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Play to the strength of the defense

Run of injuries at WR too much to overcome


Russ from Billings, MT

Vic, I don't know why, but I like the matchup with the Redskins and could actually see a rematch with Seattle on the 24th. Your thoughts/predictions?

That would require the Packers and Seahawks to win on the road at the top two seeds in the NFC. Can it happen? Yes. Let's just focus on Washington. This is my favorite time of the year. I want to savor every minute of it and hope it lasts one more week every week.

Jonas from Fort Collins, CO

Playing for the division and the best fans in the league boo their team on prime-time national television? Maybe the road is the best place for this team to get hot.

I think those were Vikings fans that were booing the Packers. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I am one of the great glass-half-empty people in the history of the world, and even I'm burning out on all the negativity.

Eric from Oshkosh, WI

Mike McCarthy is always talking about balance. In the first half, they had 29 offensive plays: 14 passes, 15 runs. Great balance got them three points. They maintained that balance to a 20-3 deficit, then began throwing the ball in order to get back in it. This has been a pattern all season. Why do they seem to think balance is more important than scoring points? I don't get it.

Achieve imbalance? Whatever it takes, I guess, but here's why I don't favor what you're suggesting: The best part of game planning is creating a strategy that plays to the strength of your team. Right now, the defense is the strength of the Packers. It's up to No. 15 overall, No. 6 against the pass. I favor a conservative, field-position game plan. Instead of attacking on offense, I would run the ball, punt, play defense and wait for the opponent to make the big mistake. I'd like to see expectations for the offense lessen. I think the offense is bearing an undue amount of pressure. Put that burden on the defense. I think it can handle it. Of course, I'm a defensive guy.

Jeff from San Jose, CA

How long has it been since we lost all division home games, and won all of the away ones?

This is the first time in Packers history it's happened. The last time the team lost all of its home division games was 1968. This has been a strange season, as evidenced by the Hail Mary in Detroit. If during training camp you had told me the Packers offense would finish the year No. 23 overall, tied for No. 25 in passing and would be No. 31 in net yards per pass play, I would've asked you how many games Aaron Rodgers would miss. He's missed none. The numbers are inexplicable, but there's a reason for them, and it's not play-calling or the scheme or a failure to be aggressive. The Packers went for it on fourth-and-1 from their 41 in their first series of the game. Not aggressive? How about fourth-and-five from the Vikings 40 with :52 to play in the first half? I think we need to stand back and take a harder look at the real issues.

Maury from Minnetonka, MN

July 30, 2015, Vic says, "There are no weaknesses and only depth concerns." Was that a swing and a miss or do we chalk it up to Jordy's loss?

I think it was an accurate statement. The Packers realized their depth concerns. They reached their saturation point. It happens to all teams that get an injury run at a position.

Paul-Andrew from Hillsboro, WI

Do you think the Green Bay Packers can pull their offense together and figure out how to move the ball consistently down the field?

Consistently? No. Often enough to marry it to a hot defense and win games? Yes. This is not as simple as figuring it out. More than figuring is required.

Jorge from Guadalajara, Mexico

Vic, call me crazy but I prefer playing Washington than another game vs. the Vikings. I believe the experience factor will play in favor of the Packers, even with all the offensive issues.

I agree with you but I regret the game won't be played here. It's important to host postseason games.

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