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What about tonight's game?

If the Browns want to leap, let 'em leap


Raff from Wallingford, CT

Vic, it seems like Seattle is peaking at the right time. All I want for Christmas is a rematch at Lambeau.

The Seahawks looked powerful against the Eagles. I've never seen them play with more quickness and resolve on defense, and Russell Wilson's unique style is a problem for opposing defenses. I love the Seahawks' energy. That team bears its coach's personality, and that's the mark of a focused team. They will be difficult to beat in the postseason if they play as they did on Sunday, regardless of where the game is played.

Jacob from Onalaska, WI

Vic, I am excited. Thanks to the Seahawks winning, this gives a competitive feeling to just win, baby. How important is homefield advantage? I do not want to go to Seattle for the playoffs.

I think you answered your own question.

Nate from Corvalis, OR

I used to not be able to watch the intro to the "Final Thoughts" video. Now I can't get enough of it.

Has football also become more enjoyable for you?

Matt from Stillwater, OK

What do you think of the four teams chosen for the college football playoff?

I think they got it right, but I still don't like the system because it remains subjective. I want a system that's equitable for all.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, I'm going to the game tonight. What do you think of this game?

I think it's difficult to imagine the Packers losing without the Falcons forcing a rash of turnovers.

Matt from Reno, NV

Vic, with a Packers-less Sunday, I watched the Browns game with my dad. On one of their touchdowns, the player leaped into the Dog Pound. Shouldn't that have been a penalty for excessive celebration? I thought the Lambeau Leap was grandfathered in when the NFL started cracking down on those. Is this true or am I just being biased?

You're biased, of course, but that goes with being a Packers fan and believing all other teams in the league have been put there merely for the Packers to beat. I don't know what the rule is; I'm not a big celebration guy. What I will tell you is that I would have a serious problem with the rule on leaping into the stands favoring one team. If the Browns wanna leap into the Dog Pound, let 'em leap, or nobody leaps.

Jed from Mahtomedi, MN

Vic, do you think the 49ers' window is closing? Seems like some major roster turnover is looming. Have you ever wondered how things may have unfolded if they had stuck with Alex Smith? He was consistently playing some very efficient ball at the time they switched QBs.

He had ample opportunity to prove he was "The Man," and he never did. Colin Kaepernick nearly got the 49ers a Super Bowl title; I don't believe Smith wouldn't have taken that team to the Super Bowl. It often happens to elite teams that they have to re-tool in the middle of a run. I saw it happen to the Steelers in the middle of their Super Bowl run of the '70s. Didn't it happen to the Packers in the '60s? I think the 49ers are headed for change in the offseason.

Ben from Greenville, WI

You weren't kidding, Vic. There's a new sheriff in town, indeed. The talent disparity on that field was pretty clear. Will Urban Meyer and, for the sake of discussion, a guy like Jim Harbaugh (if he were to take the job at Michigan) be able to open that pipeline to SEC talent in the Big 10?

Meyer came from the SEC and he knows how to play SEC football. James Franklin is another one. Penn State is coming off its Sandusky penalties now and they live in a very fertile recruiting ground that is the population center of America. Watch out for Penn State. Michigan will get itself turned around, and so will the Big Ten. The epicenter of the conference will likely be its eastern half. If you're going to compete with those three, you better begin recruiting better players.

Zach from Peoria, IL

Vic, knowing how you like a little gamesmanship, what did you think of Jeff Fisher sending out for the coin toss all six players the Rams acquired from the trade for the No. 2 pick in the 2012 draft that resulted in the Redskins drafting struggling RG3?

Coach Fisher has always had a little edge that rubs people the wrong way. I enjoy it because it adds flavor that lends itself well to writers. Fisher's Titans were the only team to beat the Jaguars in 1999, but they did it three times, which prompted Coach Fisher to proclaim the Jaguars' home field as the Titans' home field, since the Titans won on it twice that season. That remark was made immediately following an AFC title game win on that field. Ouch! At the time, the Titans were coming off four consecutive years of having different home fields: Astrodome, Liberty Bowl, Vanderbilt and the new stadium in Nashville.

Chris from Clam Lake, WI

We often see team owners shown on TV, but it doesn't seem like we see shots of Ted Thompson as often during games. Does he attend all the games or is he sometimes off scouting?

He attends the games and, when the Packers are on the road, Thompson sits just a few seats down from me in the press box. What do you think would happen to me if I photobombed a TV shot of Thompson?

Eric from Appleton, WI

I've read your column for some time now, and while I think you have a good eye for football, I'm shocked no one has taken you to task for your writing. One word summation: dreck. To call yourself a writer is a joke. "Hey, fans, just going back to the well to regurgitate hapless words I've conned off as refreshing moments in between miles on my dreck mill players, not plays." Learn to write, or do not. I guarantee your answer will be the equivalent to a punt. First down on your own 20, hack.

That's some powerful writin' there, Eric.

Luke from Fitchburg, WI

I would be tremendously frustrated if I were an NFL defender today. Did you see the Patriots get robbed of a pick-six in the third quarter of last night's game? What is a defender supposed to do, stand still and watch the receiver catch the ball?

That was an I-think-it's-time-to-go-to-bed moment.

Tim from Normal, IL

Vic, I don't think people realize we are as close to the No. 1 seed as we are to being the odd man out in the NFC. There is a real chance an 11-5 team, and possibly even a 12-4 team, goes home. Just win, baby.

Relax, for now. When we get to the Lions game, you may stop relaxing.

Jacob from Spooner, WI

What were/are your opinions on the Falcons trading up for Julio Jones?

I thought it was risky. I'm not big on drafting receivers high, let alone trading up for them. In defense of what they did, they got it right.

Dan from Madison, WI

Did you happen to catch the lack of fan attendance for the Jags game? It was truly a heartbreaking scene. Will they remain in Jacksonville?

The team is out of contention, suffering through another miserable season, and it rained. It's not fair that the Jaguars fan base has been targeted for criticism for lack of support.

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