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What grade has T.J. Lang earned through six games?

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Hi, everybody. Let's go.        

Comment From Mike D

Do you feel Lacy is that banged up or was there something more to his lack of carries in the Charger game?

He had an ankle injury. We all know that. Let's assume it limited his carries. I think we're obsessing on this.

Comment From Shane

What hall of fame question do you most easily remember?

It's the Jerry Kramer question. I think Cliff Christl has answered it. He's a member of the HOF selection committee.

Comment From Jon

The weather is turning Vic. It's almost go-time.

It's hot down here.

Comment From Richard Rudersdorf

Nate Palmer has been a pleasant surprise, wouldn't you agree

He's another proud product of draft and develop. It's not only how you win, it's how you sustain winning.

Comment From Paul

Do you see anyone in the NFC north making the playoffs other than the Packers?

Why do we continue to ignore the Vikings?

Comment From DDirk

Will we see some screen passes to slow down those edge rushers? We love the screen pass.

I live for the day when every play the Packers run is a screen pass. It is the greatest play in the history of the world.

Comment From PackMan

Should there be a Hall of Fame for sportswriters? Who would be the first inductee?

There is a Hall of Fame for sportswriters. It's in the Hall of Fame and it's called the McCann award.

Comment From Salvador

I want to know more of the NFL in WW2 times, where should I start?

Google Steagles.

Comment From Adam

Since Green bay has a bye what games are you looking forward to watching?

I don't even know who's playing. This is my bye week. I have completely detached myself from football, other than "Ask Vic" and its family.

Comment From Guest

I see that Damarious Randall has allowed a catch rate of only 42%. Second best in the NFL. Pretty impressive.

That is impressive, but I'm not big on stats unless I know what they mean.

Comment From PackMan

Do the Niners miss Harbaugh that much, or is their collapse the result of all the retirements?

Attrition has hurt them. It'll happen to every team. Please, don't chortle. It's a curse.

Comment From Mike D

why do you continually answer questions and comments that have no relation to the packers?

I do the best I can. Ask a question right now and I promise I'll answer it.

Comment From Adam

What is your favorite Ed Sabol production?

He did one on Joe Namath about the magic bean. I loved it.

Comment From Mark

Any thoughts on having two bye weeks for teams? Give the players an extra week to heal towards the end?

It happened in '92 or about then. It was too much. It was awful.

Comment From Mike D

Like others, frustrated why the Packers don't use Janis more. Thoughts?

Mike, I mean no disrespect, but the question you've just asked has been asked often. Isn't the answer obvious?

Comment From John

I for one, am looking forward to our two games left with the Vikings. They will not be as easy as many in Packerland think.

They could define the season.

Comment From Bill

Vic, what grade do you give T.J. Lang through the first 6 games this year ?

He's one of the best guards in the league.

Comment From nik

I read the McCarthy was the only coach to give his team the entire week off....a great leader knows what his team needs and isn't afraid to be unconventional.

I trust Coach McCarthy to make the right decisions.

Comment From Guest

Vic, whats your prediction on our next two road games? Personally I would be happy if we split them..

Win them both. I see no reason to believe it can't be done.

Comment From Paul

What is your favorite Vince Lombardi quote? What is your favorite Chuck Noll quote?

I like the Lombardi quote about winning being the only thing. Chuck was fond of saying a player who retired has gone on to his life's work.

Comment From Bretts Favre-its

Which do you prefer in these chat sessions? Questions, comments or concerns?

I don't like the same, old stuff. I like something new and thought-provoking.

Comment From JB

Hi Vic, what are your thoughts on WR pick plays? It seems like teams such as the Patriots are using this quite willingly, even though it's supposed to be illegal. From what I've ready, the Patriots theory is that if only 1/5 get called, then continue doing it... With more dink and dunk passes, and WRs providing more blocking downfield, do you think the refs need to be paying more attention to these plays?

I don't like them. I think they're a violation of the spirit of the rules. They leave a bad taste in my mouth. I think they're kind of cheap.

Comment From Canadian Mark

I really like the personal side of Vic, unlike Mike D, so since its your bye week too, I'd like to know how are you enjoying your Shrimp & Grits?

This is home. The time I'm spending here is going to refresh me for what's ahead.

Comment From Jerry

Have Randall and Rollins surpassed your expectations?

I could say they have, but my expectations were higher than they should've been because I thought it was a must the Packers got a major contribution from them.

Comment From Paul

Vic, your a sports writer for an NFL team. What do you need to be refreshed for? You sit in a box and watch one game a week. That is just a small part of most peoples weekends.


Comment From PackMan

Did you know that all teams who've lost a Pro Bowl wide receiver to an ACL tear have gone undefeated? No offense to Jordy and Kelvin, but defense wins football games.

By and large, I think that's another meaningless stat, but WR is a position of plentiful talent.

Comment From Phil

Who's your favorite commentator to listen to when watching a game?

Gruden and Collinsworth.

Comment From Mike

do you moderate this chat?

I do it. That's all I know.

Comment From John

Vic, do you have a counter to show how many people are watching the chat and where they are from? I'd be curious to see the popularity and locations of your fans.

Yes, we can measure the popularity of the chat. It's very popular.

Comment From Guest

Vic--if you had to give Niners fans a pep talk right now, what would you tell them?

You had good times. They will return. Wait for them.

