What's Mason Crosby's most memorable kick? Read his chat transcript

The Packers' veteran kicker and all-time leading scorer took questions from fans on Friday


Hey, thanks for chatting. You're live with Mason Crosby.

Comment From Zach

Which is better: Apple or Android?


Comment From Izaak

If you weren't a football player, what would you see yourself doing?

In my fantasy world, I'd be a professional golfer. In real life, I'd be in marketing.

Comment From Jim Bob

Have you ever kicked barefoot or worn a different shoe for kicking? p.s. you should feel proud of yourself and this record, kicking in an open air stadium is difficult, always clutch for us, congratulations!

Thanks a lot, Jim Bob, I've kicked a ball barefoot, but never in a live kicking situation. It gets a little cold up here.

Comment From Maggie L.

Hi Mason! First off, congrats on the record breaking! Are there any regular season games from your career that stand out to you as being something special?

All division wins are extremely important and I look forward to them every year.

Comment From Loni Crosby

You have the Coolest last name ever!

Are you my aunt?

Comment From Brianna LaFond

HEY Mason!!! What is your favorite Thing(s) to do before a game??

I run routes and play catch with Tim Masthay before every game. I could probably be the fifth-string quarterback.

Comment From Von Krissko from P...

Congrats on the 54yd field goal last Sunday. Fans and media make a big deal out of stats. For a kicker it's all about how many you put thru the uprights and how many were missed. Does it irk you when the coach puts you in to make a super long kick, a kick that many professional kickers would miss? I mean, when it happens are you like, come'on coach, what are you trying to do to me here?

I enjoy kicking the long field goals. Our team is all about scoring points, so any opportunity I have to help with that is good. I enjoy the challenge of attempting the long kicks.

Comment From Thomas

Can you play baseball?

Come on out to Jordy Nelson's Softball Game and see for yourself.

Comment From Dom

What was your memorable kick?

I'd still have to look back to my rookie season, kicking the game-winner in my first game (vs. Eagles). Even though it was a long time ago, it's still one of the most memorable kicks I've had.

Comment From Megan

I live in Chicago, but I grew up in Wisconsin, so I am a Packer fan in Bear Country. I saw Julius Peppers pretty hyped for that game in particular, are you guys conscious of how important winning any game against the Bears is for Packer fans?

Bears week is always a big week for our team. You get an extra level of focus, especially to go into Chicago to play them. It's always good coming out with a win.

Comment From Guest

Where's your favorite place to travel to for away games? (Congrats on the all time scoring list by the way!$

I love playing anywhere in Texas because that's where I'm from originally. I also enjoy going to Denver because of my college days there. Looking forward to that in November.

Comment From Evan

I can't even touch my toes. How much of your life is spent stretching?

It's a daily routine. I would say probably two hours out of every day I'm doing some form of flexibility training or stretching.

Comment From Talgor

Mr. Crosby, it's a pleasure. What is your favorite piece of hardware equipment?

I don't know if this is a piece of hardware equipment, but my favorite home maintenance equipment is my Ariens lawnmower I got in my rookie year.

Comment From Shannon

What's your favorite part about playing for Green Bay?

The history of being in Lambeau. Being able to go into that stadium for our home games is amazing. We have the best fans in the NFL. To win at home in front of them on a weekly basis is pretty special.

Comment From Balaji

Mason, do you like spicy Indian food? Would you like some?

I prefer spicy Mexican food. I'm a Texas boy.

Comment From Johnny

Who were your favorite athletes as a kid?

I got to meet Carl Lewis when I was in middle school. That was a pretty special moment. I was also a huge Michael Jordan fan.

Comment From Brian (NorCal)

Mason, are you a better golfer than Aaron? If so, would consider playing at the Celebrity in Tahoe (so the Pack might finally get a "W" you there too)?

I can't answer that question directly, but if I can get an invite to the celebrity event in Tahoe, maybe we can see who is better.

Comment From BrettGB

What's the longest kick you've ever made in practice?

The longest I can remember is 71 yards with a full operation (snap and hold).

Comment From Scott

Would it be easier to kick it out of the end zone with more of a line drive vs. a higher trajectory?

It just depends on the situation, whether I try to drive it out of the end zone or try to get high hang time. If there's wind at my back, I'll try to hit it a little higher and let the wind carry the ball. It's a little more situational. The weather dictates what I tend to do.

Comment From Zsofi

Hey Mason, we, the Packers Hungary Club, cheer for our Packers every week, 5000 miles away from Green Bay, in Hungary, Central-Europe. What was it like to step on Lambeau Fields grass for the first time? Congrats on your record, keep up the good work! :-)

Awesome y'all are cheering for us all the way from Hungary! First time I stepped on Lambeau was truly amazing. No one else is allowed to get on our field unless authorized. It's definitely hallowed ground.

Comment From Djan

Did you grow up wanting to be a kicker?

I grew up playing soccer and multiple other sports. I didn't foresee kicking as my career when I was growing up. I thought I might go to college to play soccer, but through high school I developed my skills a little bit more and saw it as an opportunity to go to college.

