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There is strength in numbers

The Lambeau Leap is sewn into the fabric of the Packers


Karl from Santa Fe, NM

Couldn't agree with you more about the "no film" on Jones being bogus reporting (fake film?). Other years, Jones would have been a first-rounder, but there was such exceptional talent in the RB pool last draft, we scored big time. And I'm equally excited about what Williams and Mays might bring when they have a chance. But here's hoping for a long reign of the Montgomery/Jones era, which may prove even more devastating as a 1-2 punch. Your thoughts?

There is strength in numbers. Just look around the league at how many teams are starting their second, third or even fourth option at running back. There easily could come a time this year for Williams and/or Mays. Right now, Montgomery and Jones make a terrific 1-2 punch, but there's a reason Mike McCarthy talked about wanting a 1-4 punch this week.

Rick from San Francisco, CA

The number of comments about how the Packer defense isn't any better this year confound me. Last year we had two injured corners who are struggling to get playing time this year while healthy. King and Jones are instant starters. I'm not holding my breath on every pass (quite as hard). Clark took a jump. Biegel and Adams are waiting in the wings. The free-agent pickups are playing well. What is up with the negative attitude? Who of the young players on defense will have the most in-year growth? Is it someone playing now or will one of the injured players coming in light it up?

I'm not sure why fans react the way they do, but it seems many have a difficult time coming to terms with it being an offense-driven league. Watch any game on a Sunday, offenses move the ball. It's a game of containment. I expect continued growth from Clark this season. The guy has played in as many games as his age (22).

Andy from Saint Paul, MN

Gap control, gap control, gap control. Everyone stay in their lane…I'm looking at you Mr. Matthews! That is how we will beat the Vikings.

I know this has been a storyline in the past, but I think Matthews has been off to a phenomenal start against the run this season. He's doing a lot of positive things away from the ball and it's helped strengthen the defense.

Carl from Escanaba, MI

Do you think that Ty Montgomery is going to see the workload he saw before the injury given the game by Aaron Jones against Dallas?

Well, Montgomery was playing more snaps than any other running back in the league at the time of his injury. So I don't think it'd necessarily be a bad thing if the Packers have another option in the backfield.

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

I believe I read that Lane Taylor had never played tackle previously in his football career, which makes his play there even more impressive. I'm wondering if the new techniques he's learning the last few weeks will benefit him when he moves back to guard?

Any experience is valuable experience. I don't know how much it'll relate to Taylor's regular job, but there's no question developing his kick and getting the chance to neutralize edge rushers helps hone his pass protection.

Dan from Twin Lakes, WI

One more PUP question, if you please. If Biegel and/or Goodson were to practice next week, following the Vikings game, would they then be eligible to play versus the Saints? I know they have up to three weeks, but is there any minimum to that window?

There is no minimum. I still think it would be a big ask to have a rookie like Biegel who hasn't practiced since rookie orientation in May jump right in after missing so much time. I don't have a read on Goodson's situation after tearing his ACL last November.

Anton from Green Bay, WI

With Adams being the hot guy in the receivers' room and all the damage Jordy has done to the Vikings over the years, do you think Rhodes will travel with one of them or will he stay on one side of the field?


It depends how comfortable the Vikings feel with Trae Waynes and Terrence Newman covering the other two receiving options. Another factor to consider is whether Andrew Sendejo plays and can be effective. Rhodes is one of the best in the league, but there are more factors in play than himself that'll determine whether he travels. **

John from Denver, CO

When Elliott's suspension was first announced, I heard people hoping that his appeal wouldn't get him back in time for the game against the Packers. I for one believe you're more likely to be the best when you beat the best. What are your thoughts on the timing of Zeke's suspension?

It makes everything easier that the Packers won Sunday. I can only imagine what the outrage would've been if they'd lost to Dallas. The Cowboys don't have any other NFC North teams on their schedule, so the timing of his suspension doesn't really matter in my mind other than maybe the Atlanta game.

Bill from Raleigh, NC

Friday's Inbox had some questions and comments about how bad the defense has looked. Last year, it seemed we were just trying to get 11 somewhat healthy bodies on the field that were overwhelmed by their better offensive opponents. This year, it seems like we're competing well, and losing battles by small margins. With more experience and guys coming back from injuries, isn't it reasonable to hope for real improvement?

That's definitely reasonable. A good example of that is the depth Josh Jones and Kentrell Brice provide in the nitro defense. There's no panic with Morgan Burnett being ruled out. Whether those young players are needed later this season or not, that early experience will pay dividends for this defense in the long run.

Tim from Portage, WI

With the Jordy mystery solved, I am curious what it takes to keep these guys from just checking back in? Obviously respecting the coaches and trainers, but if they truly disagree, what stops them? Concussions they get their helmet taken but Jordy had his still and looked like he wanted in. Can you help me out?

*Coaches listen to doctors who listen to players. It takes an agreement from all parties to green light a player returning to the game. I wasn't privy to those conversations on the sideline, but Nelson has played this game long enough to know Pat McKenzie and his staff are looking out for his best interest – as a player and a person. *

Luke from Manchester, UK

The Giants losing their top four receivers kind of reminds me of how we finished the NFC Championship Game a couple of years ago. On my own internal depth chart we had receivers No. 4, 6 and 7 remaining. Do you think there is anyone worth signing for them who is still a free agent?

James Jones?

Luke from Carrboro, NC

So Clinton-Dix can get a new helmet when Burnett goes out, but the whole team is not allowed to have alternate helmets for the throwback uniforms. Doesn't that seem like an odd double standard?

I think you're comparing apples and avocados.

Phil from Plymouth, MN

Is the Lambeau Leap officially dead due to bobsledding, duck, duck, gray duck, and whatever else they dream up? Say it isn't so!

