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The play-by-play tells a different story

Work of young players will pay dividends for Packers


Tom from Westfield, MA

"In my opinion, teams that get big leads have a natural tendency to begin playing against the clock." And you just confirmed what every analyst in the world says about McCarthy, because that is all on the coaching. Belichick wouldn't take his foot of the gas, he would place it on his opponent's neck. That is why he is great and McCarthy has lost so many games and the ones he wins he unnecessarily turned them into nail-biters.

This whole line of thought filling the Inbox about the Packers going conservative in the second half is so misguided, and Vic didn't help matters with his answers Monday. I think he set me up. Let's look at the facts, please, from the play-by-play. The Packers had three possessions in the second half before they killed the final 3:34. First drive, four Lacy runs for 30 yards, then a first-down pass to Perillo for 13 to the Detroit 32, followed by Lacy for no gain. Then incomplete pass on second down, a holding call on a third-down pass/scramble, and another pass/scramble on the replayed third down, leading to a field goal. Next drive, Lacy plows for four yards, then 14 to move the chains, then two more. Pass on second-and-8 is a zero-yard sack. Pass on third down to Cobb is broken up over the middle. Punt. Third drive, a first-down pass to wide-open Davis beyond the marker is dropped, a run gets stuffed, and a third-and-11 checkdown comes up two yards short. Punt. The penalty and dropped pass were significant. There are four called passes in those sequences on first or second down, plus every third down was a pass play. If that's going conservative with a multi-score lead, then I can't help you. Results do not define intent.

Brad from Basalt, CO

Vic can say what he wants about the Packers letting the air out of the ball in the second half. That lack of killer instinct still upsets me. It cost me money!

Aha, the real source of the frustration surfaces.

David from Henderson, NV

Can we finally put to rest the notion of signing expensive free agents? The Bears signed arguably two high-profile ILBs while the Packers relied on a rookie, a second-year player, and a former practice-squad holdover. Even if the results were similar, which they are not, the Packers would have the added benefits of increased cap space and better value in the compensatory formula.

Works for me.

Grant from Rochester, MN

Hi Insiders, always a pleasure to read. Since the Pack don't have a game this week, what games are you guys watching this weekend?

I'm hoping to catch what I can of the Wisconsin-Michigan game on Saturday. On Sunday, Rams at Arizona has my interest. The best NFL game of the weekend is Monday night in Minneapolis, Giants-Vikings.

John from Sun Prairie, WI

Biff/Spoff, how would you answer Vic's question, "What was different Sunday from last week?"

I thought I did in my**game editorial**.

Max from Milwaukee, WI

Not downplaying the performance of the quarterbacks, but are we seeing a devaluing of the position? The current undefeated teams aren't playing superstars. Trevor Siemian for the Broncos, Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brisset for the Patriots, Carson Wentz for the Eagles, and Shaun Hill and Sam Bradford for the Vikings. Only the Ravens have a proven quarterback. Is a great defense more important than a great quarterback?

A great defense always gives you a chance to win, just like an ace on the mound in baseball. But hey, Wentz might be a superstar. Bradford will be followed closely here, and no one has ever questioned his talent. Garoppolo was a second-round pick, not some guy pulled off a scrap heap. The NFL is all about getting the right opportunity at the right time.

Tom from Fairfield, CT

Who gets your game balls from the Lions game? Mine would go to Jordy, Ty Montgomery and someone from the defense, but I'm not sure who is most deserving.

Nick Perry, but the Inbox also has another candidate on special teams.

Kate from Green Bay, WI

Just a comment. Not much being said about Schum and the high-jump save and punt. Had he missed it would have definitely changed the rest of the game. He should be the MVP of the game and given a game ball.

You're one of only two who mentioned this. If that snap gets over his head, yikes, and he got off a respectable punt, too. First time in nine years that I can remember saying Brett Goode had a truly bad snap. Ron Zook told us Monday that Goode hit a divot.

Rick from Austin, TX

Hey gents, what is your take on the Packers' secondary through three weeks? Despite the ups and downs, I think this unit has a lot of potential. If a few of those dropped interceptions were caught vs. Detroit I think folks would have a slightly different take.

They're learning and they're going to be better for it when Shields returns. For all the angst over Randall for the second straight week, it was revealed he was playing with an illness, and that's why he left the game for a while.

Trevor from Arvada, CO

Vic says to trust your eyes. My eyes see something very different than previous years with our middle linebackers. Is it speed?

Yes, plus fewer missed tackles.

Drake from Owens Cross Roads, AL

Please tell me that Blake Martinez's bloody mug is going to be made into a poster, and where can I buy it?

Try Edisto.

The Detroit Lions traveled to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers in their home opener. Photos by Evan Siegle,

Dick from Watertown, SD

My favorite point of game was after Lacy got a big run up the middle, I saw Peppers joyous like a 6-year-old. Funny to juxtapose that with his reserved, cautious interviews.

I got a kick out of that, too. The old man (sorry, JP) knows what it means to be able to run the ball.

Bill from Plymouth, MN

Insiders, on the Randall interception – I was at the game, and didn't see any replay – but from the stands, I thought it looked more like a catch, followed by a strip/fumble, than an interception. I'm sure they had a better view and got it right, but who makes the final decision on a call like that? The officials on the field never announced "interception," they simply signaled that it was the Packers' ball. Does someone ask them after the fact whether they ruled it an interception or a fumble, or is that determination left to someone in the booth?

