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Someone must seize the opportunity

Some intentions won't be known until Sundays


Scott from Palatine, IL

Is there a player in NFL history who has had their number retired by two different teams? If not, who comes to mind as some of the players to be great for multiple teams? I know the Packers are extremely selective with number retirements and that retiring Charles Woodson's 21 is not likely. This made me wonder if it would even be up to the Packers or if the Raiders would reserve that honor (even though he wore different numbers).

It would be up to each team regarding Woodson, and with all due respect to Charles, who was one of my favorite players to cover, I don't anticipate the Packers retiring his number. If there had been any inkling to do so, I don't think two years after Woodson's departure Ted Thompson would have given his first-round pick the same number. The only player I'm aware of to have his number retired by two different teams is Reggie White.

Bobby from Green Bay, WI

Himli's comment about the Packers going 0-6 and the fans not sweating it is crazy. Packer fans seem to have gotten so entitled the past few years especially, if we started even 0-2 the mob of "bench Rodgers" fans would burn Lambeau down.

They tried last year.

Ralph from Santorini, Greece

Just a comment for all those who want to make the playoff system more "fair." Take a white sheet of paper and write the word fair on it with a red magic marker. Then put a red circle around it and then put a red slash through it. Life is not fair. Neither is football.

If I heard the phrase "life isn't fair" from my father once, I heard it a thousand times.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

In the Christl article about the 1929-31 Packers championship years, he said, "In 1929, each player was given $220 plus a watch ... In 1930, they were each given $200. In 1931, the Packers' board of directors voted to give each player a $100 bonus." In contrast, how much does a player on a winning Super Bowl team make today?

The winner's share is just over $100,000, and the loser's share is half that. Cliff's pieces are always such great reads, but**this week’s was particularly enlightening**, and a must-read for those who don't appreciate Ralph's take and can't stand any perceived lack of fairness.

Garrett from St. Paul, MN

Mike, the No. 1 CB question got me thinking. Since we don't have a standout lockdown corner, might it be best for our boundary corners to stay on one side throughout a game, similar to how Seattle lines up, or would that stunt the growth of our young guys by not practicing flipping their hips both ways?

You'll still flip the hips both ways depending on inside/outside leverage, but in any case, it'll be interesting to see how the Packers decide to handle this, particularly early in the season against so many top-flight receivers. Maybe someone will emerge in camp as the true No. 1 guy. Regardless, I doubt we'll know Green Bay's intentions until they unveil themselves on Sundays.

Michael from Savage, MN

Hey Mike, I agree with you that Ron Wolf would be a good third statue. Very solid answer, and let's also add that without Wolf there would not be his protégé Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, AR and Super Bowl XLV, and so on...

Yeah, for sure.

Charlie from Philadelphia, PA

Mike, for years I've been looking for a video of Rodgers' hit on the Saints DB's interception return during the '08 MNF blowout. Any chance you have it in the archives? He was young and unproven then, but I loved the passion. I would prefer to never see it again, though.


Found it at roughly the 3-minute mark in these highlights.** Dan from Littleton, CO

That hit from Rodgers in the '08 Monday night game in New Orleans was on my birthday, and I got the best gift you could ask for: Knowing your new guy has the same grit as your old guy did.

I still can't believe he led with his throwing shoulder.

Matthew from Portland, OR

Mike, thanks for embedding the Packers-Cowboys highlights yesterday. I noticed something new when watching the replay of the Cook catch at the 11:00 mark. Watch Aaron Rodgers' body language in the background. He's on his tip toes with arms out for balance and leaning as if he's willing Cook to make that catch inbounds. Pretty sight.

That might be my favorite part of the highlight.

Greg from Perkasie, PA

With Derek Carr (who has yet to win a playoff game) getting a contract worth 25 million a year I would expect Rodgers to want an extension in the 30-million-a-year-range. Wouldn't it benefit the team and Rodgers' place in history if he took something less than that to leave money to sign other important players that could help this team get another Lombardi?

I fully expect Rodgers' agent and the Packers, when the time comes, to find the right balance between paying Rodgers his market value and maintaining the team's ability to build a competitive roster. There's enough at stake for both sides.

Keith from Andover, MD

When Ha Ha Clinton-Dix inflicts a Clinton-Dix pick-six, is Vic transfixed? How many pick-sixes will Clinton-Dix inflict in conflicts before his career is nixed? Total Clinton-Dix picks versus Clinton-Dix pick-sixes; can you predict?

If only Dr. Seuss had written a football book.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Rodgers' ability to pick up key yards with his legs is backbreaking to a defense. Do you think he can continue to do this in the second half of his career, or will it fade with time?

Father Time is undefeated. It will fade eventually, but Rodgers keeps himself in such good shape now I don't see any imminent decline. We'll know when it occurs.

Braden from Brookfield, WI

What team are the Packers not playing this year that you would like to see them play? I would choose the Raiders. I hear a lot of Favre/Rodgers comparisons when experts talk about Carr.

I would love to see the Packers and Raiders play this season.

