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Win your battle; allow Packers to win theirs

Mike McCarthy made critical decisions prior to Thursday’s game


Paul from Cumming, WI

Jake Ryan earning the start on Thursday got me thinking about how successful this year's draft class has been. We've seen contributions from almost every player whose name was called on draft day. They're an impressive bunch.

The Packers are about draft and develop, and it's a philosophy that protects their salary cap and guarantees a bright future, but only if you draft and coach well. The Packers do.

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Ken from New York, NY

Our joyous play happened on the eve of 12-4-15.

I prefer something between giggling and grumbling, but given a choice between the two, I'll take giggling.

Barry from Glasgow, Scotland

Vic, I agree with you on your chat statement when you said you want the Vikings to win this weekend. I couldn't agree more. We need the Seahawks to be out of the picture and then deal with the Vikings when the time comes.

I retracted that wimpy statement. I want the Seahawks. I want the drama.

David from Maineville, OH

Vic, is it possible Coach Caldwell did not believe Aaron Rodgers could reach the end zone?

That's the feeling I got. I do believe they were playing the lateral, or they certainly wouldn't have allowed Rodgers to flush right.

Darren from Mackinaw, IL

Limit Lacy, activate Crockett from the practice squad and let him give some spark. All players are supposed to be motivated and know eyes are on them at all times, but do moves like these remind players this coaching staff will look anywhere for an edge? Practices must be competitive even this late into the season.

In my opinion, the message was about commitment.

Brian from Albertville, AL

In this age of cameras everywhere, I haven't seen a replay of the entire path of the ball on the Hail Mary. Did you see it, and have you seen a pass that high before? Could Jim Thorpe have thrown it and caught it?

It might've hit that video board display that hangs over the center of the field in the Cowboys' stadium.

Matt from Kula, HI

What role do you see for Crockett going forward this season? He seems to have more quickness than Lacy and Starks, so he offers a different kind of change of pace.

Easy, now, easy.

Greylorn from Cochise, AZ

Vic, I thought when reading it that your choice to publish Derek's prediction was uncharacteristic of you. Are you psychic, too?

Can somebody please find my prediction on the Randall Cobb catch in Chicago in the 2013 season finale? I think I might need Father Merrin.

Justin from La Crosse, WI

I sure hope the coaching staff knows what it is doing with Lacy. I would hate for him to be ostracized and lose faith in himself.

Coach McCarthy knows what he's doing. Trust his judgment.

T.J. from Wallington, NJ

Vic, I am ashamed. I did not watch Thursday's game because I was afraid of watching another loss. Because of that, I missed a legendary come-from-way-behind victory. That's the cost of fear. I finally understand what you say about enjoying the game for what it is, a game. Never again.

Fear can be a paralyzing emotion. Your battle against fear was your human confrontation, and you lost. Commit to winning your battle, and the Packers will commit to winning theirs.

Tristan from Broomfield, CO

Vic, I think we've finally moved beyond No. 8 in the Hero's Journey.

Forget that Hero's Journey stuff. It's December. Game on!

Nate from San Antonio, TX

Vic, what was your favorite part of the Hail Mary celebration? For me, it was watching Clay Matthews and Jake Ryan hug and jump around like little kids. I think when a rookie linebacker and our best defensive player can celebrate together like that, it says a lot about the chemistry of our team.

I didn't see the celebration because I was busy doing my job. Writing on deadline was my human confrontation, and I won. It feels as good now as it did the first time. Just write, baby.

Jacob from Sioux City, IA

Vic, it's been reported we've had several players in for workouts. Did any of them make the cut?

Teams work out street free agents every week. It's a means for updating information in their data base. That is especially true in December, as we near the time for signing futures for the offseason roster.

Craig from Cedarburg, WI

Vic, what can the Packers do to build on their newly established identity?

It's December. It's about winning. Nothing else matters. The outcomes of these games will define how history records this team. If they win, the Packers' identity will be that of a team with the grit and determination to win when their prospects appeared to be the direst. If they lose, the Packers' identity will likely be that of a team with needs they couldn't overcome with grit and determination. When the season ends, let's revisit this.

Mike from Elm Grove, WI

If Richard Rodgers can do it once, he can do it again. Why did we dismiss him as the guy who can be the guy for this team?

I don't know, why did you dismiss him? Why do so many fans expect immediate results from players in a system dedicated to development? They need time to learn their craft. Aaron Rodgers was given time to learn his craft. How'd that turn out?

Aaron from Appleton, WI

Vic, you mentioned that the last game against Detroit was the best one-game coaching job you have ever seen. Are there a few things you can add to that? What specifically stuck out to you from a coaching perspective? Strength of leadership and poise under fire stuck out to me. Coach McCarthy was faced with some critical decisions in the hours leading up to game time. His team needed to win the game, but at what cost? He did what was right. He did what Lombardi would've done. Then, he watched as his team fell behind 17-0 in the first quarter. There was no panic. He took his team to the halftime locker room and with the poise and confidence a leader shows in troubled times, he set a course for recovery. I've never seen a better coaching job, and I've covered coaches who've won a combined eight Super Bowls. Great coaches are great leaders of men, not callers of plays.

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