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Traveling Packers fans will help team in Seattle

Roster younger, faster, deeper


Roger from La Crosse, WI

Vic, quiet the 12th man. Heavy doses of Eddie Lacy and short passes. Nothing worse for the home fans than 12-play, 80-yard drives.

I don't recall the noise being a big issue the last time the Packers played in Seattle. The Packers defense played very well in that game. That's how you quiet a noisy stadium. Don't give them anything to cheer.

Jeppe from Bramming, Denmark

I don't remember if everybody was this optimistic after last preseason. Is it always like this, or has this preseason actually been better than the normal preseason?

I think Packers fans sense something special about this team, and I think the preseason confirmed what the fans are feeling. Thursday night's game will be a better gauge.

Steve from Chanhassen, MN

My wife was awesome enough to surprise me with a flight and tickets to the game on Thursday for my 30th birthday. I couldn't be more excited for the season to start in an atmosphere like Seattle. Which matchup intrigues you more, the best quarterback/running back duo in the NFL vs. "The Legion of Boom," or the Seahawks offense vs. the Packers defense, for which there has been so much focus on improvement?

I'm intrigued by the matchups on the outside between the Seahawks' cornerbacks and the Packers wide receivers.

Jim from Grants Pass, OR

Vic, who is our second-string QB?

Matt Flynn is No. 2 on the depth chart.

Paul from Branchland, WV

It's time! No more lists, no more meaningless rankings. I am beyond excited at the speed and athleticism on both sides of the ball on this Packers team. Vic, how does this roster look in comparison to your first year in Green Bay?

It's younger, faster and deeper. It doesn't have the proven depth at wide receiver it had in 2011, but I have a feeling that by the end of this season this might be a better receiving corps than the one back then. You might remember, Greg Jennings missed a lot of time with a knee injury late in the 2011 season. By the time this season hits the midway point, young receivers such as Davante Adams and Jeff Janis might be establishing themselves in the offense. That's the great thing about a young team: Its arrow is pointing up.

Hans from Front Royal, VA

Vic, we all know the reputation Packers fans have for traveling to away games, but what is your expectation of the atmosphere in the stadium on Thursday night?

There was a representative contingent of Packers fans that attended the game in 2012. I expect the same for Thursday's game, and it'll help soften the din.

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