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Presenting the All-Vic Team

Who's going to be this year's half-line star?


Douglas from Louisville, KY

If Rodgers wins another Super Bowl, is it possible he could be considered the greatest quarterback to play the game?

Aaron Rodgers recently said he would have to win a "few more" Super Bowls before he can be considered for the title of greatest quarterback ever. I think he needs to win at least one more Super Bowl. Three quarterbacks whose names would immediately be mentioned in the discussion are Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana and Tom Brady. They've all won multiple titles. Peyton Manning hasn't and that's one of the reasons I wouldn't consider him for the distinction of greatest ever, despite his dominant body of work. All great quarterbacks have a strong body of work. The number of titles they've won separate them, and I think a quarterback has to win at least two titles to join the discussion.

Del from Sterling, IL

An outright prediction isn't happening, but I think it's safe to say this team has all the pieces necessary, and has just as good a chance as any team to win this year. Fair?

I think the Packers' chances are better than most teams' chances. I would put the Packers in the category of elite contender.

Elgin from Chicago, IL

How do you think the fans will respond when Brett comes home to Green Bay?

I think there will be a thunderous ovation in the Atrium and in the bowl when Brett Favre comes to the podium on July 18.

Jeremy from Appleton, WI

Could you please provide us with some of the most recognized pictures in Packers history?

The two that jump out at me are of Chuck Mercein raising his arms as Bart Starr scores the winning touchdown in the "Ice Bowl," and of Jerry Kramer and Fuzzy Thurston leading Jim Taylor around end on the "Packer Sweep".

Nick from Prairie du Chien, WI

Vic, what exactly is it that brings a team from terrible to great? It happens almost every year with one team and it dumbfounds me.

It's usually the result of dramatically improved play at the quarterback position.

Ben from Eau Claire, WI

Can you give us an All-Vic Team, taking players from all eras?

WR – Jerry Rice and Don Hutson; TE – Mike Ditka; T – Anthony Munoz and Forrest Gregg; G – John Hannah and Gene Hickerson; C – Mike Webster; QB – Johnny Unitas; RB – Jim Brown and Earl Campbell. DE – Reggie White and Claude Humphrey; DT – Joe Greene and Bob Lilly; MLB – Dick Butkus; OLB – Lawrence Taylor and Dave Robinson; CB – Mel Blount and Darrelle Revis; S – Larry Wilson and Ronnie Lott.

Sergio from Winnipeg, MB

Vic, what was the best bad team you ever covered?

I'm going to pick the 2002 Jaguars. The roster had to be gutted as a result of the worst salary cap mess in history. In training camp, I asked Tom Coughlin if his inaugural-season Jaguars team had a better roster, and Coughlin said it did. The '02 Jaguars finished 6-10 and lost five games by three or fewer points. It lost consecutive games by a total of three points, and didn't commit a penalty in either of those games. One of those losses was the result of a Hail Mary catch on the final play of the game. A photo in the newspaper the next day showed the ball hitting the ground. It was arguably the best coaching job I've ever covered, and it got Coughlin fired.

Mark from New London, WI

Who had the best post-football TV/film career, Fred Dryer, Dick Butkus, Merlin Olsen or someone else?

Olsen or Alex Karras. How about Mike Henry as Tarzan?

Mike from Somerset, WI

Vic, of the current players on the Packers, who do you most enjoy in the half-line drill?

Jamari Lattimore had the kind of edge that makes for an entertaining half-line guy. I think Sam Barrington's going to be that guy this summer.

Peter from Carrollton, GA

I get exasperated by reporters' questions, which generally sound like this: How did it feel to cross the goal line? How important is it to have your All-Pro left tackle back in the lineup? How significant was the field goal at the end of the third quarter? Vic, what is your technique for framing interview questions?

Coach, would you give us your thoughts on having your All-Pro left tackle back in the lineup? How did the field goal at the end of the third quarter impact strategy in the fourth quarter? I can't remember ever hearing a reporter ask a player how it felt to cross the goal line.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, what do you enjoy most about "Ask Vic Day"?

I like connecting people to their hometowns. I like geography.

Chris from Houston, TX

With backup quarterbacks Scott Tolzien and Matt Blanchard, what was the reason for drafting Brett Hundley?

He was the highest-rated player on their board, and they were interested in acquiring a developmental quarterback.

Ray from Los Angeles, CA

There have been many winning coaches. How has Lombardi been able to remain such an icon considering how far removed we are from that era of football?

It's a result of his dominant personality. It's bigger than the titles he won. I think all of us are intrigued by his toughness. Facially, I think he's a powerful study. Lombardi possessed magnetism that transcends the ages.

Joe from Clio, MI

The game's popularity will not suffer as long as you can still pass the ball and score touchdowns. It's what kids growing up want to do most. Just like the way the NHL has all but legislated fighting out of hockey, causing angst among the longtime fans, the NFL will survive without the element of danger. When you watch these games, danger doesn't enter my mind. Scoring and defending do.

That's the hope.

Jon from Sun Prairie, WI

Vic, when I play Madden against my buddies, I run the ball, slow the game down to a chew-the-clock pace, concentrate on defense and play for field position. They become furious. They are used to the high scoring, run-and-gun style of the game. But guess who wins the game. I thought you might appreciate my style.

Does Madden allow you to win the battle of the hitting?

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