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Steelers-Packers could be defining home game of the season

What team stands the best chance of beating the Seahawks?


Grayson from Roseville, CA

I want nothing more than to host San Francisco in the playoffs, and then travel to Seattle. Russell Wilson is not undefeated at home; he lost once, more than a year ago. He threw a game-ending interception in the end zone. I remember, and I would love to remind him of that fact.

The drama is increasing, and I'm lovin' it.

Roderick from crossing the Kalahari, Africa

In my experience, poor losers tend to be poor winners as well. They want to flaunt their victories but are sour in defeat. Any insight as to whether the most vocal agitators against the coaches and management during the rough spell are now the most vocal chortlers during the recent upswing?

The same people that break their arms patting themselves on the back in victory, refuse to congratulate their opponents on their victories, claiming instead to have lost the game rather than having been defeated. The honorable way is to congratulate your opponent on his win, and allow him to provide the pat on the back when you are the victor. Sports provide a platform on which we might achieve distinction. It's our choice.

Parvati from Santa Monica, CA

What type of team is best suited to knock off Seattle in the playoffs? A physical team like the 49ers or Carolina, or a team that can spread them out like the Packers or Saints?

You're on it. I think it can be done either one of those ways, but you better be awfully, awfully good at it. I think you can spread them out and outscore them. I don't think they have the firepower to match scores with a team such as the Packers or the Saints, when they're healthy and on their games. Most of all, I think the way to beat the Seahawks is to put the game in Russell Wilson's hands. Make him put his team on his shoulders and carry it. You do that by forcing him to score often.

Lester from Plymouth, MN

Wow! The Seattle comments made me jump out of my chair. I'm making the trip for this Sunday's game. Are you present at any public events this weekend?

I do a pregame radio show in the Atrium, beginning at about 1:50 p.m., I think. You're not gonna punch me, are you?

John from Port Edwards, WI

Best week of the season is upon us.

It just might be, and I can't help but remember a little prediction Mike Spofford made way back in the spring when the schedule was announced. We did a video in which we each picked what we thought would be the best games of the season, and Mike picked the Steelers-Packers game. I thought to myself, "No way, the Steelers will be out of it by then and the Packers will have a playoff berth clinched." Well, the Steelers are out of it, but they could strike a terrible blow to the Packers' playoff hopes and that makes this a high-intensity game that could make it the defining home game of the season.

Nick from White Bear Township, MN

Vic, I just finished a 15-page research paper recommending that the NFL remove the facemask from the helmet in an effort to reduce serious injuries. I actually came across a ton of really interesting trends that suggest you may be right after all. For instance, while the NFL saw a drop in the number of kick returns and a subsequent decline in the number of concussions on kickoff plays, the overall rate of concussions was not altered in a statistically significant way. They treated a symptom, but didn't find the cure. Thanks for the inspiration. I quoted you in there somewhere.

The helmet is the problem. It's difficult for me to imagine Terence Garvin using his face to break the Bengals punter's jaw.

Josh from San Bernardino, CA

Is there anyone in particular that you're looking forward to reuniting with when the Steelers come to town?

Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing my reporter friends. It was a group I joined a long time ago and I continue to hold dear to my heart all the night-before-the-game dinners and press box banter we shared. Memories make us rich.

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