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Quit to cope? OK, but that's not the reality

Packers need big-play receiver to emerge


Jesse from Chippewa Falls, WI

Finally, some opportunities for Jared! Even in a loss, there are still some positives to take away. What other reasons for optimism can you give us?

We're one week closer to answers, but let's not confuse answers with solutions. In time, we'll know what the problem is or was, and how it was or should be addressed.

Chris from Sun Prairie, WI

Vic, you say running the ball fixes your problems. Why then did Rodgers throw 61 passes? I'm a little confused.

Once the Lions went up 12-3 early in the fourth quarter, it was all pass the rest of the way. Be that as it may, after the game Aaron Rodgers said the Lions loaded the box to stop the run and dared the Packers to pass the ball. That is the most disturbing news I've heard about this team in this three-game losing streak. What Rodgers was saying is the passing lanes were there for the taking. Instead of rush four and drop seven, it's now rush seven and drop four. How can this be happening? More importantly, why is it happening?

Craig from Weare, NH

The screen seems like our best play.

The screen works best against linebackers taking a deep drop or rushing up the field. I saw a lot of six-man rushes in the second half.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

Sunday was a delightful day for football in Green Bay. The game had all the drama a fan could ever ask for. Perfect, right?

If Mason Crosby had made his 52-yard field goal attempt, we'd still be asking the same questions, but we'd be asking them joyously. Just win, baby.

Amar from Ashburn, VA

You said he had time, so what's his deal? I didn't see the first half but 21 targets to Adams? Something is not right with the Packers and let's be honest, Rodgers/McCarthy are not giving us any answers. Maybe they won't because they don't know the answer.

They know what's wrong, but no coach or quarterback is going to betray his players or teammates for the sake of press conference transparency. I thought Aaron Rodgers had time to throw in the first half; not as much time in the second half, which was probably a product of the passing game's ineffectiveness. With each failed Packers series, the Lions became more aggressive. Targeting Davante Adams 21 times must not be ignored. The first three plays of the game were passes to him. Yesterday's game plan would seem to have been intended to make him the big-play receiver the Packers desperately need to emerge. Somebody has to be that guy, which is to say the receiver that causes defenses to tilt their coverage toward him. It creates a domino effect that opens the passing lanes for all receivers.

Bill from Altoona, PA

We need to keep this loss in perspective, Vic. My perspective is this team simply isn't tough enough or good enough to make a deep playoff run. So these ugly losses are bothering me less and less, even though I've lived and died with the Packers since 1957.

If that's the mindset you need to help you cope with defeat, then I support it, but it's manufactured surrender. The true perspective is the Packers are going to Minnesota this weekend to play for first place in the NFC North. With a win, the Packers will hold the tiebreaker and control their own destiny.

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