Quick Hits From Indy: Day 1


There were 83 guys scheduled to report yesterday and all 83 came. Their first official function was a Welcome Dinner at 6 p.m. Jeff Foster, the president of National Combine Inc, Charley Casserly (Houston Texans), Eddie White (Reebok) and Steve Alic (NFL) were all there. Casserly gave a speech that was as good as any I've ever heard as to why a draft hopeful should work out at the Scouting Combine, including how much it means money-wise. Anyone who listened to the speech had to take a lot away from it.

Today, rise and shine was at 6 a.m. when the players lined up for the drug test. When that was completed, they came over to the RCA Dome to get their measurements for height, weight, hands and arm length, Then they were off for their physicals.

Here are some of the superlatives from that group:


Tallest: Dennis Roland, Georgia, 6-foot-9 5/8

Heaviest: Charles Spencer, Pittsburgh, 352 pounds

Longest arms: Rashad Butler, Miami, 36 inches; Terrence Pennington, New Mexico, 36 inches

Biggest hands: Kevin Boothe, Cornell, 11 1/8 inches


Tallest: Dan Stevenson, Notre Dame, 6-foot-5 1/8

Heaviest: Max Jean-Gilles, Georgia, 355 pounds

Longest arms: Davin Joseph, Oklahoma, 35 1/8 inches

Biggest hands: Davin Joseph, Oklahoma, 11 1/4 inches


Tallest: Ryan Cook, New Mexico, 6-foot-6 5/8

Heaviest: Ryan Cook, New Mexico, 328 pounds

Longest arms: Mike Degory, Florida, 34 inches

Biggest hands: Nick Mangold, Ohio State, 10 3/8 inches

Running backs (first group)

Tallest: Gilbert Harris, Arizona, 6-foot-1 5/8

Shortest: Maurice Drew, UCLA, 5-foot-6 3/4

Heaviest: Gilbert Harris, Arizona, 235 pounds

Lightest: Reggie Bush, USC, 201 pounds; Brian Calhoun, Wisconsin, 201 pounds; Jerome Harrison, Washington St., 201 pounds

At the media room, there are over 300 people registered, including 20 television stations and 300 print media. Sirius Radio Network has their setup as well.

The first two guys to enter the interview room were Danny Baugher of Arizona, who led the nation in punting until he got hurt last season, and punter John Torp of Colorado. Marv Levy (Bills) was the first general manager to speak to the media and Dick Jauron (Bills) was the first coach.

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