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Two theories; which do you support?


Kathleen from Madison, WI

In the San Diego game last year, Aaron was talking about a throw to Jordy: "It was a one on one, over the top on the line, not a big lollipop." What does he mean by not a big lollipop?

My guess is he was referring to the arc of the pass being a little flatter and the velocity of the pass being a little faster, instead of throwing something high and soft out there that Nelson could run under. I'm thinking there was a safety over the top and Rodgers wanted to get the ball to Nelson before the safety arrived.

Grant from Darlington, WI

My high school still has a blocking sled.

You live in a good place.

Jeff from Tempe, AZ

Vic, would you describe the Packers offense last season as explosive or consistent? I would say consistent.

When I think of a consistent offense, I think of a ball-control, run-the-ball, convert-third-down type of attack. When I think of an explosive offense, I think of a throw-it-from-anywhere-on-the-field type of offense. I consider the Packers to have an explosive offense. I will allow that they were consistent in their explosiveness.

Brian from Stanley, WI

With all the emphasis in the division on stopping the Packers offense, what are the other teams doing to defeat our offensive strategy?

They probably spent a lot of energy in the offseason on down-and-distance tendencies. What do the Packers like to do on second-and-long, third-and-short, etc.? They probably looked real hard at the Chiefs and Giants tapes to see what those teams did defensively to beat the Packers. You look for weaknesses you can expose. When you're in the same division with a team that dominated on one side of the ball as the Packers did, you know you have to spend a lot of time scouting that team and strategizing to defend against them, to have any chance of winning the division. Oh, one more thing: I have no doubt that the Bears, Lions and Vikings spent a lot of time on the Packers' back-shoulder pass.

Dean from Boston, MA

You're probably awaiting next Thursday with as much anticipation as I am. How many possessions do you think we'll see Rodgers and our WR/TE starters versus San Diego?

It wouldn't surprise me if they were one and done. I'm anxious to see Graham Harrell play. I think he's one of the players of greatest interest heading into the preseason.

Bob from Rossford, OH

Interesting comments on Worthy learning the two-gap technique. What makes the change so challenging, and is the challenge of changing techniques to match a team considered in where Worthy was drafted?

The difference between two-gapping and penetrate-and-disrupt is the difference between power and quickness. Two-gapping is all about having the power and strength to hold the point of attack. The penetrate-and-disrupt style of play, which was Jerel Worthy's calling card at Michigan State, is about beating the count and getting into the gap before the lineman opposite you can cut you off. Two-gapping teams have no choice but to draft gap-control guys because that's about all that's being played in college football these days, what with the proliferation of spread offenses and their wide line splits. I'm sure the Packers looked at Worthy's size and decided he can become a two-gapper. That doesn't mean his quickness won't be used effectively. He's being used in the Packers' two-linemen nickel, which isn't a hold-the-point defense. He'll have quick-twitch freedom in that defensive alignment. Why not do that all the time? Because the Packers have a guy named Clay Matthews, and another guy named Nick Perry whom the Packers believe can do some of the things Matthews does, and it's important to keep the blockers off those guys so they can use their athletic ability to penetrate and disrupt. Linemen are not the stars of the 3-4; the linebackers are.

Steve from Orrington, CT

Is Donald Driver still an impact player?

He has been in this training camp. He's gotten amazing separation from the coverage in this camp. He's one of those rare players whose legs stay young deep into their career.

Nick from Hollandale, WI

How much do you think this season's second-year players will improve from last season, and mainly which players in particular?

Randall Cobb's role is being expanded. Davon House is competing for a starting job. I think D.J. Smith is doing the same. M.D. Jennings is competing for playing time on defense, not just special teams. I think Alex Green is an important man in the Packers' running game. Brandon Saine appears to be fitted for a role as a complementary back. D.J. Williams can fit himself into a motion-tight end, H-back role. I think all of those players from last year's rookie crop are more prominent in the Packers' plans for this season. What about Derek Sherrod? We await his return from the leg injury that ended his rookie season. When his recovery is complete, Sherrod will no doubt fit into a specific role.

Darrek from Grand Junction, CO

When players get elected to the Hall of Fame, do they get to choose which team they go in under? Reggie White played the majority of his career with the Eagles, yet, he went in as a Packer, so I assume there are other demographics in the process.

I don't understand why fans have this perception that a player who's played for more than one team in his career must choose which team he'll represent when he's inducted into the Hall of Fame. He enters the Hall of Fame as the representative of his total career, which includes all of the teams for which he played. He doesn't wear the uniform of one team when he makes his induction speech. Jim Taylor played for the New Orleans Saints, and his time with the Saints is noted just as his time with the Packers is. Vince Lombardi coached the Washington Redskins, and it's acknowledged in Lombardi's Hall of Fame credentials, along with Lombardi's time as Packers coach. I think what you're asking is: For what team will fans remember Reggie White having played? I think most will remember him for his days with the Packers, a lot will remember him for his days on that powerful Eagles defensive line with Jerome Brown, and maybe even a few fans will remember White for the year he spent with the Panthers.

Jeff from Saint Paul, MN

I believe you've said Dom Capers' 3-4 defense is all about disguising the blitz. Since most of the defense played in the preseason is the base defense, how much of the defense's potential will we get to see in these preseason games?

You won't see much in the way of scheme. You're going to see players put into one-on-one matchups for the purpose of evaluating their physical skill.

Robert from Harvel, IL

Vic, here is my bold prediction: No quarterback will throw for over 5,000 yards this year. The reason for this prediction is that defenses have an entire offseason this year to prepare more thoroughly, and defensive coordinators will go to extreme measures to ensure they have a myriad of defensive backs and enough speed on the field to be able to match up with receivers and rush the quarterback.

I think that's a sound theory. Here's another theory: Head coaches will have decided that it's futile trying to buck the trend and try to win with defense. Head coaches will have decided to join the trend toward offense, open the playbook, up the tempo and try to score to win, which will produce more Lions-Packers type games, resulting in a barrage of 5,000-yard passers and maybe even a quarterback who'll threaten the 6,000-yard mark. Wadda ya think?

Parvati from Santa Monica, CA

How good do you think our secondary can be? I love the competition at corner and safety, as well as the secondary competing daily with Aaron Rodgers and our receiving corps.

The secondary was winning the battle of training camp, until last night. Last night, they got carved up by Aaron Rodgers and company. I'm looking forward to the secondary's response in tonight's Family Night scrimmage.

Mitch from Tomah, WI

Best candidate for most improved on the Packers roster?

Davon House.

Ryan from Jackson, TN

How do you feel about Jermichael Finley?

The real Jermichael Finley arrived at training camp last night. I think he's going to have a huge year.

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