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Weather shouldn't be a factor on Sunday

Patriots are scheming personnel, not schemes



Rick from Appleton, WI

Vic, you like to watch. So do we. We're proud of the hard work you do with our Packers. You like drama and the story but something tells me tomorrow's game is going to be special to you in a different way, and I have no idea how or why. You'll be there early, won't you?

I arrive early for every game. I'll remember this game for the two quarterbacks that are playing in it and, hopefully, for the excitement it'll generate, but this one doesn't hold anything special for me. I'm not as gaga about this game as the fans are. I don't know why, I'm just not. I think there are going to be much bigger games ahead for this team.

Noah from Brisbane, Australia

Vic, which player do you see having the greatest impact on the game?

The winning quarterback, of course.

Kaleb from Boulder, CO

Vic, does the snow and cold affect this game being billed as a shootout? I was under the impression snow was a ground-and-pound kind of environment.

Weather is not supposed to be a factor tomorrow. The temperatures during the game are expected to hover around 30 degrees. Winds are predicted to be light and there's no snow in the forecast. The predicted weather conditions are perfect for the passing game.

Randy from Medicine Hat, Alberta

I just had a bone-chilling gas fill up, much like you experienced last winter. Did you have to chip ice off the gas fill door for five minutes before you filled up, like I did?

No, but I nearly got locked out of my car yesterday when I came out of work. The automatic locks didn't work. I thought I would have to break in through the trunk, but then I pushed the lock thing again and the windows went down. Push the lock button, the locks lock. Push the unlock button, the windows go down. I don't know.

Scott from Nashville, TN

A few years ago, I would've been hoping the Lions would lose more games. After reading your column for a while, I want the Lions to win. I want the last game to be for the division.

Don't fear the moment, live in it.

Nick from Monroe, WI

I know you and other reporters are thinking this game will be a high-scoring shootout, but is it wrong of me to want to see an old-school, defensive, run-the-ball kind of game?

You might be suffering from Ketchman Syndrome. Do you have a strong urge to listen to the Bee Gees and wear bell-bottom pants?

Paul from Tampa, FL

What is your take on New England's so-called theme-of-the-week approach to game planning?

I like it because it means they're scheming personnel instead of scheming schemes.

Lauren (11 years old) from Monticello, MN

Vic, I had a dream the Packers were going through the Red Sea and the Patriots were chasing them and when the Packers got through, the water crashed down on the Patriots (like Moses and Pharaoh). What do you think this means?

I think it means you go to Bible school, but you don't believe in love thy neighbor.

Ben from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, I gotta say, I am getting tired of hearing all these Rodgers-Brady comparisons, reading about how we are going to stop Gronk, people talking about how big of a homefield advantage Lambeau is, the list goes on. I can't wait for Sunday to finally be here so we can see for ourselves the answers to all these questions.

I agree. At kickoff on Sunday, I'm going to whisper to myself, "Well, Vic, the baloney stops now," except I'm not going to say baloney.

Eric from Mequon, WI

Vic, if you were a GM in desperate need of a running game, would you sign Ray Rice?


Keith from Lake Forest, IL

Vic, let me try to shed some light on the Richard Sherman thing for you. He is the best player, on the best defense, on the best team. Packers fans know you gotta beat the best if you wanna be the best.

That's such baloney. It was the first game of the season. Hey, if you wanna be the best, you have to win in the postseason.

Ward from Park City, IL

How many wins do you think it would take to have the best NFC record and have homefield advantage?

I think 13 will do it. Twelve would be iffy but it might get the Packers a first-round bye and home field for the second playoff game. I'd be satisfied with the second seed.

John from Roma, Lazio

Vic, I am currently studying to be a priest for the Catholic Church overseas in Rome. As such, I won't be able to come to an "Ask Vic" day until my studies are complete. I sure hope you're right for the Packers down the road but, given your own acknowledgement of a rapidly approaching retirement, I hope I can sit down and meet you one day anyway. I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for the column and your professional integrity.

I wanted to be a priest, but they wouldn't let me. Here's the story: When I was going to Catholic grade school, I went to a retreat at a local seminary. We'd get up early, go to mass, go to religion class and then go outside to play ball. After lunch, we'd go to religion class and then go outside to play ball. After dinner, we'd go outside to play ball and then go to church before bedtime. Hey, that's a lot of ball, and I loved it. At the end of the week, I went to one of the priests and said I wanted to become a priest. He started laughing. It bothered me. Hey, I was an altar boy. I paid for that mistake I made by shining all of the shoes in the sacristy. Where's the forgiveness, you know? Well, the priest stops laughing and he says, "My son, I've heard you on the ballfield. Not all of us hear the calling."

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