Comment From Justin

How many questions per minute do you recieve?

I don't know, but there are far too many to answer. I hate that. I wish I could answer every question.

Comment From Crud

Vic, can you please tell us why you'd choose Collinsworth as your favorite commentator?

He's very good at explaining what happened in a language the common fan can understand.

Comment From Glenn from Greenville, NC

I'm glad you discovered grits. Have you learned any Southernese from your time in South Carolina? "Y'all" perhaps?

My friends all call me a Yankee. We joke about it. I tell them the rocks were sharp. They didn't have shoes. They shouldn't have gone there. These are the most fun-loving people I have ever known. Every day begins with a laugh fest over breakfast at the Sea Cow.

Comment From Canadian Mark

Since we are not ready to brand this year's team with an identity, which I totally agree with, would you be willing to give us a quick VIC's 1 - 10 scale score on our Offence, Defense & Special Teams? (I'm going with 8 - 9 - 8)

I like that.

Comment From Ryan

Do you read all of the questions for chat?

I can't. I take them in groups of 10 or so, use a couple, and then move on to the next 10.

Comment From JWMason

Vic - favorite sports movie of all time?

The Natural.

Comment From Frank

Vic, first kiss?

I can't wait.

Comment From Jake From State Farm

Hi Vic! Thanks for what you do. I am wearing khakis right now. Are you wearing khakis right now?

Khaki shorts.

Comment From Guest

Vic, with Lacy needing time to mend and it being near mid-season, should we expect to see Alonzo Harris getting some carries? I have a good guess why we haven't seen him, but would expect we'll need him to help carry the load.

This isn't the preseason or the tryout time of the year. This is just win, baby. James Starks is a big-time back. If the opportunity arises, Harris will play, but I see no reason to cut Starks' carries.

Comment From Jesus

You mentioned that teams take on the personality of their head coaches. Does a writing staff take on the personality of its editor?


Comment From JB

Do a lot of your SC friends have rooting interest for the Panthers? What are the feelings for our Packers coming to town?

My best friend in SC is a Packers fan. It means so much to him that, just before kickoff, I have to guarantee him they'll win. He's my attorney so I tell him what he wants to hear.

There's only one guarantee. The Packers will play hard. That's what I've come to realize about this team. Coach McCarthy always has this team ready to play.

Comment From Nick from Stockton, CA

I like Aaron Rodgers demeanor on the field, cool, calm, and collective but sometimes I feel that he needs to get pumped up like Tom Brady and show a little bit of emotion, any thoughts?

There is nothing about Aaron Rodgers I would change. Don't look for faults. I appreciate him for being the most complete QB I've ever covered.

Comment From GJ

I love your pregame radio show. I listen all the way up to game time.

I love doing it.

Comment From Wes

Which current Packers player (if any) would you see going into broadcasting or media after retirement?

John Kuhn.

Comment From Dave

Vic would a video chat be something you would consider? Or is that not your cup of tea?

I have a face for this kind of chat.

Comment From Scott LC

Your best friend is your attorney? Did you grow up together or have you had to spend a lot of time with him for other reasons?

We met as a result of his love for the Packers. He sent a question to "Ask Vic." I saw he was from Edisto Beach, where I intended to retire, and I emailed him back. Now, I eat breakfast every morning with a guy who calls me a Yankee.

Comment From John

Rolling Stones or AC/DC?

The Drifters.

Comment From Mark

Is it allowable to talk to the players and coaches outside of scheduled interview times? Or do you need permission? Pass them in the hall and talk for a couple minutes?

I did that with Ben Coleman and Tom Coughlin fined him.

It's the last sea island without regime fees.

Sorry, that was in response to a question why Edisto Beach. The question didn't publish.

Comment From Paul W

What is the last game you attended as a fan?

A long time ago I went to a Pitt-Oklahoma game and sat in the stands.

Comment From Ryan B

Who is the biggest threat to the Packers in the NFC?

One more time: VIKINGS.

Comment From Al

Have you ever thought to interview the fans after a game?


Comment From Andrew

Vic, what do you think of the big construction plans for around Lambeau?

I think they can take Green Bay to a higher level.

Comment From Rodney

Vic, have you seen the growth in Teddy Bridgewater to make you think that he will make a push at the end of the season similar to the one he did last year and take the Vikings to the next level?

I see growth. He's making plays. The Vikings are playing Zimmerball. That's playoff-type football. Don't go to sleep on the Vikings.

Comment From Jeremy

I'm just gonna keep sending the same question.


Comment From Mike D

Vic, what do you think of the price of gas?

It's $1.82 in SC.

Comment From Marc

Vic, times almost up and once again you've you ducked all my questions !

I'm sorry.

Comment From Mike D

Marc, you must have only had football related questions!

Don't get upset, Mike D. We all belong to the fraternity of football. It's all in fun.

Comment From #36 Leaper

Vic, my wife and I are planning on attending the Packer fan event in Denver. Will you be there?

Absolutely! The Packers Everywhere pep rally in San Jose was sensational.

Comment From Jim

Does the grousing ever get to you Vic?

No, because I understand how fortunate I am to have spent my adult life doing this. I love the fans. I really mean that.

Comment From John

I was at the rally in San Jose and met you there Vic. I'm sure you remember... I was wearing green and gold.

Yeah, I remember you. Let's do this again next Friday. Thanks for sharing the hour with me.

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