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Shareholders meeting is Green Bay at its best

Is overexposure desensitizing us?


Jack from Madison, WI

I do agree that last year's team was better than 2010s, although, I think you are underselling how good Charles Woodson, Desmond Bishop and Nick Collins were that year. The defense was far better that year.

At the end of the season, last year's defense was playing at one of the highest levels in the league.

Jerry from Des Moines, IA

Vic, loved the no-socks look in the "Countdown to Favre" videos. Have you always gone no socks? Did it start in Jacksonville?

It started in the '60's. Where I lived, if you wore socks in the summer months, you were going to be the butt of a lot of jokes. I live for the few months of the year in Green Bay I can wear light clothing.

Lonny from Aberdeen, SD

How would newspaper reporter Vic feel about team website editor Vic wearing a shirt with the team's logo on it?

Newspaper reporter Vic didn't want to wear the shirt. Newspaper reporter Vic asked his bosses to be exempt from wearing the shirt. Newspaper reporter Vic's bosses told newspaper reporter Vic to wear the shirt. Newspaper reporter Vic is wearing the shirt.

Greg from Perkasie, PA

Vic, what is your favorite memory from the 2014 Packers' season? Mine is watching a one-legged Rodgers hobble up and down the field to win the division title.

That's probably it. I love drama, especially when it's real, and Aaron Rodgers was in real pain and he played through it as a champion would. I love that kind of stuff. He has some Bradshaw in him. The other lasting memory I have of last season is of the painful variety, but a memory is a memory and in one way or another they all make us rich. I'll never forget sitting in the postgame interview room in Seattle, writing and re-writing ledes to my bulletin story, wondering when will somebody make a play and clinch the win.

Richard from Campbell, MO

My first hero was Bart Starr. So how do you think he would do in today's game?

Today's game is better suited for his talents than the '60s game was; he'd be even better in it. Having said that, he wouldn't have the supporting cast around him today that he had in the '60's; the salary cap wouldn't allow it.

Dan from Milwaukee, WI

When scouting a player, at what point in their career would you start ignoring what they did in college?

Everything a prospect puts on tape is subject to review. What you ignore are his stats and how the scheme in which he played contributed to the stats. You scout a prospect solely on the talent he displays. If he has the skillset to play in the NFL, you pick him and then you teach him how to play your way.

Ben from Rosendale, WI

Vic, I have just recently begun reading your work and have really enjoyed it. My first Packers game was when I was about 10 years old. This was the early '90's. The Packers were playing the Rams and I believe they lost. Thinking back to that game the most vivid memory I have is when we were walking to our seats and the gates were pulled across right in front of us for the Rams players to cross to enter the field. I was in complete awe and disbelief. The clatter of cleats and the shear mass of these men was just awesome. Soon the flurry was over and I could have gone home happy right then. What memories do you have that are similar to this?

That's the kind of memory that makes us fall in love, and you have the sensitivity to fully appreciate and enjoy football. I have too many of those moments to tell all. As I've said in this column, my first great memory of going to a pro football game are the colors of the Giants' and Steelers' uniforms. I had never seen football on color TV. The bright red of the Giants' jersey numbers and the brilliant yellow of the Steelers' helmets and pants made my eyes dance. I felt as though I was watching a painting move. I fear overexposure of the sport has desensitized us.

Sean from Boulder, CO

It must be the slow season with these ridiculous questions. Can we get over the greatest ever (stuff)? And, come on, as great as the annoying greatest fans ever are, as a lifetime fan of Entitled Town you know what the real result of a Pittsburgh fan vs. a Packers fan melee would be. Sorry, Green Bay. Pittsburgh is as tough as they get.

A life of sintering can make a man mean, but eating too much cheese can do that to you, too.

Sean from Las Vegas, NV

I feel Green Bay is lacking depth on the defensive line. Do you feel we will be able to improve this year and who will be the surprise player?

This team has drafted several defensive linemen in recent years. I think we're going to see the result of that investment this year. One of the guys on whom I'll have my eye this summer is a player who was undrafted, Mike Pennel. He's going to get a good, hard look at nose tackle. I liked what I saw last summer.

Matt from Naperville, IL

How intense is the Packers-Seattle game going to be this season?

Which one?

Eric from Fennimore, WI

Do you miss covering high school football? It's a beautiful thing.

I never missed a Friday. I didn't have to go out. I could've stayed in the office and edited, but I always volunteered to cover a game; it kept me in touch with my roots. When you cover a high school game, nobody gives you a play-by-play, stats or quotes sheets. You do them all yourself, and then you go back to the office and write your story on deadline as you answer the phone and take accounts of other games. Friday night in high school football season was the purest form of newspaper reporting I have ever known.

Rob from Chicago, IL

Would you ever consider writing a book about your experience in the football world? What would be the main theme of the book and what would you title it?

The theme of the book would be my memories of a game I've loved since I found high school football practice when I was seven or eight years old. The book would start there, in Natrona, Pa., and it would end in Green Bay. Title? That comes after the book is written.

Jacob from Sun Prairie, WI

What are Stillers?

It's Pittsburghese for Steelers. There's an actual website that includes a translator. For example, "Do you remember when the Packers beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl?" is translated "Do yinz remember whenever da Packers beat da Stillers in da Super Bowl?"

Frank from Fox Lake, IL

Vic, I will be attending the shareholders meeting. What can I expect seeing, as it will be my first? Who could I possibly meet and what will we be doing?

I thought the same thing before the first shareholders meeting I covered in 2011. It's a fun event. Mark Murphy and Ted Thompson will give you a pleasant update of where the franchise is as it prepares to begin another season, and you'll meet a lot of fans who are looking to meet other fans. One of my memories of the shareholders meetings I've covered is the beautiful weather we've had. The shareholders meeting is kind of Green Bay at its best.

Koigi from Lynchburg, VA

Vic, every team in the NFL, including the Super Bowl winner, is at least two or three players from feeling like they have a great roster. I believe you can be a quarterback away from being a great team, like the Bills currently are, but that's the only player that holds that distinction in the NFL.

If you don't have "The Man," you might as well be 53 players away. It begins with him.

Dan from Seattle, WA

What is a slug?

If this was the paper and typewriter era, in the top left-hand corner of the first page the following would appear: Ask Vic, 7-25-15, lede. That's a slug. The word lede alerts the editor and typesetter this is the first page. Beneath the last paragraph of the story and in the center of the page, this would appear: -30-. That means the end.


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