The Packers' 2021 opponents take shape

Green Bay will play the NFC West, AFC North next season


GREEN BAY – With the 2020 regular season officially in the books, the Packers have a clearer picture of who'll they'll be squaring off against next season.

In addition to the usual rotation of six NFC North matchups, Green Bay is scheduled to host the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Washington at Lambeau Field, while traveling to face Arizona, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Baltimore and New Orleans.

The four AFC North matchups are part of the four-year cycle against the other conference, while the NFC West games are part of the three-year intraconference cycle.

The two other NFC games are decided by the prior year's standings, pitting the NFC North champion Packers against the first-place teams from the two same-conference divisions Green Bay won't play that season (vs. Washington, at New Orleans).

Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy also stated in his “Murphy Takes 5” column on Saturday that it's "likely" the NFL will move to 17 regular-season games and three preseason games next season.

The league has determined that 17th game would be an interconference game based on place in the standings the previous year, according to Murphy.

For Green Bay, that would mean playing the Kansas City Chiefs in an AFC West vs. NFC North matchup. The conferences would then alternate hosting the extra game, so all conference teams would have the same number of home games that year.

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