Some untold Favre stories


As former teammates and others close to Brett Favre have reminisced about his career over the past week, several old stories have been told and re-told.

But a few nuggets revealed during Saturday's press conferences in the Lambeau Field auditorium during Fan Fest were new, and perhaps untold to this point.

Here are a few of them:

Former GM Ron Wolf, on the often-told story that Favre failed his physical upon being traded to Green Bay for a first-round draft pick in 1992

"It's been embellished a little bit," Wolf said. "He in fact didn't really fail the physical. That sounds good, but what happened was the doctors tried to say he wouldn't play but maybe three or four years. They wanted to send him back, ... and guess what? He played 16. They were incorrect in their assessment."

The reason was a problem with Favre's hip, the specifics of which Wolf couldn't recall. But because Favre's body wasn't supposed to hold up - horribly ironic considering he went on to start more consecutive games than any quarterback in league history - Wolf was advised to nix the trade.

"I can remember my reaction when I heard it," said Wolf, who obviously insisted on making the trade anyway.

Former center Frank Winters, on the best practical joke Favre ever played on him, which involved Winters' car

The players' parking lot is secured, and most players wouldn't even lock their cars but would leave the keys inside, Winters explained. Big mistake with Favre around.

"One day I came out to practice, and I saw Red Batty our training guy, and I told him, 'Hey, you'd better call the cops. I think somebody stole my car.' He says, 'What do you mean?' 'My car's gone. It's not in the parking lot.' He said, 'It's gotta be there.' 'No. it's not.'

"It's probably about 15 below zero, it was in the winter and it was freezing out. They called security, and security drove around the stadium here and found it down at the end of the stadium. Brett had pulled it out, drove it all the way around the side, had the air conditioner running full blast, music blasting.

"This was about two hours after practice, and when he got out of the car, he locked the car by accident. So the car was running and we had to call a key service company to come out, and *I *had to pay $40 for the guys to come out.

"There's probably hundreds he pulled over the years, some of them I can't even say, but that was probably the cleaner one."

Former offensive lineman Marco Rivera, on getting back at Favre for all the practical jokes

"I guess he's not here anymore, so I guess I could say this. I've been holding this for years now.

"We went to the American Bowl one year, played in Japan. He went through a stage where he was putting Ben Gay in everybody's uniform, so when you put it on, you'd start burning.

"So walking off the field, I heard Lee Remmel say (Brett) was going to have the press conference right there on the field, to go in, shower and come back out. So I beat him into the locker room, and I grabbed his clothes, his street clothes, and I doused them with this liquid heat. This is the type of stuff that when you put it on, you don't feel it until you get hot and you start sweating a little bit, then it gets in your pores.

"So he puts his shirt on, he goes out there, he's got his baseball cap on - and I put a little bit on the rim of his baseball cap too ... so he gets out there, he starts talking and there's about 50 media and the lights pop on, and you start seeing him do this (tugging his shirt) ... I put a lot in the pits of his arms, so he's doing this (wiping his brow), turning the hat, taking the hat off.

"He doesn't see me, so I go onto the bus and we had to wait for him. Then he walks in and he's just red and sweating and he sits down. He doesn't look at anybody and he goes, 'I don't know who it was, but I'm going to get you.' I never said anything, never told anybody, because he would have gotten me back."

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