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Three positives to take from season opener

Packers didn’t over-scheme for read option


Nick from Hornback, MO

Vic, despite the loss, there should be no room for panic among Packers fans. What three positives did you take away from the game yesterday?

1.) The Packers front seven on defense won the battle of the line of scrimmage. 2.) Eddie Lacy is a runner defenses will fear. 3.) The Packers are blessed with two talented young tackles.

Jason from Summerville, SC

What does a team do if they only have two active QBs on a roster during a game and both QBs get too injured to finish the game?

Mostly you're going to lose. I've only seen it happen once in my years covering football. It was in 1977 and Tony Dungy, a safety who had played quarterback in college at Minnesota, became the emergency quarterback and did a nice job in finishing the game with honor, in a losing effort, of course.

Todd from St. Paul, MN

I think Capers did a good job with our defense. Boldin beat us, not Kaepernick.

I think Colin Kaepernick could throw for 700 yards and Packers fans would still deny him his due. He turned in one of the finest passing performances I have ever covered.

Aaron from Eau Claire, WI

I don't think I heard Micah Hyde's name at all yesterday. Is that a good thing?

I had trouble finding him in coverage, and that says a lot for the coaches moving him around and making it difficult for the 49ers to target him. You don't hang out to dry a guy making his pro debut.

David from Laguna Beach, CA

When you play your starters so conspicuously little in the preseason, it invites speculation as to whether some of the instances of sloppiness, including a couple of uncharacteristic Aaron Rodgers missed throws, might have resulted from not enough reps.

What you're describing was a leaguewide issue in Week 1. I think the play in the Packers-49ers game was far better than what I saw in other games. The preseason is a problem. The league, in my opinion, has to reshape the preseason to force coaches to spend more time on preparation and less time on evaluation.

Dan from Rochester, MN

Can you please provide insight as to what you saw with the 49ers offense in regard to all the shifting pre-snap?

It's intended to disguise what the 49ers really want to do: run the ball. I thought it worked in creating doubt and hesitation in the Packers defense in last year's season opener, but it didn't work this time. The Packers were ready for the 49ers. They were prepared to take away the 49ers' bread and butter. Not having Casey Hayward and Morgan Burnett hurt in the pass game.

Tom from West Palm Beach, FL

Did we over-scheme for the read option?

I saw the Packers playing a lot of nickel and dime, and those are defenses for loading up against the pass, not the run. I know there's a natural tendency to blame the scheme, but the simple fact of the matter is that Packers defensive backs didn't hold their coverage long enough. I feel confident that'll change.

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