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What does Jim Schwartz tell Ndamukong Suh?

The eve of the big game is upon us; nothing to do but to do it


Lane from Ocoee, FL

Vic, do you think Atlanta's season has changed the perception of Matt Ryan? Other QBs such as Manning and Brady have been able to withstand drop-offs at other positions and maintained the ability to get into the playoffs, despite the drop-off in talent around them. It seems as though Ryan's still good but not a guy that can carry a franchise. Am I overreacting?

Manning (I assume you mean Peyton) and Brady are not "other quarterbacks." One is the greatest regular-season quarterback in history and the other one ranks with Unitas and Montana. Our standards have become so high that we're losing our ability to appreciate anything that isn't of the highest order. Ryan can carry my franchise anytime.

John from Camarillo, CA

Vic, I'm stunned by your answer to Jason. I spoke with my nephew yesterday (a season ticket holder) and he agreed we should have kicked the point. By the way, I was at the Packer Bar in Santa Monica and just about everyone around me was shocked we went for two.

That settles it; your nephew and a bar in Santa Monica. Clearly, the Packers should've gone for one.

Jackson from Evansville, IN

Vic, while I appreciate your careful approach to the cap, I respectfully disagree. I completely agree on how the chances of the player being a bust are much higher than the player being of quality talent, but before our collection of defensive backs was depleted, we knew we needed a good safety opposite Burnett. Ted did a fantastic job of drafting, as usual, but it seems the safety position is still badly in need of new, good talent. While I understand your concern for the cap, has anything great ever been accomplished by someone who played it safe? Fair question, Vic?

It's a fair question. Here's another fair question: Do you think there's any chance I'm going to change my mind? Do you think there's any chance that before the sun crashes into the Earth, forcing the NFL to cancel its games for that weekend, there's any chance I will promote the pursuit of high-priced free agents at the risk of plunging the Packers into the kind of salary cap hell that brought nuclear winter to the previous team I covered? If you have a dog, you have a better chance of convincing him, or her, teams should spend a lot of money in free agency.

Lynn from Los Alamos, NM

Does McCarthy not ruling out Rodgers for this week force the Lions into preparing for both him and Flynn?

Probably, but it's not a big deal. I mean, what does Jim Schwartz tell his defensive backs: If Rodgers plays we need to cover better? What does he tell Ndamukong Suh: If Rodgers doesn't play, don't go for the collarbone? Suh doesn't care whose collarbone he breaks; he just wants to break a collarbone, any collarbone. What does Schwartz tell Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson: If Rodgers plays, we need to score more points? If Rodgers plays, the Lions might play more double-high safety or tear some blitzes out of their call sheet, but those are easy adjustments to make. We've had some fun the past few days. I kind of wish this game was being played on Sunday because I think we could've had even more fun this week, and I have a feeling Rodgers might've played in this game had it been in a long week. Be that as it may, this is the day before Thanksgiving, the eve of the big game. It's time to put all of the intrigue behind us and get ready for blocking and tackling. There's nothing left to do now but to do it.

Alex from Chapel Hill, NC

Vic, I am an admittedly winsome Packers fan. As a winsome individual, I was really disappointed in Josh Sitton's comments about the Lions defense yesterday. He may be correct, but I feel like verbalizing it in the way he did makes the Packers organization look bad. Evan Dietrich-Smith handled himself with much more class two years ago after the stomping incident. Did Josh bring negative attention to our team, or should I brush this off as a tough-game-for-tough-guys incident?

Yeah, I'd brush it off as that. I think Packers fans worry too much about image. I've never associated the word classy with football; this is a new one for me. I like my football a little on the dark side. Frankly, I think this team needs more of that. I think all those scraps in training camp were a good thing for this team. I think they changed the running game. I'm OK with what Sitton said, but he's gotta back it up. He's calling himself out. I think that's a good thing. I also think he's sending a message to fans: This team is emotionally invested in this game. Remember that as you watch tomorrow's game. You're going to get the best this team has to give.

Max from Dayton, OH

Whatever practice Flynn got or didn't get was the coaches' decision last week. Your no-huddle argument is weak. Which QB was more prepared for the no-huddle? Don't assume you know the answer, Vic; take the time to find the answer. With Tolzien, we almost never ran the no-huddle. With Flynn, we ran it most of the time he was in the game.

There's a big difference between playing without huddling, and running the no-huddle. Don't assume you know the difference; take time to find out what the difference is. Here's a hint: Mike McCarthy said he had never called a game like that before and he never wanted to do it again.

Kurt from Tampa, FL

Vic, what are the chances Jeremy Ross finally helps us out tomorrow?

He returned a punt 42 yards last week.

Ted from DeForest, WI

So if I make a reference to "Christmas Vacation," you'll post my question? Don't tick me off, Vic.

You've got a lot of nerve talking to me like that, Ted. By the way, Ted, don't forget to read "Ask Vic Halftime" tomorrow.

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