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Pieces in place to win a Super Bowl

Focus on Jax; Week 2 will happen naturally


Jack from Stout, WI

Vic, Andrew Luck had the worst year of his short career and got a blockbuster of a contract. What do you think?

I think he's the best young quarterback in the game.

Thomas from Park Falls, WI

Vic, it's going to be strange not being the division champs. Maybe it gives Coach McCarthy extra incentive to push his players. You have to admit, the Vikings have a pretty young and scary roster and have been drafting very well the past few years, but don't you believe a healthy Green Bay team wins this division?

I have no preconceived notions. I eagerly await the results.

Steve from Austin, TX

Vic, you've covered a number of great coaches in your career. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have to constantly answer questions about a head coach you don't agree with?

I faced that in Jacksonville covering Tom Coughlin, because I disagree with his philosophy "the draft is all about needs."

Chris from Barron, WI

So, Vic, is it hotter in Jacksonville or in the sintering plant?

Jacksonville makes the sintering plant feel like an air-conditioned room. My youngest son and his wife visited me in Edisto last week. The heat index topped a hundred each day and Saturday was boiling. That's when he cracked. "How can you live down here?" he said. I felt fine.

Craig from Brookfield, WI

Vic, I'm troubled by the stolen bike story. Exactly how was this guy thinking he'd carry a pizza on his bike? I question the truth of this tale.

That's an interesting reaction: doubt.

Andrew from Singapore

I went on the Lambeau Field stadium tour yesterday. I was hoping to see your office. The tour guide did point out where you sit in the press box. He said your office is not included in the tour. Why isn't your office on the tour?

The press box is my forever and ever office.

Jeff from Miami, FL

The training camp roster is huge. How do the coaches do the talent evaluations which allow them to trim the roster? Is it more from practices or preseason games?

Practices are evidence. Preseason games are testimony.

Greg from Kronenwetter, WI

What was the best and worst franchise relocation?

The best is probably the worst. The Browns leaving Cleveland was egregious, but Baltimore deserved a franchise and the Ravens quickly became one of the star franchises in the league. The moves by the Rams and Raiders don't sit right with me. I don't like the idea of moving away and then moving back. It's like running away from home.

Col from Ludlow, UK

It felt as though Brexit for most of us came down to a coin toss where the coin actually failed to flip. The slim majority were probably tipped over the edge long ago when they were told they wouldn't be allowed to buy a bendy banana anymore.

I favored expansion in London until now. Football is too tough a game for a country that makes decisions based on the bend in its bananas.

Vern from Manvel, ND

Will John Crockett have an impact in the backfield this year?

That's the plan.

Don from McFarland, WI

Vic, you responded to 17 questions yesterday. Four came from Minnesota and three from Wisconsin. Do you keep track of where the questions come from?

I'm not aware of the author's name or hometown until after I select the question and begin editing it for publication.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, football analyst and former quarterback Mark Brunell has said the Vikings have the pieces in place to win a Super Bowl. Do you agree?

I agree. I also believe the Packers have the pieces in place to win a Super Bowl. This is going to be a wonderfully entertaining season. I haven't covered a Packers season that wasn't wonderfully entertaining.

Datone Jones![](/team/roster/datone-jones/60e4b70d-1868-4763-ad8a-8b57412cde1f/ "Datone Jones") ready for next phase of transition

Jeff from Marinette, WI

Vic, after reading your column I went online and viewed the architectural renderings of the new Vikings stadium. In every rendering they appear to be playing the Packers. That Week 2 matchup will not be for the faint of heart.

All of the focus needs to be directed to the opener in Jacksonville. We won't have any difficulty shifting our focus to the Vikings.

James from LaPorte, CO

It's June 29. What can you remember of Joe Delaney?

He died trying to save others. He was a sensational football player and an even better person. Today is a good day to remember him and examine the merits of those we've selected to be our heroes.

Byron from York, PA

Your answer yesterday regarding Larry Fitzgerald finishing second in the 2003 Heisman voting led me on a path to the name Jason White. What can you tell us about him?

He was undrafted.

Brian from Bemidji, MN

Someone stole the bike while he was lying there unconscious? That's all the perspective I need!

That's an interesting reaction: presupposed anger. It's almost as though you enjoy it. What if the bike wasn't stolen? What if a well-meaning person found the bike and took it home for safe-keeping until he or she is able to find the bike's owner?

Rod from Ephrata, PA

How about finish for the five-letter word?

That's a good one.

Greg from Perkasie, PA

Vic, what would you like to see the Packers run on their first offensive play of the season?

I'd like to see the Packers run their stretch play to the right. I think it's Eddie Lacy's signature play. Then I'd like to see the Packers use all of their backs in a rotation that allows them to pound the ball, dominate time of possession and keep their defense on the sideline as much as possible on what will likely be a hot and humid day.

Sherman from Blue Lake, CA

You told Jenny football will never leave you, but what do you tell Colts or Rams fans that saw their teams either move on or play yo-yo?

Those Colts fans are now Ravens fans. I would tell those Rams fans in St. Louis to become Packers fans. The Packers will never leave you.

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