to the right on him.

On attacking the Eagles on kickoff return after they allowed a long one last week:

It depends on how deep it is in the end zone and the hang time. It was one that got kicked over to the side a little bit and they decided to bring it back. It was right at the goal line, and if it was like that for us, we'd probably decide to bring it out.

On the punt Shepherd let drop and roll:

We've talked to him about that. The punter showed to the left, and then they go ahead and rugby and drop and bring it back across their body. He didn't get a good jump on it. We want to take a more direct angle to it. Usually you're going to lose another 15 to 18 yards in field position when that happens. It died on him a little faster than he thought it was going to.

On the FG block by the Eagles:

It was basically a normal block. There was a breakdown in technique from the Lions. There was a pretty good-sized gap between the wing and the end there. Their guy did a great job getting a jump. It was a standard type of block.

Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett

On preparing on a short week:

Every day is a little bit unique in this situation. You just jam everything in at once, and you ty to combine as many things as you possibly can. We just try to make fast decisions and smart decisions in a short period of time and get the guys ready. You want to protect their body, and you want their mind to be right.

On the wheel route to Vitale:

We like to think out of the box at times. I think with that one, it was one of those things we saw something we could potentially attack. When you have a fullback who can run like Danny, you want to take advantage of that at times. We knew we would have a tight end on a defensive end, so we wanted to make sure we gave him a little extra help, so we brought Lazard in there to sneak Vitale out of the backfield. We just wish he would have scored.

On getting the ball to Adams more and doing more on offense:

For us, we want to get everybody more touches. 57 plays, six of them were four-minute, three were at the end of the half, five penalties, and we had six third-and-longs. It's just an up and down deal right now. We always want to try to get Davante the ball … but to do that, we have to have more plays.

Not turning the ball over, scoring in the red zone, that's huge. Finishing out in four-minute, this game is all about situations. With the production of the offense, it's just let's not shoot ourselves in the foot.

Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine

On the short week:

These days are all kind of merged together. Yesterday was a Wednesday and a Thursday. It's a lot more mental reps. Today we needed to get out there and do something physically. You can't just walk through all week and then expect to flip the switch on.

On halftime adjustments:

I wouldn't say there have been a ton of adjustments. Something we've had to tweak. When something happens on a series we need to fix, we'll do it right after the series is over. At halftime we'll get together as a staff to see where we are from a health standpoint and what's been working and what hasn't. There's nothing magical about our halftime. We have a mature group that understands, hey, they did this to us in the first half, and they'll make adjustments personally.

On Philadelphia TE Zach Ertz:

He's a pretty complete tight end. He'll block. He's not the fastest guy, but all he does is get open and catch the ball. He's got a great relationship with the quarterback. You can tell they're really in sync and the quarterback trusts he's going to be where he's supposed to be and can get the ball there ahead of time. He's as big a challenge at tight end as we've had this year.

On Alexander taking No. 1 WRs and taking risks:

He's a guy that will accept any challenge we give him. He's confident in his ability and there will be times he takes some chances. He trusts how he prepares. He's going to be right a heck of a lot more times than he's wrong.

On improving from here:

We've talked in the room about it. We have to get a handle on the explosive plays, not just the runs but the passes. All the praise we've received, our guys know we're not anywhere near where we can be. The film doesn't lie. We're not going to be where we should be until we get a handle on the explosives.

On the high snaps counts for the Smiths and Clark:

In looking at the numbers, it's something we're definitely aware of. It is a long year. Part of it too is the guys behind them, getting them up to speed. You have to develop a trust factor with the guys behind them. We'd like to get those reps down, but sometimes you get in those games in big situations and they don't want to come out. We have to be more forceful to get them out. They're competitive. It's what you want.

On Wentz:

A big part of what he does is his ability to extend the play. He's a tough tackle. I was in Baltimore all those years and we had the same issues with Roethlisberger. Guys were bouncing off of him. He just has a knack for it, whether he ducks or spins out. He just has a really good feel for the rush. He has the added gift of the ability when it does collapse around him, you can never assume the play is over. Against Atlanta his knee was an inch off the ground and he threw a strike for a first down. A big part is just the ability to get him on the ground.

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