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Troy Aikman and Joe Buck praised the Packers

Game before bye week good time to rest injured players


Steve from Imperial, MO

I went to the official Washington Redskins' website, to see their fans' reactions to Brandon Meriweather's hits. The majority of their comments are very anti-Meriweather. Maybe another sign that the football culture is changing?

Yes, it's a sign the culture is changing. I sense it in myself, but it's a tough change. It's not going to happen fully overnight. These are exciting times because we are witnessing the greatest shift in this game's history. I hope I'm still around to see the final result of this shift. This is just the beginning.

Scott from Greensburg, IN

How will our defense need to change to play against a more conventional quarterback in Andy Dalton?

Dalton's a nibbler, but he has home run hitters at the receiver positions. It's an interesting combination. Don't go to sleep on the Bengals. They have weapons, on both sides of the ball.

Paul from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, both the loss against the 49ers and the win against the Redskins have just got me hankering for some divisional play. I can't wait to see how we stack up against what seems to be a very good NFC North. What better way to assess your team than in big games against your biggest rivals.

It begins following the bye week. I've always liked divisional play. I think the twice-a-year format is wonderful.

David from Culver City, CA

Considering Andy Dalton is not exactly a new-age, mobile QB, is it safe to assume the Packers are going to be coming with a faster, harder blitz, considering they do not have to worry about containing him?

That's a good thought, but Dalton is a get-the-ball-out-quickly kind of quarterback. The Bengals throw a lot of short stuff, partly because Dalton's game is accuracy, not arm strength. My guess is the Packers' game plan will include more press-type coverage in the secondary, to compensate for the short, quick passes the Bengals throw. You need to pick your spots to blitz against that kind of offense. You need to get the Bengals in second-and-long, third-and-long situations, when Dalton will need to take a deeper, longer set. Winning first down will be critical on Sunday. The Bengals are not a fast-paced, dynamic offense. They're about ball control. They move the chains with a possession passing attack.

Kramer from Saint Charles, MO

Vic, Burnett for the Bengals?

I got the sense from Mike McCarthy last Friday that he's going to take the safe route with Morgan Burnett. It's been my experience that teams hold back on players trying to recover from injuries, in games that precede bye weeks.

Jason from Summerville, SC

Such a classy move by Rodgers and the entire Packers organization. Rodgers could have broken the franchise record for passing yards in a game but instead took three knees. Some things are more important than stats.

After the game, Rodgers said he had no idea he was tied with Matt Flynn for the Packers' all-time, one-game passing record. I think he's honestly happy to share the record. My favorite such story involves a favorite player of mine, Frank Pollard, a try-hard running back who was a great guy and a tough football player. Late in the final game of Pollard's career, his position coach called down from the press box to the head coach, to inform him that Frank only needed three yards to move into third place on the team's all-time rushing list. Pollard was sent back into the game and promptly moved into third place … ahead of his position coach.

Ginger from Peshtigo, WI

Can we please get an announcer on TV besides Troy Aikman, who decidedly dislikes (the Packers) and is so obvious he takes the pleasure out of listening to the game on TV?

I was able to watch the final minutes of the telecast of Sunday's game. I listened to Aikman praise the Packers. He and Joe Buck went on and on about the Packers' great tradition and history. I mean, the praise and adulation was getting a little over the top. Is there any chance we might be a little too sensitive?

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