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What does a great offense do?

Rams' offense perfect for Nick Foles


Ken from Medford, WI

Some players have admitted they view the Jumbotron when in the open field. Sometimes it seems Aaron Rodgers has eyes in the back of his head when in the pocket. Is the Jumbotron a 12th man on the field?

I don't believe it's a tool Aaron Rodgers can use, but I've seen runners in the open field use it to see who's chasing them and how far behind they are. I don't like that. I don't think it's fair.

Leonardo from San Jose, Costa Rica

Vic, which offensive system is Nick Foles more prolific or better in, the Rams or the Eagles?

I think the Rams' offense is perfect for Foles, who's a big, strong pocket passer. That kind of quarterback blends well with a commitment to a strong running game, as it helps protect the passer and promotes the play-action game. Foles is also playing behind two high-round tackles. Along with Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin, Foles and the young Rams offense should grow together. I see the trade as fortuitous for Foles.

Jason from Pleasant Grove, UT

Vic, as you always say, a coach needs time to get the right guys and teach his system. I'll give Chip Kelly a little longer, but do you think he puts too much weight in scheme instead of in players? That works better in college than it does in the NFL.

Yes, Kelly is a big scheme guy, but even Kelly will tell you it's players, not plays, because only players move. It can't ever be plays; it always has to be players, and that's especially true in scheme-heavy offenses because they're more difficult to execute than a Lou Holtz six-play offense. Whatever it is, execute it. The problem Kelly is facing is change. The Eagles have undergone a complete makeover of personnel, scheme and concepts. They have to scout differently. They have to draft differently. They have to teach differently. They have to practice differently. That kind of massive change requires a deep commitment, and I have to believe the Eagles knew as much when they hired Kelly and agreed to make that kind of commitment. A little longer isn't long enough. He has to be given a lot longer.

Gary from Portland, OR

Vic, you insightfully noted a good defense denies points and a great defense denies everything. What does a good offense and a great offense do?

A good offense takes what you give it. A great offense takes what it wants.

Aaron from Oregon City, OR

I really just want you to know (that) I live for "Ask Vic" every day. I drive my irrational fan friends insane with the perspective I've gained through the past few years of reading your work. "Ask Vic" literally changed my life because of the perspective I've gained. The playoff loss to the Giants in 2011 after going 15-1 hurt for what felt like years, but last year, when I saw the team falling apart in the final 3:52, I calmly accepted what had happened, turned off the TV and moved on with my life, and it really hasn't bothered me since. I enjoy the game now because of you, because I can accept defeat for what it is, a loss in a game that is supposed to be fun.

Everything you just said about me I can say about the people who grace me with their questions every day. I learn from them. They've changed my life. They've shaped my perspective. I live for my inbox. It's where my friends live.

Ricky from St. Louis, MO

Vic, as much as you hate soccer, I hope you still respect the athletes. Those guys train as hard as any other sport, especially cardio. Half the people who read this column, including you, probably can't run 100 yards and back without feeling like you can't walk for the rest of the day.

They can stop. I won't be offended.

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