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So, now what?

Packers have attractive picks for final two days


GREEN BAY – Ted Thompson's word of the night Thursday was "strong," which he used to refer to his draft board when the Packers went on the clock at No. 29 overall.

Strong enough to absorb a trade down four spots and allow the Packers to still get a player they like, apparently.

Or, maybe strong enough as Friday night opens and the Packers are first on the clock to move back some more. Trader Ted might not be done trading.

So, now what? Who knows?

The Packers have all night and day to think about whom they might pick, and the rest of the league has as much time to ponder offering Green Bay something for Friday's first pick of the second round, No. 33.

This could still go any number of directions.

If the Packers are focused on a pass-rusher, Houston's Tyus Bowser and Kansas State's Jordan Willis are out there. At corner, both of Washington's cover guys, Sidney Jones and Kevin King, as well as both of Florida's, Teez Tabor and Quincy Wilson, remain available.

Thompson wouldn't say whether anything that happened before it was the Packers' turn affected his decision to trade back. Regarding pass-rushers, the Falcons moved up five spots, from No. 31 to 26, to nab UCLA's Takk McKinley, while Wisconsin's T.J. Watt was still on the board, but taken one pick later at No. 30 by Pittsburgh.

As for the corners, analysts said as many as six or seven had first-round grades, but "only" five were taken on Thursday night. That could be where Thompson's board is indeed stacked heading into Friday night.

And the Packers very well could be feeling the same way as Saturday rolls around, when they'll have the first pick of the day again, No. 108 overall at the top of the fourth round. That's what was gained from Cleveland in the trade.

Having the first pick each of the next two days is a rare, and potentially powerful, position.

"We're taking calls," Thompson said, leaving the door wide open to more trades.

As of now, Thompson has nine picks over the final two days of the draft, which he could turn into more. Or, as Friday and Saturday unfold, he has more ammunition to move up if he believes a targeted player might get nabbed.

He wouldn't declare on Thursday night he knows who he wants to pick right away on Friday, saying there's not "just one name we would consider."

That's yet another way of saying his board is strong. All that's left is to see what the next two days bring.

"I hope I get some sleep," Thompson said.

With his board in as good a shape as it sounds, he should sleep just fine.

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