There are some new bells and whistles with the relaxed rules on NFL celebrations, but the Lambeau Leap will never die. It's sewn into the fabric.

Mike from Madison, WI

Long-time observer, first-time responder. My all-time favorite celebration was Walter Payton's, however I did enjoy the bobsled. Could you suggest to Adams the three-person save, volley and smash sequence?

I like it.

Tom from Iron River, WI

I'm with Bill from Fort Worth, the pros are well paid to do their jobs. Is succeeding at it really a need to celebrate? Do Wes and Mike celebrate in the press box when they complete a game story?

…no… (blushes)

Daniel from København, Denmark

Are the Eagles for real?

I think so. I really like that quarterback. He has "it." They started fast last year, too, but this is a more complete team.

Jake from Madison, WI

My comment is in response to the question Mike answered regarding college players getting paid. I've always been heavily against paying players. I realize the NCAA makes boatloads of money on the sports and not every player is on scholarship, but most players do get compensated by way of a free education. As a recent college grad with student loan debt, I can't even begin to tell you what I would do to get rid of it. The out-of-state tuition at FSU, for example, is just shy of $40K/year. Four years of free education there is a good chunk of "compensation." For those who go to the NFL, you get a national platform to show your skills and a free education. For those who don't make it, you get to enter the working world without a $300-500 monthly payment for the next 10 years. Just my opinion. What does Wes say?

Well, I don't think Spoff was stating an opinion. He was asked whether he thought players will be compensated someday and simply replied: "Yes." All I ask is whether a college education is enough compensation to not only obtain a college athlete's services on the field, but also use his or her likeness to sell tickets and merchandise? I'm not saying I have an answer, but it's a question worth asking.

Rich from Chicago, IL

I've enjoyed watching football since the Ice Bowl, but am puzzled about a few terms. What's a nickel, dime, and nitro? Where is the flat, and where is the slot? Is one of them over the middle?

In the Packers' defense, nickel is two defensive linemen, four linebackers and five defensive backs. Nitro is two defensive linemen, three linebackers and six defensive backs. Dime is one defensive lineman, four linebackers and six defensive backs. The flat is the area extending 10 yards from line of scrimmage to outside of hash marks to sideline. Slot is area between the offensive tackle (or in-line tight end) to the boundary. It's in "the middle."

Andrew from Dayton, OH

When you mention past games like the field goals against the Lions and Vikings from several years ago, is that off the top of the head or do you go back and research? If it's off the top, then props to your Rodgers-like memory.

I require more research about specific plays and yardage than Spoff, who has a tremendous memory.

Tristan from Dequincy, LA

How does Aaron Rodgers stay so patient in the clutch?

R-E-L-A-X. Rodgers' even-keeled mindset is the foundation of his greatness. Conor McGregor often talks about how his success is derived from being efficient with his energy. Rodgers epitomizes that. Nothing wasted with him.

Josh from Brandon, MS

I've been thinking about the future of the Packers a lot recently, primarily whoever is going to take over for Rodgers one day (hopefully not for a very long time). Do you feel as I do that whoever it is will have absurdly high expectations placed on them?

Yes, but that individual might be in grade school right now for all we know.

Alex from Milledgeville, GA

Good morning Insiders! I love the reference of Marty shooting the 3-pointer or jamming an alley-oop on a fast break. However, I believe Aaron Rodgers is more of a #midrange kind of guy. Got to respect the midrange.

Steph Curry might pull up at the 3-point line, but I agree Rodgers' fast break might go a few more steps.

Ralph from Peoria, IL

I heard TT traded up with three draft picks to get Clay Matthews. Is that true and if so, how many times has TT traded up like that?

It's true. All of it. To date, that's still the only time Thompson has traded back into the first round to draft a player.

Jack from Indianapolis, IN

How quickly will the wolves start howling for the Packers to sign NaVorro Bowman? I, for one, am against the idea. I can only imagine what the rest of the Inbox looks like.

Player is released. Fans submit questions and emails about the need for the Packers to sign Player. It's as predictable as the sunset.

Malte from Antalya, Turkey

I guess you've received many submissions about Bowman, but honestly would he even make this defense considering he's played in a 4-3 scheme this season and Blake Martinez's continued progression at LB?

You hit it on the head. Martinez is a young, ascending player who is playing the best football of his short career with the Packers. Why mess with that? Bowman is talented, but the Packers are in good standing with Martinez, Jake Ryan, Joe Thomas, Burnett and Jones rotating inside.

Alex from Muscatine, IA

Who is your favorite non-Packer currently in the NFL? Mine is David Johnson. He came out of UNI, grew up 20 minutes away from me, and has the heart of a lion. His story is amazing, too. Love what you guys do, keep up the good work!

Ryan Shazier. I just love the way he plays the game.

Andrew from Memphis, TN

I don't know much about Vikings commentator Paul Allen, other than his business card is far superior to mine, he doesn't care for Huey Lewis and the News, and he definitely can't get a reservation at Dorsia anymore.

Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark.

Jonnie from Detroit, MI

Insiders, I recently perused the home pages of several different teams because I was wondering if any of them had anything resembling the Insider Inbox. The answer is a resounding "No." I want to let you know I appreciate having a place where the people's voices can be heard, where perspective can be gained, and where your insights can help us improve as fans. It's like Lake Wobegon, but in Wisconsin. Keep up the good work!

You probably just proved other sites aren't as crazy as we are to write this column six times a week on top of all of our other duties, but it's a labor of love.

John from Denver, CO

In honor of Vic and due to my own distaste for the "sport" the rest of the world loves, if I see soccer questions in this column answered, I will simply close the blinds and move on to the next question. Thanks for the forum guys. I may not like it, but I respect your right to write what you write, all right?

All right.

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