Daniel from Castle Rock, CO

If we're still harping on the "expanding the playoffs" topic, I thought I'd throw my two cents in. I think the league "modified" the playoff system when it decided to make Week 17 games all divisional. How many times since this change occurred have the Packers had something to play for in Week 17? Whether it is an NFC North title, a No. 1 seed and a bye, or just a flat-out wild-card berth, I, for one, think the playoffs begin at the end of the season when everything is on the line. One loss in the regular-season finale, and it could end your season there. If you don't prove to be one of the best six teams during the course of the regular season, then you're not good enough to have a shot to win it all. Period.

The Week 17 mandate began in 2010 and only once, in 2011 vs. Detroit, did the Packers not have a significant stake in the finale's outcome.

Derrick from Randolph, NJ

Hello Insiders, what's your take on the Chiefs' decision to part ways with John Dorsey? He seemed like an integral part of the Chiefs' current success and seemed revered throughout the league as a GM. Truly no one is safe in this business.

I'm stunned. Dorsey is one of my favorite individuals in this league. Your last comment says it all.

Larry from Sheboygan, WI

When teams come to Green Bay for a game, is their game check taxed as Wisconsin income because that is where they earned that money?

I don't know Wisconsin's regulations. As a team employee who travels to work at road games, I have my income taxed by several different states, but not all of the ones we visit.

Paul from McLeansville, NC

See where Letroy Guion got arrested again. Prognosis? Suspended a few games or let go?

Everyone's asking about Guion. My apologies, but this is the type of instance our team website has to take the organization's position, which is to not comment at the moment. There will be an appropriate time at some point. Please understand.

Paul from Yorkshire, UK

Vic wants a 16-team playoff with no bye week, Spoff wants to keep 12 teams and the bye week as a reward for finishing with the best record. You can have both by moving the bye week to the second week of the playoffs. Wild cards play each other with the winners playing in Week 2. Divisional champs play off with the the losers playing the wild-card winners in Week 2 and the winners getting the bye to Week 3. The divisional champs are rewarded with a guaranteed two playoff games and a shot at getting a bye week as well. More to play for in the last weeks of regular season, more money for the successful teams and more playoff football for the fans. What's not to like?

Sorry, if the losing team isn't eliminated, it's not playoff football.

Greg from Danbury, CT

Mike, on the topic of mentorship, Vic was fond of a former player's quote: "I'll mentor him to the bench." You and Wes are fond of writing about players who help each other out, and bring the young guys along. Has football truly become kinder and gentler?

I can't speak for other places, but the Green Bay coaches make it clear it's part of the culture here, and an expectation, to pay it forward. That said, some of the media in this market go a little overboard on the topic and sentiment. I choose my spots carefully when I write about it, because it doesn't fly in all cases.

Corey from Kings Park, NY

Will Lambeau Field host more college football games in the near future? I would love to see a Wisconsin-Notre Dame game played there.

I would too. I'm hoping it happens.

Josh from Holgate, WI

Mike McCarthy has now taken the Packers to eight straight playoff appearances. Not even Bill Walsh accomplished that with Joe Montana. With one more ring is Coach McCarthy in the Hall of Fame?

I think so.

Dan from Madison, AL

Spoff, just wondering if you have a cutoff time for questions. For instance, if I send in a question after 10 p.m., does it roll over to be reviewed the following day or does it go to the big Vic bin in the sky?

I do my best to read every question regardless of when it's sent, though I confess that in the 24 hours after a game it's not possible given my workload.

Paul from Milwaukee, WI

Spoff, I always hear Vic stating his "players, not plays" mantra so it got me to thinking. When Coach McCarthy is drawing up plays or schemes, is it with certain players' abilities and skill sets that he uses to get the most from his players? For instance, does he call a play on third-and-long that specifically involves Jordy Nelson knowing how well he can get open, or Randall Cobb out of the backfield knowing he has the best chance of making that play? Or are the plays drawn up and whoever is on the field just has to execute it?

Complicated question. Simple (and honest) answer: Both.

Kevin from Whitehall, WI

Re: Alex from Indy's comment: Do you think a team would actually take a chance on a totally unproven guy like Hundley and give up a high pick? Of course they would. They do it all the time in the draft. At least with Hundley they will have some preseason tape to judge him on.


Jim from Houston, TX

Hyde was one of my favorite Packers. I think an argument can be made that he had the most clutch plays of anyone on defense. Third-and-goal? He batted it down. Cowboys making a comeback? A jumped-route INT. Over and over he found a way to make a play at important times. Championship teams need those players. My question is who do you think will be that guy this year?

Hyde's stretch run last year was impressive and it in effect priced him out of Green Bay's plans, in part because the Packers have a number of young candidates who are capable. Maybe it's Randall, or Fackrell, or Clark, or Rollins. Someone, or more than one, must seize the opportunity.

Ed from South Beloit, IL

Good morning, Mike. Some friends and I will be traveling north for training camp. Is there any way to know for sure what days the team will be in full pads? In years past the team seemed to alternate days with and without pads. Thanks for doing such a great job.

The first day in pads is always the third practice, per CBA rules. From there, nothing is set in stone and is always subject to change. As a general rule, the first full week after the pads go on leading up to Family Night is normally padded practices. After that, a practice that's only one or two days before or after a preseason game might not be in pads, but those are about the only guidelines I can give you.

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