Scott Wells Training Camp Diary-Part II


With a week of training camp officially completed, the Green Bay Packers can now turn their focus to next Monday night's preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks.

For some players, the preseason isn't a big deal, but for others it may be their only shot to demonstrate that they belong in the NFL. Scott Wells happens to be one of those players trying to prove himself worthy of being a Green Bay Packer.

In last week's training camp diary, Wells talked about practicing with Brett Favre and learning from veterans like Mike Flanagan and Mike Wahle.

This week, Wells talks about his first Lambeau Field experience, the complexity of defenses and playing special teams.

Scott Wells: The first week of training camp went well overall. I need to eliminate some mental mistakes that I've made, but I think physically I am doing everything like I'm coached to do. Mentally, I need to get into the playbook and eliminate what I call dumb mistakes.

The time management aspect has gone well. I think that has been the biggest adjustment for me. Being able to put everything aside to focus on football all day has been a big adjustment, because coming in as a rookie you're not used to it. I think it has gone really well so far.

It was nice to be in Lambeau Field for the Family Night scrimmage on Saturday night. It was the first time I actually stepped on the field because I wanted to wait until we had a game situation out there so I could soak it in all at once. I enjoyed it and it was a very good crowd for a scrimmage game. It was very exciting to be a part of.

I would probably rate my performance a 'B', but I think I can get it up to an 'A' - that's what I'm working on.

The days are getting easier but at the same time they are throwing a lot more defenses at us, so it is getting a lot more complicated, too. Since the third day of camp they've been throwing some crazy defensive stunts at us, and I was still learning the base defenses.

Picking up the new defenses and the plays they are throwing at us can be a little tricky. However, the plays themselves are coming a little easier to me.

I am also excited about the opportunity to play on special teams. Some guys may not like it, but for me those practices aren't a drag. I see it as another opportunity to get out on the field. If I can contribute to special teams, that is 1/3 of the game right there. If they can count on me for that, it gives me another position I can play and a better chance to make the squad.

So far, I can't really pinpoint my favorite part of camp. Basically I'm just glad to be here. But as far as drills go, I like the 1-on-1 portion the best. That is an area that I seem to do pretty well in. It's a big test for personal fortitude as you get out there on an island and you just have to perform.

Lately, people have been talking about the incident that James Lee and I had during 1-on-1s last week, but it's not a big deal. It's something that happens because we go against each other every day. We had a little skirmish in mini-camp, too.

Emotions run high, both guys want to do exceptionally well and both want to impress the coaches. If one guy falls short of doing that, they get a little disappointed and wear their emotions on their sleeve. It happens. It's part of football. It's better to do it here than in a game. It's over with. We have no problems off the field. It was just that one instance and now it's over.

One thing you get sick of though, is staying in the dorm. The scenery doesn't change much because we are always in the same room, around the same guys.

This weekend was nice because my wife, Julie, and my son, Jackson, moved up here last Thursday. I had the chance to see them after Family Night. I'm definitely looking forward to getting out of the dorm and getting to see them more often. It's tough to do that right now because, even though we have some time today, I'm going to spend it here at the stadium to do a little extra studying.

I've been learning a lot from my coaches and I just want to keep that up. Coach Beightol is an excellent coach. He knows what he is talking about and he's coached some outstanding linemen throughout his career, not to mention the fantastic linemen here now. Just being around that group and being a part of the camaraderie has been great. To be able to learn from Coach Beightol and guys like Mike Flanagan, Mike Wahle, and Marco Rivera will definitely help me excel in my game.

What keeps me going is the simple fact that there is no job security here, especially when you're not a starter. Each day when I get up, that is an opportunity to do something to impress the coaches and to earn a little job security. I feel like being a seventh-round pick is just as good as a being a free agent. You're just as expendable.

I try to come in everyday with an attitude that I have to do something to catch the coaches' eye. I want to do something to make them say, 'Wow, we need this guy on our team.'

Each day is a new opportunity for me to do that and every morning I get up with that in mind no matter how sore I may feel.

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