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Sunday could proclaim Packers offense ready to go

I'll be working on my syntax


Jason from Madison, WI

I know you love dealing with Wisconsinites, but calling Lambeau Mecca is a little pretentious. At least that's the way I feel.

I have never seen another ballpark in any sport achieve the degree of love and reverence Lambeau Field has. I've covered games in a lot of different stadiums – at last count I was approaching 100 major facilities, including college football stadiums such as old Mountaineer Field, the most charming facility I have ever seen – and I have never witnessed in any other facility anything that even approaches the magnetic pull Lambeau Field has on Packers fans. I see people taking pictures of the outside of it. I think you have to have roots here I don't have to feel that pull, but all fans have roots somewhere and those fans don't get weak-kneed at the sight of a ballpark as Packers fans do.

Jace from Woodsboro, TX

Vic, do you think there will be any swinging gate formations pulled out when lining up for the PAT now?

Surprise formations are a great way for spending your opponents' times out (or timeouts, you pick). That's their greatest worth.

Matt from Minocqua, WI

Vic, do you think Aaron Rodgers and the starting offense is ready to come out for the first game in regular season form?

Based on what I've seen in training camp, I would say the answer is yes. I'd like to see the offense go high tempo on Sunday and get a good workout on what's supposed to be a hot day. I'd like to see Rodgers and company hit their targets in Pittsburgh, and then spend the final two preseason games staying healthy, if you know what I mean.

Toz from Golden Bay, Western Australia

I know not everyone gets it, but I can identify with loving the game without the need to bleed for a team. Having said that, I really enjoy seeing the angst surrounding you being from Pittsburgh, and the way you deal with it is even better. Also, more Pittsburghese. I think yinzes doone a great job.

I checked the translator. Your Pittsburghese is impeccable. Go dahn to Primanti's and git yinzesself a sammitch on me.

Joe from Bellingham, WA

Will the Packers finally get a win over the Seahawks this year and shut up my insufferable neighbors?

Just one?

Tim from Spokane Valley, WA

With the Steelers basically on week three, and our Packers on week two, a thought crossed my mind. Do the coaches talk to each other, or script any of their substitutions to give each other the looks they need?

Not for a preseason game. The commissioner would go nuts if that happened. It's OK to do that for a combined practice, and that's one of the advantages of combined practices. They're controlled; you get the look you want. In my opinion, they're the best evaluation tool.

Ben from Columbus, WI

Vic, could this Packers vs. Steelers preseason game be a glimpse into the future?

I would like that very much.

Bob from Germantown, WI

What are you working on for your writing for preseason game No. 2? Anything as fans we should be looking for as we read? Concise sentences with smooth transitions? Reduced or eliminated use of the Oxford comma?

It's all about syntax. I wasn't entirely pleased with my syntax in New England. I'm looking for better syntax in Pittsburgh. I wanna take my best syntax to Chicago for opening day.

Nick from Plainwell, MI

I like how Don Barclay said, "You are going to have to win the one-on-one battles either way." Even if he was just talking about the offensive line, in the end does it really matter what position on the field he is talking about?

Every player is fighting his own lonely battle. He must win his one-on-ones or he has lost the game. Someone once said to me you don't have to watch the tape, just look at their faces as they get on the plane.

Jeff from Farmington, UT

My youth league handed out participation trophies with "MVP" on each one. My cousins and I loved taking them to my grandmother's house to show her. We always got a good laugh because she would go around telling everyone how athletically gifted her grandchildren were.

No! This kind of frivolity must not be tolerated. This is very serious stuff. I'm going to report you to James Harrison and the participation police.

Jon from Towanda, PA

Sunday, I will be taking my 75-year-old grandfather to his first Steelers game. He is an avid fan. This is going to be a blast! What do you miss most about Pittsburgh?

I miss the view from Mt. Washington. I have spent a lifetime traveling to major league cities throughout this great country, but I have never seen anything anywhere that rivals the view from Mt. Washington, and that includes the view of Mt. Rainier as you cross Lake Washington in Seattle.

Jordan from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, when did you stop working for a newspaper and start working for a team or website?

In 2004.

Gabriel from Appleton, WI

The NFL okays billionaire Vic's desire to start an entirely new team. What would be the team's name?

I like "Bullies." If I had been Art Modell, I would've named the Ravens the Bullies.

Del from Sterling, IL

Vic, why do players talk about technique in every other question they answer? Did guys ever talk about technique like this when you started?

It's always been a buzz word, but technique has never been more important than it is now. In some ways, I don't like that because I think too much emphasis on technique can hinder suddenness and instinct, but that's the way it is and that's the way it'll continue to be.

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