Comment From Regan

Am I your idol?

Do you have any special skillsets that I would respect?

Comment From Jenna

How do you stay warmed up during the frigid games?

Fortunately, we have heaters on the sideline. I try to walk in front of those on a regular basis. I'm usually a little more sore after cold games because I have to kick into the net more often to stay loose.

Comment From Riya

Would you start you on your fantasy team? (I do)

I do play fantasy football, but I've never drafted myself. I can't handle that kind of pressure.

Comment From Erin Sherman, Iowa

Hello Mr. Crosby, I hope your week is going well. I was wondering how you cope with the nerves of kicking in high pressure situations? Does it get easier with time?

It's all about my preparation during the week. I put in the work in practice preparing for the games. All game situations become that much easier. That's the easiest way to eliminate pressure from the kicks.

Comment From George

Would you rather kick on a snowy day (when traction might be spotty) or a windy day?

I would definitely take snow over rain any time. I would take snowy over windy as well, but normally we have snowy AND windy when we play at Lambeau in December. I don't really have that luxury of choosing.

Comment From Reid

Do you do much kicking in offseason or is it more stretching and strength?

I do stretch quite a bit, and work out. I play a lot of golf before I come back and kick for OTAs. I have my wife convinced that golf helps my kicking game.

Comment From Katie

Do you have a song that pumps you up before a game?

My kids helped me put together of all of their favorite songs, so the most readily-played song before I go on the field is "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten. Also anything by Needtobreathe.

Comment From Emmett

Mason, I dont know if you've been on the team long enough, but do you remember kicking a field goal being held by Aaron Rodgers when Brett Farve was QB?

The training camp of my rookie year, Aaron was in the rotation for holders. I wonder if he'd still be able to do it if we needed him today.

Comment From George

What do you think of kicking off from the 35, as opposed to the 30?

I enjoy it because we can hit more touchbacks.

Comment From Kim

How does it make you feel to see fans bringing their kids and grandkids up to be packers fans?

It's what makes Green Bay such a special place. The Packers are ingrained in the culture here.

Comment From Omar

How is kicking different than punting? just seems like same person should be able to do both.

Kicking is definitely more of a skill. Kickers are glory hogs and we like to score points. Punters are the real workhorses and change field position.

Comment From Sleepless in Suamico

Mason, would you say your an average or above average diaper changer?

I have no idea who this question is from, but if you were to ask my wife, she would tell you that I change more diapers than she does.

Comment From Mike

What kicker did you grow up following? Would you recommend the position to your kids?

It's pretty cool Adam Vinatieri is still kicking in the league because I remember looking at him, coming out of high school and early in college, really respecting how he handled the pressure and made the big kicks. As far as recommending to your kids, it takes a lot of work and practice. If they're willing to put in the time, it's a great skill to have. And you don't get tackled as much.

Comment From Michael Hardie

What is your go to recipe when grilling?

I'm a big steak guy, so I like to keep it simple with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Every once in a while I'll get a little crazy and put a little garlic powder on there. It's all about the char and the right interior temperature.

Comment From Dylan

Are you a lightweight?

No, I weigh 200 lbs.

Comment From Eric

Have you always been a just a kicker or did you play other positions?

I played free safety and wide receiver in high school and I'm always available if the Packers need me.

Comment From Aaron

Mason my birthday is Tuesday

Happy birthday!

Comment From Logan Rivera

Who do you think is the best player in the NFL ?

Aaron or Brett Goode. It's a toss-up.

Comment From Zsofi

Do you keep any special items in your locker? Lucky charms, photos or something?

Photos of my kids and family. I have some inspirational quotes as well from Vince Lombardi.

Comment From Allison

Where's the first place you eat out when you get to Green Bay?

My favorite place to go is Chives in Suamico.

Comment From Brandyn

Are we going to see any new fake field goal plays from you this year?

I'm still waiting for him to call my number. I've been training for my Lambeau Leap for years.

Comment From Thomas

have you ever considered getting your foot insured?

I have my whole body insured. Does that count?

Comment From Daniel

do u follow any soccer teams

I love watching all the US national teams play. Gotta support America.

Comment From Bryce

Do you eat cheese curds?

Only if they squeak.

Comment From Ryan

Does Tim ever brag about his perfect passer rating game to you?

Every day. We even made him a plaque. It's more like a participation trophy, but he feels good about it.

Comment From Cody J

What's your favorite hobby?

I enjoy beating the other specialists at FIFA. I'm trying to get the new FIFA 16, as we are still currently playing FIFA 14.

Comment From Evan

What is your favorite kind of cereal?

I love Cocoa Puffs.

Comment From Aaron

Do you remember signing a jersey of your's for a little kid at fan fest in 2009? If you do I am that little kid.


Comment From Curtis

Did Ryan Longwell reach out to you after you broke his record?

He did reach out to me. He's been a great support throughout my career. It's an honor to have surpassed him for the points total in Packers history.

Thanks for logging on and chatting with me. Hopefully we can do it again sometime. If you have any more questions, you can follow me: @crosbykicks2 #GoPackGo

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