The statisticians in the booth decide. Maybe when we actually knew what a catch was, it would have been ruled a fumble.

Scott from Downs, IL

At the game Sunday, I saw Brett Favre's number retired on the north end zone, but his name is not with the other "Ring of Fame" names along the east and west facades. Curious as to why not?

It's being added at the Dallas game on Oct. 16, when Favre receives his Hall of Fame ring. It wasn't added last year when his number was retired because he hadn't been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame yet.

Scott from Phoenix, AZ

With Perry playing so well, do the Packers extend him now or after the season when Peppers comes off the books?

I can't speak to the Packers' thoughts on the matter, but I'm curious to see how this goes. A player in Perry's position has to decide whether he wants to find out what the market says he's worth.

Juan from San Antonio, TX

Gentlemen, in watching the first three games I feel that Lane Taylor has been more than solid. Are you seeing the same thing?


Victor from Bucharest, Romania

Would be nice to have a button where fans could admit to their wrong judgment. Capers a couple of seasons ago, now Aaron. We would see how much character some of the people reading this column have. From a distance, some people around here act like know-it-all spoiled persons. A little humble pie never hurt no one.

I have a button every day for the Inbox. It says "delete."

Luca from Sao Paulo, Brazil

So far the two WR which gained the most yards have played against the Packers and for the next game we face OBJ. What do the Packers have to do to stop him from having a game like Diggs and Jones had against Green Bay?

Maybe mix up coverages more, or disguise and execute the pass-offs better in zone, but the coaches will look at all of that. Shoving the receiver out of bounds when you have the chance and not falling down in the middle of the field can help prevent big plays, too. Sometimes stuff just happens.

Cory from Griffith, IN

My question is very simple. Can anyone who wrote into this column last week with the idiotic idea of the Packers benching or trading Rodgers in favor of Hundley be banned indefinitely?

I said last week I love the dipsticks, too. I can't go back on my word now.

Kevin from Willard, MO

There were some things on defense that need to be worked out, but I'll let others cover those issues. There were plenty of good things to talk about. Nick Perry has played really well so far. There were also several rookies that played well: Fackrell, Brice, Clark. Fackrell and Brice even made a couple of standout plays.

I thought Lowry showed up a few times as well. McCarthy said after the game the team got better with all the work the young players put in. It will pay dividends, especially with 13 straight games following the early bye.

Jon from Bloomfield, NJ

If the gesture Nick Perry did is so inappropriate, why does TV highlight it in slow-mo? That inconsistency really upset me.

Inconsistency between the NFL's rules and what the networks sell to viewers? Couldn't be.

Kelly from Hamel, MN

Do you know why commentators insist on saying Jim Bob Cooter's name incessantly while the Lions are playing?

For the same reason salsa became the No. 1 condiment in America.

Dustin from Warrensburg, MO

Have you ever been over to someone's house so you limit the things you do even though you know the person? But when they're at your house, you do whatever you want because you're comfortable? Sounds like this describes MM's play-calling and packages so far this season. Agree?

Sort of, but not entirely. Opening with two on the road, with two major pieces to the offense non-existent in 2015, was a substantial challenge. That's why I said last week I wasn't writing the book on the offense before it played a home game. By choice and circumstance in the preseason, building the offense into what it needs to be wasn't in full swing until Week 1.

Jeremy from Appleton, WI

Please explain more on the Montgomery kickoff Sunday. The ball goes into and then outside the end zone. Shouldn't that have been a touchback?

That's a touchback on a punt, not a kickoff. Zook confirmed that on Monday. He also said Montgomery has seen the video clip of Cobb fielding that kickoff out of bounds at least four times in film study sessions. I thought that was interesting.

John from Grand Rapids, MI

If a kickoff hits the uprights, is it still a live ball?

No. The goal posts are out of bounds.

Bruce from San Antonio, TX

Not a fan of Aaron Rodgers' self-absorbed attitude. Yes, he is an excellent QB and I admire his talent. But I get tired when the three of you write his responses to reporters' questions are "refreshing." Refreshing? Hardly. It appears reporters defend him too much. An expression me and other current and retired military members have used, "He, (Rodgers), needs an attitude check." But I know you won't respond to my comment. You're afraid of controversial comments.

I'm so scared I'll let someone else respond for me.

Jim from Champlin, MN

Mike/Wes, Minnesota completely batters Cam "Superman" Newton for eight sacks and three interceptions (on his home turf no less). Yet, I sense the storyline here is going to be how he was defeated by a scary good defense rather than having to endure a week of NFL pundits going on about how he has regressed, how his best years might be behind him, how he holds onto the ball too long, etc. My question is twofold: Why does Rodgers get this kind of treatment from the media at large, and how does he keep himself from making an "illegal gesture" at his press conferences, if you know what I mean?

Some don't admire his professional restraint.

James from Tualatin, OR

After witnessing the Vikings abuse the Panthers in Carolina, I have a much greater appreciation for how we played against them. What did their game tell you about the Packers?

That winning the NFC North might be even more difficult than it was last year.

Patrick from Middle River, MD

After reading last week's Insider questions I vote to require a Breathalyzer test for the questioners. Or maybe Boff & Spiff need to be hammered to answer them.

Note to self: Change order of to-do list on Inbox days.

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