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What will the league do about Ndamukong Suh?

It was time to speak up for the Packers defense


Bo from Parkersburg, IA

Vic, that scoring drive after Rodgers came back, limping down the field and commanding his team, was a memory for the ages. What a great game!

Did it remind you of Ray Nitschke?

Laird from Yelm, WA

When is the league going to do something about Suh? This is the second time he has stepped on a Packers player on purpose. Something needs to be done about his dirty playing.

I suspect the league will come down hard on him. He might've cost his team their best defensive player for the first round of the playoffs.

Monica from Lisbon, ME

Vic, I don't understand the 49ers decision. Did Harbaugh really lose his players? I also don't see why an NFL coach would choose to coach college. Any input?

As I wrote, I think the leak about the Browns and 49ers talking about a deal to send Harbaugh from the 49ers to the Browns really hurt his esteem with his players this year. Coaches must be sacrosanct among their players.

Warren from Lutz, FL

Vic, just wanted to give props to the offensive line and the defense. Aaron Rodgers would be the first to tell you they won the game.

Rodgers complimented his offensive line on another outstanding performance, noting that he wasn't touched the whole game. The defense was strong, again. It's a winning combination because you're winning the battle of the hitting.

Matt from Kaukauna, WI

Vic, how is preparation handled for a No. 2 seed the first week of the playoffs?

The Packers will scout all three of their possible opponents for the second-round game that'll be played at Lambeau Field. The Cowboys, Panthers and Cardinals are the possible opponents.

Jon from Lake Zurich, IL

Vic, is Jason Garrett a good example of why the fans should lay off the fire-the-coach mentality?


Jim from Columbus, IN

Running the ball at first by the Packers set the tone for the whole game, I believe. The idea that Lacy and Starks (who shouldn't be overlooked) ran on the Lions like they did had to be devastating to the Lions psyche. Did you get a feel that it did?

I genuinely believed – and I said it on pregame radio – the Packers would run the ball for a lot of yards against the Lions. I didn't see any way the Lions could stop Eddie Lacy with six in the box. What happened in Week 3 was a fluke.

Jay from Campton, NH

Vic, I have a great deal of respect for your football knowledge and your years of experience. I think your tone, however, suggests a lack of respect for the fans. The NFL, the Packers and, therefore, your job wouldn't exist without the fans. I like Spofford's tone better when he fills in for you. How about giving the fans the benefit of the doubt, huh?


Richard from Davis, CA

So do you think Suh did it on purpose?


Lee from Marshfield, WI

Vic, what a great performance by the Packers defense. Imagine if we had a good defensive coordinator.

The guy was vilified for a bad second half in a win over the Falcons. Vilified! His defense has put together three consecutive outstanding performances and his name is barely mentioned in my inbox. It bothers me.

Nathan from Tampa, FL

Did Rodgers clinch the MVP with his performance while injured against Detroit?

Some blood on the sock would've been a nice touch, but I think he clinched it anyhow.

W.P. from Horseshoe Bay, TX

If Aaron is healthy, how far do you see the Packers going this year?

This is an elite team. It can beat anybody anywhere. I don't have a crystal ball, just an eye for good football teams.

Eric from Chicago, IL

With the Packers clinching the bye week, do you think it will be enough time for Rodgers to get completely healthy for a showdown in Lambeau?

Healthier than he was against the Lions? Yes. Completely healthy? I doubt it. He'll probably have to live with this injury through the rest of this season, which means managing it. Obviously, he knows how to manage it.

Cliff from Indianapolis, IN

I like Mike McCarthy. In his postgame press conference he responded to a question about the defense and quipped, "I know you love your statistics. Why don't you crunch the numbers and take a look at them." He's an intense man. How much do you enjoy covering him?

I love covering him. Coach McCarthy will go off when he feels the urge. The Packers defense has been the subject of harsh criticism for much of the time I've been here. It's become a target for angry fans to dump their frustration. Coach McCarthy decided it was time to voice his opinion.

Sean from Vermontville, MI

Did McCarthy call that quarterback sneak, or did Rodgers?


Edward from Canton, SD

I really think the Packers should give Randall Cobb a big, fat contract extension this week. What do you think?

If this is a prove-it year for Cobb, I think he's proving it.

Alissa from Fennimore, WI

How do the Packers stack up against the Cowboys, who I predict will be at Lambeau on the 11th?

Back in the first half of the season, when the Packers were No. 32 against the run, I would've said the Packers don't match up very well against the Cowboys, who have the NFL's rushing champion. The way the Packers are playing on defense these days, I like the Packers' chances of stopping DeMarco Murray.

Matt from Marquette, MI

My friend is a Lions fan and says the refs were terribly biased. Any truth to that or is he just whining? Did you see any really bad calls that went in the Packers' favor?

I thought Walt Anderson and his crew had a really good game. There might've been a marginal block in the back on Micah Hyde's punt return, but I didn't see anything glaring in the game.

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