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The preseason is for dreamers

Watch the rookies closely in first game


Adam from Carbondale, IL

I feel blessed to say I was able to see Favre's last game as a Packer. Even though they lost in a heartbreaker, I'll always cherish that memory of watching Favre in person. I grew up in a Bears household, but the way Favre played and how much fun he had made me become a Packers fan.

That's why the legend of Favre is so powerful. I think everyone – player, coach, fan or media – who has watched him play the game draws a memory or two from it. I can recall a lot of Sundays watching football with my dad telling me, "You don't realize what it's like to watch a legitimately bad Packers team." Favre made football fun after decades of heartache for Packers fans. He was Green Bay's everyman. He revived more than a football team – he re-energized a community. It's a weekend for celebration.

Amy from New Berlin, WI

Biff, I laughed SO HARD at that Three Things video where Larry nicknamed you. How do you feel about that? BTW – I LOVE the nickname!

I'll say this – Larry knows how to build a brand. I swear 70 percent of the Inbox questions for me started with "Hey Biff." To those who ask why Larry settled on that moniker, your guess is as good as mine, but Biff it is.

Derek from Houston, TX

Can you guys post a video of the two of you going into Vic's office for the first time since he's been gone? With commentary of course...potentially a story or two. I think a lot of people would get a kick out of it and appreciate it.

That sounds like a great idea for a future episode of "Final Thoughts," which is continuing by the way.

Don from Roscoe, IL

Out of all the running backs to play the game, who had the best circle button?

Easily Eddie Lacy. I've been saying this since his rookie year. It's jaw-dropping and what makes Lacy unique. For a bigger back, his agility always has impressed me.

Bill from Wilmington, DE

With Jared Cook not participating how are the other TEs looking? Especially my hometown guy Justin Perillo.

Richard Rodgers is off to a nice start. He dropped more than 10 pounds in the offseason and looks considerably leaner in his torso. He seems more explosive in the open field. Perillo is making a bid to make the opening 53-man roster for the first time in three chances. He's caught everything that's come his way so far in camp. I also thought he's brought out the best in 2015 sixth-round pick Kennard Backman, who put together two solid practices this week after a slow start. Young tight ends have been making the most of their chances with Cook sidelined.

Sean from Peotone, IL

Guys, now that preseason is ready to start what three regular-season games do you think will give us the most trouble?

The three November road games will be a challenge with two of them coming in back-to-back prime-time games. It will be a troublesome gauntlet or a chance to catapult yourself into the second half of the season. Similar to last year's November stretch, I could see those three games going a long way towards dictating how the 2016 season unfolds.

Matt from Lodi, WI

Am I one of the few who likes watching preseason games? There are 2000 players trying to win one of the last 200 open roster spots. That's reality TV.

I'm with you Matt. Personally, it's my favorite time of the year. The preseason is for dreamers. It's for the camp-bodies who become somebodies and draft picks who become stars. This is where young players make a name for themselves and the stakes couldn't be higher. As a kid, I loved watching preseason games. The weather was beautiful and school was so far off in the distance. I really enjoyed following the storylines. I doubt anyone cheered harder for Ki-Jana Carter to make the roster in 2002 than I did. I just loved longshots.

Chris from Katy, TX

Anything in particular stand out about Dean Lowry so far? We've heard a lot about Kenny Clark so far this camp and Lowry seems to always be mentioned in those stories in a "that guy is here too" sort of way.

He hasn't drawn as many headlines as Clark has, but I think Lowry has done some nice things so far. As I**referenced in my story**Thursday, Lowry got some push in line drills and deflected a Brett Hundley pass on the line of scrimmage earlier this week. His size (6-6, 296) really jumps off the page, but he'll need to show if the things that made him successful at Northwestern (21 pass breakups, 31½ tackles for a loss) can translate to the NFL. He'll get his chances Sunday in Canton. Stay tuned.

