Where Are They Now?: Don Beebe

He only played in Green Bay for two seasons, but Don Beebe left his mark on football in Titletown.

After failing to reach the ultimate goal - a Super Bowl victory - four times with the Buffalo Bills, Beebe finally won the big one with the Packers in Super Bowl XXXI.

Along the way, Beebe had some memorable moments.

A 220-yard receiving performance against the 49ers on Monday Night Football - a game he didn't even start, but was pressed into service when Robert Brooks went down with an injury on the first play of the game.

  • A 90-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in Chicago a week earlier in 1996 in a 37-6 win over the Bears.
  • Received NFC 'Player of the Week' honors in consecutive weeks for contributions in the Bears and 49ers games.
  • Received the game ball from Brett Favre after the Packers won Super Bowl XXXI, a moment Beebe calls one of his greatest memories - "To be able to share that with my wife, and kids, and family...I wish every player could experience that."

Although Beebe had some great memories in Green Bay, he is best remembered by many for a single play in Super Bowl XXVII.

With the Dallas Cowboys routing Beebe's Bills in the fourth quarter, Dallas defensive tackle Leon Lett scooped up a Buffalo fumble and rumbled towards the end zone.

Showing a tremendous never give up attitude, Beebe chased down Lett from 25 yards back and dove, fully extended to strip Lett of the ball as he was about to cross the goal line.

"I never thought anything of it," said Beebe about the play. "I was just doing my job, but since then hundred of teachers, coaches and fathers have written to me, telling me how much it meant to them that I didn't give up."

So what is Don Beebe doing now?

He retired from football in 1998 and started the House of Speed, a company designed to help young athletes enhance their sports performance in all areas.

The idea of the House of Speed didn't come to him immediately though.

"I didn't know what I was going to do with myself when I got out of professional football," Beebe said. "I was always very competitive, and I knew I wanted to work with kids, but I wasn't sure how."

Then it came to him one day.

According to Beebe, "God blessed me with Speed. I could train others to use their speed - and be a roll model for them at the same time."

Saying that he was blessed with speed is quite an understatement.

Beebe was clocked at 4.39 or under in the 40-yard dash 7 times during his career, including a blistering 4.21 for the New York Jets.

So Don collaborated with Dr. Jeff Schutt, his personal trainer, and together they formed the House of Speed.

They started with one clinic last year and drew nearly 200 kids.

Word spread and one camp quickly grew to three, then four, then five.

The House of Speed has grown so much in the last year, that Don and Jeff have already scheduled nearly a dozen 3-day speed camps in five states - Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, Wyoming and Florida.

For a competitive man who exemplified tremendous heart every time he stepped on the football field, Beebe is now a teacher and mentor to many.

"I live my competitiveness through them," said Beebe.

Lucky kids.


1996: 16-3 (Super Bowl XXXI Champions)

1997: 15-4 (NFC Champions)

*Editors Note: If you would like to find out more about the House of Speed camps, you can call 1-877-82-SPEED or check out www.houseofspeed.com for information. Camps are scheduled for 2000 in Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York. *

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