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Smith Looking For Fresh Start


At 82 degrees, plus humidity, it wasn't exactly cool on Clarke Hinkle Field when the Green Bay Packers had their afternoon practice for rookies and selected veterans Sunday, but it felt that way to Larry Smith.

After working out with defensive line coach Jethro Franklin, the former Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle called the Northeast Wisconsin weather "great."

He may feel differently in October, of course, when winter hits, but for now the cooler climate is just one of the reasons Smith is excited to be in Green Bay.

"It's not like the hot weather down south," Smith said. "I feel like I could run all day in this weather."

That's not something Smith was able to do July 27, when he collapsed from heat exhaustion on the Jaguars' second day of training camp.

Smith didn't want to discuss that incident Sunday, saying only that it was due to dehydration.

"That's in the past," he said. "I'm in Green Bay now. I just want to concentrate on moving forward."

In his five seasons with Jacksonville, Smith was used as an interior defensive lineman in a two-gap scheme. The Packers will see if Smith can help replace injured starting nose tackle Gilbert Brown.

Smith said it would take him a while to learn the Packers' one-gap scheme, but that he could fill "any hole they put me in."

"I'm looking at it as a new start, pretty much a blessing to be here in Green Bay," Smith said. "I'm ready to do whatever it takes. I just want to come in and contribute any way I can, be an exciting player (and) make something happen."

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