Donny from Green Bay, WI

I had the pleasure Wednesday of getting sideline passes to practice. I understand these are large men that play this game, but holy smokes! I'm 6-3 but standing next to Julius Peppers and Lowry and Fackrell makes you realize again just how massive these guys are and how physical this game is. I would not want to be hit once by one of those guys!

At 5-8½, I can relate Donny. Seeing Julius Peppers and Jared Cook for the first time was a real eye-opener. You don't realize how big some of these guys are until you see them in pads. The Packers felt like they needed to get bigger this offseason and they accomplished that with drafting Jason Spriggs, Kyle Murphy, Lowry and Fackrell.

Chadd from Antigo, WI

Coach Whitt's answer about Rollins being a vision player and Randall being a feel player makes me think those two are good complements to each other. Would you agree?

I agree. They are two entirely different players with different skill sets, but Randall and Rollins will continue to be lumped together for one reason and one reason only – they're oozing with potential. The Packers doubled-down on the cornerback position last year in the draft and all indications are they hit on both. Neither is a finished project, but what Randall and Rollins did last year is nothing short of amazing given the transitions they were making from the college game. I don't see a ceiling on either player's game and their strengths complement each other well.

Brett from Clermont, FL

Given the starters won't be playing much and we still have so many unknowns pertaining to injuries and depth charts, etc., tell me what I should be looking for in this first game.

Mostly development from the returning second-year players and good first impressions from the rookies and undrafted free agents. I'm most excited to see Clark on the field for the first time and what he can do in an actual game setting. Should be fun to see Blake Martinez out there, too. With Sam Barrington not yet cleared to return and Jake Ryan missing two practices with a hamstring injury, the rookie fourth-round pick should get plenty of work at inside linebacker. I'll be watching the rookies closely.

Deb from Shawano, WI

I've heard Coach (Mike McCarthy) talk about installments or installations and that the number the team goes through in training camp has decreased. What is an installment/installation?

It's just a general term used to describe the practices that teams use to put in their plays. When you hear McCarthy talk about the decrease in installations over the years, he means the amount of practices dedicated to installing the playbook. The Packers currently have eight installations, which is down from 10 when McCarthy was hired in 2006.

Thomas from Park Falls, WI

Any chance that Green Bay goes into the season keeping only three RBs in Lacy, Starks and Ripkowski? And only three ILBs in Ryan, Barrington and Martinez? To make room for an extra WR or two?

First off, anything is possible, especially with five preseason games yet to be played. But I don't know if the Packers need to make any drastic decisions on the 53-man roster in order to go deep at another position. They'll most likely gain two extra roster spots that they didn't have last year if they keep only two quarterbacks and one fullback on the active roster. The cross-training at inside linebacker leaves them a lot of options, though.

Christopher from Echo Park, CA

How is Corey Linsley looking so far?

We haven't seen Corey this summer. He's still on the physically unable to perform list. Fourth-year veteran JC Tretter has handled all the first-team reps at center dating back to the offseason program. Wait-and-see with Linsley.

Paul from De Pere, WI

Has "sense of urgency" become the mantra for the 2016 season?

It certainly has in the media, but I don't know if it's any different in the locker room. Urgency is a funny word. There's a danger in being too lax and too uptight. You have to find a happy medium. I think everyone understands what's in front of them, but it's not like that wasn't the case in prior years. I remember how much everyone talked about seizing the moment in 2014 when Julius Peppers came onboard. Urgency seemed pretty high then, as well. Those are the discussions everyone likes to have in summer, but I don't know if they affect what happens in fall. But yes, the players know the opportunity they have in front of them.

Jeff from Green Bay, WI

Looks like the Packers have bolstered the ranks for the team and the media coverage with fresh, young talent. Does the media team have any "jars on the shelf" in case of injury? Is there a practice squad for media/journalism with the Packers?

If Spoff or I go down, our interns Andrew Temperly, Justin Rose and Matt Arvin would step in and perform just as well. Next man up, baby.

Scott from Gainesville, FL

Sorry fellas, on second thought I think the three of you should call yourselves Hodi & the Spoffish. If you didn't laugh, check yourself. GO PACK GO

I think we're done here.

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