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To which era do you belong, Madden or pre-Madden?

Preseason is when we find out about players


Corey from Whitehall, PA

How about Bo Jackson? He could have been the greatest of all time if he didn't get hurt.

He was Jim Brown.

Ricky from La Crosse, WI

Vic, you presumptuous nit. Not all Packers fans despise Troy Aikman, as you so put it. Troy did not spurn the Packers when he was drafted; Troy was picked just ahead of the Packers. If Dallas doesn't pick him, Green Bay does. I'm sure, the professional Troy is, he would have embraced Green Bay with a stellar career. I took all my "that's" out, by the way. Are you happy? Oh yeah, jerk!


Nick from Seattle, WA

Vic, why is the safety position becoming more increasingly valued?

Because it's being moved toward the line of scrimmage.

J.D. from Palm Bay, FL

We all know you're a Bobby Layne fan, but until last night I didn't know he was Max McGee before Max McGee. As one commentator put it, "He accomplished the most in the NFL on the least amount of sleep." Did you have any idea of this when you first started idolizing him?

No, I just liked the way his nose bled. When I started covering the NFL, I developed a higher level of love for Layne from listening to stories told by a friend who was a long-time reporter. He covered Layne during his playing days and the two ran together. In my early days covering the Steelers, the reporters would go out to dinner together on the night before the game. One of my favorite stories from those Saturday nights on the road was told by my friend who ran with Layne. He told of an all-nighter that ended with Layne being fed coffee at a precinct station, and then leaving there on no sleep and heading to Pitt Stadium, where he set the all-time Steelers single-game passing-yards record that day. Those days are over, including the dinners the night before the game.

Jim from Tucson, AZ

The Packers have traditionally had a pretty good run defense. I think it's because we have a lot of practice with guys like Sayers, Peterson, Sanders and Payton. Can any other division list runners like that?

Brown, Harris, Campbell and Bettis?

James from Freehold, NJ

Vic, I just joined the work force in my first real job at 23. What should I look for in a good pair of khakis?

Crease is everything.

Chad from Hortonville, WI

Our company is shipping a new fire truck to the Hilltop Hose Company of Natrona Heights. Sound familiar?

The whistle blew every Tuesday night at 7:30 for the weekly meeting. I asked my mother what they did at that meeting. She said, "Drink and play cards."

Jonathan from Saint Joseph, MO

Thanks for posting that Aikman interview. You think that'll convince Packers fans he's just doing his job? A pretty good job at that!

He took time out in his busy day to sit down and answer every question I asked him, in depth and with sincerity. That's the respect he afforded Packers fans. He deserves the same in return.

Bill from Carlisle, IA

In your opinion, what was the greatest Packers team up to now?

The '62 team. An argument could be made for it being the greatest team of all time.

Ron from Cherry Valley, IL

Please elaborate. Can teams truly get a fair read on how talented a player is in OTAs without putting the pads on and mixing it up?

No. I'm not sure teams can get an accurate read on a player until the preseason games begin.

Theodore from St. Louis, MO

Who wins the coin toss in the Hall of Fame Game?

The Packers win the toss and elect to receive.

J.B. from Racine, WI

New York is the difference? You are poking the bear, buddy! Don't you realize the insecurity and inferiority complex we small-town Packers fans have? It's the reason we're always seeking affirmation that we measure up. I imagine your inbox is blowing up right about now.

It's not blowing up. Packers fans embrace their identity. They like being the team of the small town. It's just they want the rest of the free world to acknowledge Green Bay as the greatest place on the face of the earth and the Packers as the greatest sports franchise in the history of the world, and that's not going to happen. Pride can be frustrating.

Hans from Sahuarita, AZ

Rodgers is boycotting dairy products for his personal diet? How curd he? This can't be gouda for Wisconsin.

Udderly ridiculous.

Jaime from Chiapas, Mexico

The leadership styles of the coaches you've covered are quite diverse. Was there a common element?

They all have trademarks. Noll's teams were going to run the traps. Coughlin's teams were precision passers. Cowher was gonna blitz you. Del Rio's run fits are sacrosanct. McCarthy is about matchups.

Jerry from Wausau, WI

Vic, most of us are not literature or English majors! Who wrote the book "Burnt"? Is it even a book? Your answer to Scott was condescending and rude, as usual for you! Keep your questions and answers to football and the Packers or hang up your shiny little spurs there cowboy! Agree or are you just "Burnt" out?

I don't know.

Adam from Branchburg, NJ

Vic, do you get the pleasure to sit down and have extended conversations with the players? I can imagine the joy it'd bring you to chat with Mike Daniels for an hour and see him as a person.

I did a suite-holders conference call with Mike last season. I don't think there's a question I could've asked him he wouldn't answer.

Alan from Albuquerque, NM

Vic, where does Red Grange fit in the overall history of running backs?

His is the first head on Mt. Money.

John from Denver, CO

Vic, thank you for the knowledge and laughter. I would love to see an optional field where answer seekers could enter their age. Would you be interested in knowing what era readers grew up in?

There are only two eras: Madden and pre-Madden. I don't have any difficulty knowing to which era my readers belong.

John from Annapolis, MD

Our culture stole from Ali the prime years of his career. How do we repay him for that?

With peace.

Chris from Victor, ID

Vic, what is the biggest personality difference between reporters covering a single team and reporters who cover the entire league?

Reporters covering a single team talk about play-calling. Reporters covering the league talk about hotel rooms and airports.

Samuel from Jacksonville, FL

If I ever got in a back alley fight I would want Greg Jones by my side. Yourself?

Greg is one of the most easy-going, friendly, kind and caring men I have ever covered. I would not want him to be my protector in an alley fight. I want a guy who'd clothesline his mother. If you're alluding to Greg's physique, I'll tell you he's the most intimidating physical specimen I have ever seen. When he was a rookie, I told Fred Taylor that whatever the Jones kid is lifting, you better start lifting it.

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