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Will Bills use Lions' strategy?

Fan says get ready for diesel train horn


Ben from Hudson, WI

I just read Mike’s piece about Peppers’ leadership. Do you think a unit benefits more from an individual that is a strong leader, or an exceptional talent.

I'm a big believer in "deeds, not words." If a guy is making plays, he's leading.

Todd from Rochester, NY

I don't know how closely the loudspeakers are placed to the press box in Ralph Wilson Stadium, but be prepared to be blasted by a diesel train horn, used much in the same fashion as the siren in New Orleans. In my opinion, using that type of pumped-in noise while the visiting team is huddling is obnoxious and bush league. I hope you enjoy your visit to my part of the world, and that you're still doing the same thing eight years from now, so that you may make a return visit.

Sirens and diesel train horns are very exciting.

Donny from Pensacola, FL

Why is the carpet all wet, Todd?

I didn't do it, Margo.

Mike from Green Bay, WI

Vic, do you think facing a good defense like Buffalo this week will help prepare the offense for the showdown with Detroit on Dec. 28?

Did the game in Detroit in Week 3 help prepare the Packers for the showdown with the Bills this Sunday? I think that's a more appropriate question. There's a lot at stake this week.

Brent from Waunakee, WI

Vic, what would you rather see, the Packers a No. 1 seed and the Seahawks No. 2, or the Cardinals the No. 1 seed and the Packers the No. 2 seed?

I'd rather the Packers be No. 1 and the Seahawks No. 2 because that guarantees they couldn't face each other until the NFC title game, and that game would be played at Lambeau Field.

Mike from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Vic, I always read your column every day as I did when you were here in Jacksonville. I don't envy you, as what I read in your column in Green Bay is the same anxiety over every little detail just like here in Jacksonville, and we are 2-11. I would love to be able to complain about winning. Please tell Packers fans to RELAX and enjoy winning.

I'm horrified to think what my job would be like if the Packers were 2-11. I'm reminded of my all-time favorite football quote, by a very successful high school coach who, upon being fired, was asked what happened. "They got tired of winning," he said.

Brian from Bloomington, IN

Vic, time to move on and focus on the Bills. What is the Packers' best chance at attacking Buffalo's defense?

If the Bills dare the Packers to run the ball, as the Lions did, the Packers better be able to do it or the rush will come from everywhere. The Packers could find themselves facing a challenge this Sunday similar to what they faced in Week 3.

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