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Stoppages have become a problem

Where is the next generation of quarterbacks?


Jason from Valparaiso, IN

Tom Brady seems to be playing at a high level despite being 37 years old. Barring a major injury, do you foresee Rodgers being able to do the same?

Yes, I do, and I think we're going to see a lot of quarterbacks play longer than is normally expected. I watched a lot of college football on Saturday. Where is the next generation of NFL quarterbacks? I don't see them. I don't see a quarterback in college football this year I would regard as a true first-overall-pick kind of player.

Andrew from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, what is the best sports game you've ever seen? Mine was a pitching battle between Ben McDonald and Andy Benes. To me, the suspense of the close game surpasses the thrill of a lot of scoring. Brett Favre's first games come to mind.

Mine is the seventh game of the 1960 World Series.

Dan from Prior Lake, MN

Vic, I know it's early for this, but watching the Packers this far through the 2015 season, and how they're developing on both sides of the ball, what areas of need are developing for the 2016 draft? I like to watch college players at various positions where the Packers may be looking for draft picks next spring.

I don't see a screaming weakness. The Packers will be looking for prospects at all positions. Because the Packers have drafted as effectively as they have, they should have the luxury of picking from the top of their board with the comfort of knowing they haven't ignored a need. When you have a well-rounded and well-stocked roster, as the Packers do, you have maneuverability in the draft.

Seth from Oregon, IL

Vic, that blocked field goal by Georgia Tech was nothing short of gorgeous. What's the greatest last-second, game-changing play you've seen?

The blocked punt by Michigan State the previous week.

Ben from Rocklin, CA

It feels good to be 6-0! Our defense is looking great, but I am becoming increasingly concerned about our running game as the season progresses. To go deep into the playoffs, we're going to need more of a running game to complement our offense, right?

The Packers need Eddie Lacy to get back on track. He's the Packers' pounder. He's the guy that causes opponents to fear the run. It has long been my opinion that if you're not running the ball with power, you're not running the ball. Power is what defenses fear. They fear the kind of power they can't stop, and that's when they begin committing extra defenders to the line of scrimmage.

Cory from Baraboo, WI

You mentioned that to have an extra bye week the season would have to start on Labor Day weekend. Is there a reason the season couldn't last a week longer in February? Football gets me through winter. I would personally love to see it last a week longer.

It probably will at some point, as long as its popularity continues to grow. The combine can be pushed back. So can the start of free agency. The draft already has been pushed back.

Chris from Newnan, GA

What do the next two games mean to the Packers' season?

Back in June, I referred to this point in the season as the hump in the Packers' schedule, and that's before I knew they would start 6-0. Should the Packers reach the halfway mark 8-0, then homefield advantage for the postseason becomes a legitimate topic of discussion, and maybe even more. Should the Packers lose these games, and these are certainly daunting road games, the game in Minnesota would likely become an NFC North showdown. This is a critical time in the season.

Whitney from Milwaukee, WI

I was able to watch several games this week after a few weekends on the road. I was disappointed to find after each exciting play (or so it seemed) there was a penalty. By half of the Pats-Colts game, I was frustrated. Are penalties increasing? Is it making the game longer and less enjoyable to the average fan?

I don't have the stats but I share your sentiments, and it's even more frustrating to watch a college game because they'll stop the action to review a 1-yard catch. I watched a college game on Saturday that ended with a walk-off field goal that concluded a 19-play, 89-yard drive. It was an exciting finish but the game was horribly tainted by over-officiating. There were four stoppages to review spot of the ball. I didn't want to watch anymore, but I felt I had to continue watching since I had invested so much time in it. As soon as the kick was made, I turned the TV off in disgust. Who's to blame? The fans. The fans caused this with their obsession for getting the call right. Now, we're on a penalty witch hunt, and we're still not getting the calls right.

Jeremy from Denver, CO

Vic, as a passionate, professional sports journalist, how hard do you fight hyperbole?

Why fight it? Hyperbole is fun. Today's "Ask Vic" might be the best one in the history of the world.

Chris from Spring Grove, PA

Vic, I think most of the folks who are saying you don't deserve your vacation probably take a vacation every year. I'm getting your workday is longer than the typical eight-hour day, and your work week is obviously all seven days. Enjoy your time off, Vic. Those of us who are realistic know you've earned it.

OK, let's get this straight. I am not on vacation and I have taken no time off. I did every "Ask Vic" and "Ask Vic Extra" I would normally do, and I did a "Video Ask Vic," the Friday "Ask Vic Chat" and "Ask Vic Saturday." I've been up at 5 a.m. (4 a.m. CT) every day, doing the column as I would if I was in Green Bay. The only difference is I'm not in Green Bay. The players were gone, there was nothing scheduled as far as media time, and I even stayed through last Monday's media interviews before I left. This was a chance for me to see my home, which had recently endured a thousand-year rain event.

Lauren from Minneapolis, MN

What do you think are the benefits of teams playing in England? I don't see it as positive for players/schedules.

It's an opportunity to expose the sport to a new market. It's an opportunity to grow the sport, make it a global sport. If you're not growing, you're shrinking, because the competition is growing.

Karl from Albuquerque, NM

Vic, you've been appointed head of the rules committee. Please write the rule to get rid of the pick play. I hate them, too, but drafting the language may be easier said than done.

"Receivers may not cross paths within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage." The pick play I dislike is the one that occurs immediately after the ball is snapped, which effectively makes the crossing receiver a downfield blocker out ahead of the ball.

Ethan from Montgomery, AL

If a team moves to London, the NFL would have to change its name. What are you thinking? The International Football League?

The Big 10 didn't change its name when it expanded beyond 10 teams. NFL is a brand name. You don't change a name that carries the kind of magical brand NFL does.

Jeff from Las Vegas, NM

Vic, what's self-scouting?

During the bye week, football teams will scout themselves as they would an opponent. It's an attempt to identify weaknesses, which would provide information on how future opponents might attack them. We all need to do some self-scouting.

Yancey from Richlands, VA

Who was the first team to send a wide receiver in motion? What is the primary purpose for doing it?

I don't have that first-question information in front of me, but two reasons for sending a receiver in motion, especially during the bump-and-run days, is to help the receiver defeat the jam, and force the defense to adjust its coverage, especially if it was playing zone.

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