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Under the radar or sing their praises? Pick one

Should Pete Carroll get coach of the year?


Michael from Berlin, Germany

Vic, I don't watch college football a whole lot but when I do I am always stunned to see so many people at hand there. There seems to be a crowd of 80,000-plus for virtually every game. Who are all of those people in the stadium? How come they all seem to be more supportive of their team than any fan base in any pro sport around the world?

They're students and people who once were students, and they're either under the influence of youth or want to still be under the influence of youth.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, why are the television ratings for college football so low?

It's for a very sad reason: Eventually, we grow up.

Evan from Costa Mesa, CA

Vic, I respectfully disagree with your "Ask Vic Extra!" reader who requested that you stick to Packers-only Q&A in this column. This is the only place I know of where I can get an eclectic mixture of Packers analysis and football history. Keep it up.

I will.

Mark Iola, WI

"Run-up hits in the middle of the field are threatening the future of the game. The middle of the field is the danger zone. In my opinion, we have to reshape the game so defenders are running with receivers, not at them." Vic, what would you think of a rule requiring all defensive players to be within 5-10 yards of the line of scrimmage?

You, sir, are a genius.

Sean from Cortland, NY

Vic, I'm frustrated and a hypocrite right now. I truly do like that the Packers fly under the radar all the time. It shows that the Packers have minimal negative drama for the media to go crazy over and it also keeps the players and fans from getting too overconfident, however, I can't shake off how the Packers seem to never get credit when credit is due. I just listened to the NFL Network guys talk about the NFC North and two of the four guys picked Detroit because of our weak offensive line and their dominant defensive line. Does anyone remember a few weeks ago when our line owned their defensive front and made that game almost easy for us? The NFL guys chalked that up to no Megatron and I know he is one player who does make a huge difference. The last time I checked, though, he doesn't play defensive line. Why is everyone stuck on the past and not seeing the beauty unfold in front of them of a team that made necessary drastic changes and is doing so faster than any of us thought possible with great success?

So which is it, under the radar, or in the limelight? You have to pick, Sean. If you want the praise, you have to accept the alternative.

Sam from De Pere, WI

Vic, I'm with you on the Packers-Vikings rivalry being more heated than Packers-Bears. I've been to Packers-Bears games at both Lambeau and Soldier Field, and in both places everyone is as nice as can be. However, I don't know if everyone agrees. Last year I drove down Oneida Street during Bears week, and one of the houses had a teddy bear in a Walter Payton jersey hanging from a tree in the front yard, by a noose. Yikes!

You know, that's kind of cute and sick at the same time. Why am I so sure that it was intended to be cute?

Nick from Las Cruces, NM

I can't bring myself to give Reid the coach of the year for the same reason I couldn't give it to Harbaugh a couple of years ago. The pre-Reid Chiefs, like the pre-Harbaugh 49ers, had been picking in the top 10 for nearly a decade. They were stacked with talent. I understand the value of good coaching, but I feel that an average coach could eventually get all that talent to produce. Also, they haven't beaten a team with a winning record.

Pete Carroll?

Ryan from Lancaster, CA

Vic Ketchman: A Football Life. I'd watch it.

Here's a part you'd probably like. Vic asking Greg Lloyd a question during media day at the start of training camp: "Greg, what are your thoughts, if any, on the upcoming season?" Lloyd: "Just to get the hell away from you."

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