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Seahawks on the Packers' heels for No. 1 seed

Those blowouts might have sent the wrong message


Derek from South Point, OH

Vic, how are you? I was curious what the ratio of victory joy is to defensive despair in your inbox today?

I'm sensing victory joy disguised by feigned anger at the second-half performance by the defense. Whatever it takes.

Gary from Davenport, IA

Vic, how much courage did it take for Coach McCarthy to send Mason Crosby out there for that 53-yard field goal?

Coach McCarthy gets it. Coach Ketchman doesn't. Coach Ketchman wanted to punt. Coach McCarthy understands that today's game is about offense, and fortune favors the bold. Coach Ketchman is a coward.

Deb from Bloomington, MN

Please ask Coach McCarthy to convey the following to the team: I love these guys a lot, but they need to remember there are four quarters in a game, and the other team intends to win, too.

You're right, Deb, and that's why I don't like blowouts. I think they send the wrong message.

Rick from San Marcos, TX

Vic, I think we have at least a partial answer to the worry of Packers fans: ESPN. As soon as the game was over, Ray Lewis questioned the Packers defense and mentioned that Seattle is licking its chops. Worry, worry, worry.

Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman.

Justin from St. Louis, MO

How about Davon House in coverage? That's my breakout player.

House is scheduled to become a free agent. I think he made some money last night. He didn't seem to have a problem with the scheme.

Micah from Murfreesboro, TN

It's December and the Packers have win No. 10. What do they have to do to get the No. 1 seed?

I think they'll win the No. 1 seed if they win their remaining three games. I also have a feeling Seattle will get the No. 1 seed if the Packers don't win all of their remaining three games. I hate Seattle in January.

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