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Playing Third String: Q & A With Ingle Martin

Packers third-string quarterback Ingle Martin is in his rookie season, a fifth-round draft choice from tiny Furman College. A native of Nashville, Tenn., Martin carries his sense of humor wherever he goes, including in this Q & A with He talks about the job of a No. 3 QB, working with Brett Favre, and his plans for the bye weekend.


(Describe the job of the third quarterback on an NFL team.)

Well, on our team, the third quarterback is probably the most important position out there. Obviously Brett Favre does OK sometimes, and Aaron, he's a first-round pick. But myself coming in here, I really feel like I have to get the guys going. My way of writing down the plays on the clipboard really motivates the rest of the team to really try to go out there and win the game. Obviously I have to do a little better job, we're 1-4 right now, so hopefully these next couple games I can start writing down a little better, maybe a little clearer.

(In all seriousness, what is it the coaches ask the third quarterback to do in practice on a daily basis?)

It's just something I have to go out there and be mentally prepared every day because I'm not getting any reps. Go out and watch what Brett does, watch the reads, watch the checks, and I'm the emergency guy so I have to be ready without having any reps. As far as the defensive coaches go, they expect me to give them a good look on the scout team, and I think Aaron and I have done a pretty good job with that this year so far.

(Heard a rumor about you punting in practice with Jon Ryan not here.)

Jon isn't here this week, so Coach Stock came and asked me to punt a few. It's fun for me and it's something I enjoy doing. I hit a few good ones, there were a few that hit ol' (PR intern) Rob over there on the sidelines. But I hadn't practiced a whole lot, it's just something fun, and Coach Stock hopefully will come to me again.

(Describe what your job is like on gameday? Is it more than just carrying a clipboard as they say?)

There's really lots of parts to my job and it's hard to zero in on what the most important part is. Obviously, coming in and showing up is very important, because without the third-string quarterback, the whole team might kind of melt down. Again, I'm the glue that holds it together. But, no, seriously, I just come in, go out there and warm up with Brett, make sure the receivers get enough balls before the game. Come in, grab my clipboard, but other than that, stay in the game and just be ready, just in case that emergency does happen.

(How much do you talk to Brett on a daily basis?)

He's one of the funniest guys I've ever been around. For him to be in his 16th year and still have that sense of humor and still be what seems like the same guy he's been forever is remarkable just because of the success he's had. A lot of the world wants to stereotype people who have had success and paint them into a corner saying they're going to be jerks or whatever, but he's the furthest thing from that. At practice, he comes off and likes to slap you in the butt every once in a while when you're not looking, try to leave a hand print. He's the life of the team, and that's why I think everyone rallies around him and has done it for so long. He's one of a kind for sure.

(Has he given you any good advice as far as being a young guy coming into the league?)

Yeah. Sometimes you get out there and you start thinking a little bit too much, and he just says 'Throw the ball, throw the ball. Don't worry about thinking, don't worry about this or that. Just get it to them.' It really simplifies it, because you're thinking, gosh, the coaches are watching this and that. So you just go out there, be yourself, and throw the football.

(How is life in the NFL so far? Is it what you expected? Any big surprises?)

It's been about the same. It's been a very fun couple months since, May I guess, I've been up here and enjoyed it, being around all the guys and being in a great place like Green Bay where the tradition is so alive, really. Walking into Lambeau it's an historic place and there's so much out there, walking out of the tunnel on Sundays. It's just been a great place to be.

(What are your most memorable moments of your rookie season so far, both on and off the field?)

My most memorable moments? Probably that first game out in San Diego, getting in there and completing my first pass. And just being a part of something special. The Packers in and of themselves are a name that stands out above every other team in the NFL, I feel like. You go anywhere and you look at Brett Favre, his jersey is selling out more than anywhere throughout the whole world, and of course that jersey is a Packers jersey. So there's so much that goes along with being a Packer.

(What are your plans for the time off during the bye weekend?)

Not a whole lot. I'm going to hang out with my wife, and we're going to maybe go down to Chicago for a day. But mostly be up here in Green Bay. Daryn Colledge and I might go out and play golf, but just relaxing and getting ready for Miami.

(What else do you like to do when you have some down time?)

I enjoy deer hunting, and bow season is in right now. I've gone out twice now and haven't really seen anything worth shooting, but hopefully I'll be able to get something before the end of the year. Once it warms up, I'll go out and play golf or fish or something.

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