Players Participate In NFL And United Way "Hometown Huddle"


Instead of lounging around the house and resting their bones on a day off, members of the Green Bay Packers lent a helping hand through the NFL and United Way Charities on Tuesday.

Fullback Brandon Miree, Linebacker Abdul Hodge, Quarterback Ingle Martin and several others were present at the NEW Community Shelter in Green Bay to help build two new bike sheds for the center as well as serve food to those at the shelter.

Players were happy that they were able to make a contribution to their surrounding community.

"We wanted to come out here and give back," said Hodge. "The community gives so much to us and we feel like we have an opportunity to help those that are less fortunate."

Besides serving food and lifting spirits, players felt the bike shed they helped build would go a long way to those at the shelter.

"Bikes are a big mode of transportation for homeless people in this area and getting a new shed is very big for them," said Miree.

Miree also said that just being at the shelter was a great reminder to the needs of the community.

"You definitely realize that it's more out there. There are people that are going hungry and having troubles and if you can lend a hand and be a blessing to somebody in any way, you're all for it," he said.

Martin said that because Packers fans give so much support to the team on Sundays, players feel they have an obligation to reach out to the community.

"The fans are what drive the game on Sundays and being able to give back to the community goes a long way to those who support you," said Martin. "Anytime things like this are happening it's critical that members of the Packers show up and give back what we can."

Terri Refsguard, Executive Director for the NEW Community Shelter described Tuesday as a day of anticipation for the residents.

"It was the talk of the shelter leading up to the players' arrival," said Refsguard. "All of our residents got to see that the Packers players were real people and couldn't believe how nice they were."

Refsguard also pointed out that Packers players did much more than build a bike shed.

"Not only did we have a new bike center built for our residents but it created awareness for our center and its needs," she said.

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